Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Three's a Charm?? How bout Five? or Ten?

Dude! Remember that back-to-back-to-back-to-back homerun game??? WELL...5 homeruns tonight....shut out the Braves...and Batshit went 7 innings!!!! And last night...Beckett not ONLY got his 10th Win....he Also got 2 ribbies!!!! Coco is doing fantastic out there with his glove! With Schill going on the DL....that means I get to see BECKETT pitch on Sunday!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

This week has been hectic with trying to get home organized and work completed and packed and all for my West Coast Trip to See the boys play in San I havent really focused on the blog much. I'll be staying with Soxonthebeach and then we'll drive down to San Diego on Friday, check into the hotel...get ready and head to the local bars around the park to meet up with Nate, Mishi and her friend, Kelly and Beth, Horsham, let's see am I missing anyone for Friday?? A friend from my "other internet friends" Tru is joining us on Saturday and Sunday...Popsrockncoke is going to the game on Sunday....Well...I just know I am getting Pumped UP!

Did I mention that we had 5 HOMERUNS tonight??? and we won 11-0...Taz went 7 innings and Josh....MY JOSH BECKETT got his 10th Win and got 2 ribbies last night!!! Life is good.

no pic tonight....I just am too tired to search and who can beat a pic of Rake anyway? :) gotcha Ted!


Ted D said...

Who indeed. I'll say this for my wild child: he takes a good picture.

Tex, have a blast this weekend: I'm gonna be looking for a Texas flag tomorrow night!

Be safe.


Tex said...

I am SO pumped I get to see Beckett pitch this series!!! I am waving that flag only if Timlin pitches tomorrow..but look for it on Sunday's game when Beckett pitches..I only fly it when a texas boy comes out and plays.

made to LA safe and sound...on my 3rd beer :)

doing some heavy thinking...