Monday, June 04, 2007

There's No Crying in Baseball!!!!

**pic courtesy of Austin American Statesman**
Now did ya REALLY think Texas would win it all?? and the fact they got beat out by The Anteaters from California...WHO names a College team Anteaters?? No matter..they beat the Horns fair and square and to quote one of our paper's columnist Bohls, the Horns are "Doner than a flank steak at a West Texas truck stop."
NOW on to other matters at hand...The Sox are moving to the West Coast for a bit to have some fun in the sun and I will be at 3 of those in San Diego with a few in particular Soxonthebeach. I will be meeting Mrs MLB and Nate from there again...getting to see Kelly as she conducts her roadtrip...meeting Beth and Horsham for the first time...let's see...have I forgotten anyone else who's gonna be there? Popsrock is supposed to be there...not sure if he's gonna meet up with us. We'll be bbqing at Nate's Place...and looking for a sushi joint. I don't know about ya but I love baseball season...the longest season for a sport it makes me quite happy since it IS my favorite sport.
Taz takes the mound tonight....I'm betting on a win for the boys...and betting Taz entertains us with his smile and antics we love so well.


Ted D said...

Tex, I'm very jealous you get to see the boys play the Padres.

You are gonna have a blast: if I did not have such an aversion to flying, I'd try to join you all.

However, any place I can't drive to in 24 hrs is off my wish list:

Darn this OCD.

HorshamScouse said...

I just read Tom Miles' first post about his trip and it got me nostalgic for Boston. Then the FSN guys say that the Redsox will be back out on the West Coast 'in two weeks'. Now your post previewing SG West! I've no idea how I'm going to concentrate on work for the next couple of weeks.

Tough loss for JT and the guys but no shame in a one run extra inning defeat when you're barely awake and you have to fancy our chances with Dice-K, Curt and Wake.

Carol said...

That picture says it all!

Tex said...

Tedi....You are AFRAID of FLYING????!!! a Grown Man like YOU!?? Come on I thought you and I were like birds of a feather??
Ive even jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

Cant wait for the Padres weekend...course many may be holding their ears after I get there.

Ted D said...

Whoever said I was a grown man is a liar and a fraud.

I demand an apology. ;)