Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lenny where did we go wrong?

I was all prepared to write this sob story about how Lenny did us we were all laughing at the situation that Lenny 'thought' he had a chance against the Great DiceK...well BOY were we fooled??!!!

But I have to fellow blogger KellyJ who has her own blog and participates in the SoxSistahs blog....has outdid even herself. Please go to SoxSistahs's on my side links.....the pic of the KellyJ....and she has had this torrid fantasy love affair with Lenny for since FOREVER....I could NOT quit laughing at this post....I'm still giggling hysterically while I write this.

But yah...Lenny Did US last night...and got the last laugh...


Ted D said...

I still can't believe Lenny DiNardo 2 hit the Red Sox.

Texas, I hope you are well and are ready for tonight: 'cause tonight we win with Wake. I can feel it.

Daisuke deserved better than 0 runs after the game he pitched last night. It has always puzzled me how hot and cold a team can play within just a few days.

Let's hope for the hot bats tonight.

Tex said...

I'm gonna try and stay up tonight. If we'd quit leaving men on base....i mean id NEVER leave a man on base...I'd bring them home with me :)

Ted D said...

::rim shot::

Tex, you live in Central Standard time. The game ended at midnight for you. You laugh at midnight.