Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tex On The Beach

Well I was going to blog trash on Roger and the Yankees and the broom the Rockies used to clean house....but after this pic Soxonthebeach took of me....I decided to make ya jealous of my tough life :) Enjoying a drink in the VERY nice backyard of SoxontheBeach and her hubby. I got a full tummy and am a very tard girl...I'm hitting the hay cos tomorrow is going to be long...but fun. I promise to send pics and stories as the weekend long as we're not in jail.

Ted....start passing around the collection plate now


Ted D said...

Tex, instead of a collection plate, I'm starting a non-profit charity:

The Keep Tex and Horsham out of Jail Fund is up and running!

I'm jealous: do you realize how long it's been since I got to sit anywhere like that? :)

Looks like you are going to be well taken care of this weekend. Enjoy the games and I'll be looking for you guys tonight.

Tex said...

very nice lounger in the backyard at SotB's. Well you better get out there and get LOTS of money then.

Stacy said...

He's already hit me up, Tex. :) jk

And don't believe him; he sits in a chair every night staring at whatever game is on tv. He's just has to wait until after 9, and he's not outside. :)

Have fun on your trip!

KAYLEE said...