Sunday, June 03, 2007

We're still in 1st Place

Like I said...Pedroia is our man. He brought in 3 runs off a double he hit tonight!!! But somehow it wasn't enough cos of that SlappyRod Boy's homerun. But it's just one game...and we're still in 1st place and 12.5 games ahead of the Yankees. I know it would be nice to have won this game...but it's no biggie. Let the Spanks be lulled into a false sense of security....we'll see them in August.


KAYLEE said...

IT NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.Lets go beat OAKLAND now.These 10pm starts are going to kill me cos I have to wake up at 5am everyday this week.

Stacy said...

Tex, BTW, I must confess that I think Ted does know more about the computer than me. :( But he still shouldn't call me the office flunkie. :)

You and Ted will have to cheer on the Sox during the road trip to Oakland. I turn into a pumpkin before 10:00.

Tex said...

I dont know if I am gonna be able to stay up for the games...but Im sure I will...diehardfan that i am

Ted D said...

SEE Tex: I do know a little something about the 'puter.

And sack up: the game will be over around midnight for you. ;)