Friday, June 08, 2007

Prime Rib or Sirloin JD?

I know I shouldn't be writing this during the bottom of the 8th inning...but come on...its 10-2 Sox are up and the DBacks have fell on their backs. The men in these pics were Da Bomb tonight. Lugo started it off for us tonight with a single run homerun....didn't we win last night with a homerun in the 1st inning?? hmmmm...Drew has 7 ribbies with 2 3 run homeruns so far...ok so I spoke too soon...its' 10-3's the bottom of the 8th now and we're up. Beckett is pitching awesome tonight...8 K's so far. ... that's the total of how many strikeouts all 3 Dback pitchers have so far. We're in the bottom of the 9th, Pineiro is out...two outs...Drew caught the last one...waiting for it. Drew's brother is up to bat now for the DBacks.....amazing to see kin facing one another in games. Drew hit the ball straight to Pineiro and caught it. This was great for Josh...9 wins!!!
I bet J.D. is full....who can eat that many steaks in one night??


Ted D said...

I called it, I called it! Well, not JD hitting 2 HR's but the win anyway.

Man, was THAT nice to see: strong outing by Beckett, Lugo and Drew with hot bats, everybody kind of chipping in.

Let's hope tonight turns out just as good.

Tex said...

another win over DBacks....give us one more...but let the skanks lose today PUUUUUUUUHHHLEEEEEEEeZ