Saturday, June 16, 2007

It only takes One

I didn't get to see it but Manny hit a homerun...and DiceK allowed no runs while K'ing 8 in his 7 innings. I came home after a day of catch the 8th inning with Okajima pitching....but it was worth it...I got to see him strike out Barry Boids..I mean Bonds. I think my most favorite sign I've seen so far during the games with the Giants is the HUGE Asterick on a sheet someone made!!! CLASSIC!!!! I'm not up to blogging alot today....sort of tired and got loads to do before my upcoming trip this week to San Diego to watch our boys play. I know I know Ted.....take PICTURES!!!!! I will...and depending on if SotB brings her laptop...if we'll be posting during the weekend.


Ted D said...

Just so we're clear: take pictures Tex. ;)

And this is getting WEIRD: I had saved that SAME Manny pic to use later tonight. GMTA I guess.

A win is a win is a win, whether it's 10-2 or 1-0.

Daisuke is the man.

Tex said...


DiceK's the pitcher :)

I find it more and more amusing that we think so much alike. I have decided we were twins separated at birth...i was born 10 yrs before you. :)

KAYLEE said...

I love those close games,its nice to win them.I literally fell out of my chair when he hit the homer.nice to see the boys finallly get dicek a win:)

HAVE LOTS of fun in san diego.

Ted D said...

Tex, I don't know whether to find it amusing or scary: either way, we may need to check the family tree's of our respective clans.

There may be something to this!

And you may have been born 10 years earlier, but I'll go along with the twins theory all the same.