Saturday, June 30, 2007

Laissez le Bon Temp Rouler

I think I'd pay TOP dollar to have a Row 1 right behind Homeplate seat at a game that Papelbon was closing at. I've gotten some great side view pics of Paps staredown at the plate....but what I would give to see it first hand head-on. I think I'd just pee in my pants if I was the batter. Papelbon was born in Louisiana but moved and was raised in Florida...but the thing is you can take the boy out of Cajun Country but ya can't take the Cajun out of the Boy. This is what I see when I watch Paps on the mound....intense Cajun-persona. We are hard-headed and determined folks...we don't give up...we argue with a fence post....but we have this "Joie de Vivre" (the Joy of Life) inside us as well. I've seen Paps in his joie de vivre attitude at games...always the jokester but gets serious when he steps from the bullpen to the field. Paps has the "Savoir-faire"(Know How) to get the job done in the 9th. And as all us good cajuns know...Paps brings to the table that Lagniappe (Something Extra) that stands out from others. Now all good baseball fans are superstitious....and so are Cajuns. We have this thing called Gris-Gris: a little voodoo good luck charm. Maybe Paps has one...who knows what Taz gave him.

All I know is Papelbon makes me smile when he comes to the mound...i hate that I missed his 'in the face of the ump' arguement. I'm going to miss Josh's 12th Win tonight.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Can we go Home NOW???

Well thank Pod it's over....can we go home now? I am ready for this west coast swing and late nights. I know how it feels after a long trip and wanting to sleep in your own bed I imagine that the boys are feeling it too. So let's get home and comfy in our livingrooms...while we settle down and watch some wins. Texas is coming to Boston this weekend (NO not ME...the Texas Team of the Rangers) so please would someone make sure the bats with the runs are packed up and ready to be used in the dugout at Fenway. Bring them out and USE matter WHO is pitching. Wakefield has experienced this Wherethehellstheruns disease for too long...and I do NOT want DiceK catching it too. So if the Red Sox staff aren't doing the job at packing the bats with the runs.....I'll volunteer to do it.

**Posts with San Diego pics are forthcoming after my return to Austin...still on vacation**

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tex On The Beach

Well I was going to blog trash on Roger and the Yankees and the broom the Rockies used to clean house....but after this pic Soxonthebeach took of me....I decided to make ya jealous of my tough life :) Enjoying a drink in the VERY nice backyard of SoxontheBeach and her hubby. I got a full tummy and am a very tard girl...I'm hitting the hay cos tomorrow is going to be long...but fun. I promise to send pics and stories as the weekend long as we're not in jail.

Ted....start passing around the collection plate now

When Will I Be Loved??

NOW who will save them??? His groin excuse is already taken...So the altitude is what got to Roger.....what excuse will he use next?? His little pinky?? his big toe?? his fat ass?? If the Bobbsey Twins can't save this team....who will?? Balco?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Three's a Charm?? How bout Five? or Ten?

Dude! Remember that back-to-back-to-back-to-back homerun game??? WELL...5 homeruns tonight....shut out the Braves...and Batshit went 7 innings!!!! And last night...Beckett not ONLY got his 10th Win....he Also got 2 ribbies!!!! Coco is doing fantastic out there with his glove! With Schill going on the DL....that means I get to see BECKETT pitch on Sunday!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

This week has been hectic with trying to get home organized and work completed and packed and all for my West Coast Trip to See the boys play in San I havent really focused on the blog much. I'll be staying with Soxonthebeach and then we'll drive down to San Diego on Friday, check into the hotel...get ready and head to the local bars around the park to meet up with Nate, Mishi and her friend, Kelly and Beth, Horsham, let's see am I missing anyone for Friday?? A friend from my "other internet friends" Tru is joining us on Saturday and Sunday...Popsrockncoke is going to the game on Sunday....Well...I just know I am getting Pumped UP!

Did I mention that we had 5 HOMERUNS tonight??? and we won 11-0...Taz went 7 innings and Josh....MY JOSH BECKETT got his 10th Win and got 2 ribbies last night!!! Life is good.

no pic tonight....I just am too tired to search and who can beat a pic of Rake anyway? :) gotcha Ted!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Schill is Gone...

I wish I could say more....but I think the game speaks for itself. Let's wait for the boy from Spring to get some action today. I just returned from taking out some Norwegian chicks out to enjoy Austin...Dale Watson's music put a smile on their face...he puts a smile on anyone's face.

Monday, June 18, 2007

On the Road Again...

**pic from sittingstill**

That's our rotation guys....for the time being. Let's hope that it all works out for the rest of the summer. Run support came through today for Wake. I am not even in blogging mood at this time but feel the need to post. I went out this evening with a good friend who needed some downtime....what we got was an introduction to a couple of girls from Norway at the local mexican restaurant. We invited them to go to another local place to eat....then on to a local bar for some Johnny Cash persona...and on to a jazz club. I am taking them out to a local dive to hear Dale Watson, a local rockabilly musician...they are so excited about it all. It's amazing how if you just allow a right turn into your life....where it'll take you.

Take a load off boys...and get ready for the east coast.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Fathers Day to ALL you Dads

So this is a pic of my family when I was 5 yrs old. So of course that's my dad with me sitting on his lap. See that mischievious grin on my face?? Yep....I ain't changed. Well except I AM a couple of feet taller and longer hair...well bigger boobs too. But the same blue eyes and smirky grin are still there. But this ain't about's about my dad.

I know I'm very fortunate to have my dad still around. I treasure the time we spend together. I have been trying to go to my dad's family reunions in Myrtle Beach every year. I'm not able to be with him on Father's Day but will be going home at the end of the month to spend most of a week with him. Since I can't be with him today....I wanted to seem like I'm with him...with the power of the internet and a picture of our family.

just want to say Happy Father's Day to those fathers who read my blog sometimes...Ted, Scott, Matt, Horsham...and any other of you fathers out there. Put your feet up, take a load off and enjoy a day of relaxation. Well except if you're Ted....he'll be napping with one eye open towards that swingset he put in the backyard. :)

It only takes One

I didn't get to see it but Manny hit a homerun...and DiceK allowed no runs while K'ing 8 in his 7 innings. I came home after a day of catch the 8th inning with Okajima pitching....but it was worth it...I got to see him strike out Barry Boids..I mean Bonds. I think my most favorite sign I've seen so far during the games with the Giants is the HUGE Asterick on a sheet someone made!!! CLASSIC!!!! I'm not up to blogging alot today....sort of tired and got loads to do before my upcoming trip this week to San Diego to watch our boys play. I know I know Ted.....take PICTURES!!!!! I will...and depending on if SotB brings her laptop...if we'll be posting during the weekend.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Bats are Back....

NOoooooo not those kinds....the Bats with Runs are back. Drew was 3 for 4 bringing in 3 RBI's and 3 runs. Pedroia banged in 5 RBI's including a 2 run homerun. The first inning started off with Ortiz getting ejected after he was not happy with a strike call made by the blue. IN THE FIRST INNING MIND YOU.....and despite what we ALL were thinking at the time....we did NOT need Ortiz today. It always happens that way.....something happens to the veterans and the new guys pick up the slack. Ain't it great!!! I think what I love so much about tonight's game is the fact that Bonds was coming to town seeming to overshadow Dave Robert's reunion. You DO remember him right?? How could anyone ever forget "The Steal"? If I have to link that to're no real Red Sox no bother. But once again our boys come through to take their Home back. Taz entertains us once again with Bowling for Outs! I swear this guy is making my heart melt. Drew is slowing creeping into my heart as well....which is hard to do. And then there's lil Dustin....5'9" my ASS....Dustin is 7 feet tall tonight!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

It ain't just a River in Egypt ya know...

Just so ya know that's The Nile River in Egypt....are you following me now? Ok so last night's loss was devastating for a few was to the freaking Rockies!, Schill got rocked, the ugly score and it was to the freaking Rockies!!! all the while the Yanks are moving in...but Tonight's loss....was personal TO ME.

Josh Beckett's winning streak came to an end by some pansyass mile high clubbers. ::long sigh:: I wanted him to overcome Roger's winning streak. Josh is from Texas if ya didn't know it by now (hush up Ted and Kaylee). I love the boy and the girl who gets him BETTER "GET HIM". Beckett may be Major League but the boy comes from know the ole saying...You can take the boy out of the country(that is TEXAS) but ya can't take the country(TEXAS) out of the boy. Hence his comment at NESN tonight as quoted by my good friend Red Sox Dad's blog. Apparently Beckett was asked about his pitching....since he was giving the Rockies stuff they could hit and score runs off of...Beckett replied "They were horseshit pitches, what can I say?" Dontcha just LOVE HIM???? Like I posted on Ted's blog...we Texans don't mince words and we're pretty darn colorful. And That's A GOOD THING!

Ok boys....enough of losing....let's dig out those bats that come with Runs please??

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Relax...we're still in 1st place

Well we all need a day off from work. I'd say the Red Sox need one too. Maybe the boys need to get away from the park....take their minds off the ball and gloves and just relax. Perhaps pull some prank like Ferris hookey.
See ... if Millar was there, I see Millar as Ferris.....always pulling antics and pranks. I am not certain what the issue or problem is right now...but I know I need a day off...but I think that's gonna have to wait till June 21st when I fly out to San Diego for the 3 game series.

Ocean Front Property in Arizona??

Sorry to give the Texas reference here.....but I always think of this song when talking about Arizona. I'm hoping for a sweep today although it is looking like a pitcher's duel. Not going to jinx the game at this point...just was reminiscing about George in his early years today...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Prime Rib or Sirloin JD?

I know I shouldn't be writing this during the bottom of the 8th inning...but come on...its 10-2 Sox are up and the DBacks have fell on their backs. The men in these pics were Da Bomb tonight. Lugo started it off for us tonight with a single run homerun....didn't we win last night with a homerun in the 1st inning?? hmmmm...Drew has 7 ribbies with 2 3 run homeruns so far...ok so I spoke too soon...its' 10-3's the bottom of the 8th now and we're up. Beckett is pitching awesome tonight...8 K's so far. ... that's the total of how many strikeouts all 3 Dback pitchers have so far. We're in the bottom of the 9th, Pineiro is out...two outs...Drew caught the last one...waiting for it. Drew's brother is up to bat now for the DBacks.....amazing to see kin facing one another in games. Drew hit the ball straight to Pineiro and caught it. This was great for Josh...9 wins!!!
I bet J.D. is full....who can eat that many steaks in one night??

Thursday, June 07, 2007

No No-No...but a Win nonetheless

DAMN! I was busy today at work..BUSY ya hear me?? I forgot the boys were playing mid-afternoon...and so when I went on line to SG...all were talking about the game. I turn on GameDay and watch well the updates. I still didn't have time to keep up with posting and keeping up with what was going on. I left work 15 min late, walked in turned on the game....when SotB called me....she wants me to sit and watch the game while she is driving home..??? I'm like "uhmm ok" She was trying to get home for the bottom of the 9th...I told her she wasn't going to make it cos there were 2 outs....and now Tek just got out. She asks.."You DO know what's going on right now don't YOU?" I look at the screen..looked at the score...and said "OH MY GOD!" and THEN I got nervous. Kotsay is up....grounds out to Lugo...Kendall is next and again...grounds out to Lugo....ok just one more....come on Ground OUT...FLY FUCKING OUT...STRIKE OUT...we don't care at this point...Schill takes a deep breath....shakes off Tek for apparently a slider....then throws a fastball...Shannon Stewart is up....Schill takes a deep breath...shakes off Tek for apparently a slider...then throws a slider.....and Shannon don't even wait....hits the first pitch and BAMM...hit to right...just out of reach for Cora to grab it. And the No-No is over....::long sigh::

I was thinking it was ironic that a player with a Irish name mess up the No-No for Curt. But on the other hand...we got a Win. Curt being interviewed...was gracious....saying the team needed the win...yah he recognized what was going on...but the team needed the win. So Schill pitched his heart out....and Papi gave us our one run to win the game with one of his classic homeruns off of Blanton.

I can live with that....and I'm sure Curt can too.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lenny where did we go wrong?

I was all prepared to write this sob story about how Lenny did us we were all laughing at the situation that Lenny 'thought' he had a chance against the Great DiceK...well BOY were we fooled??!!!

But I have to fellow blogger KellyJ who has her own blog and participates in the SoxSistahs blog....has outdid even herself. Please go to SoxSistahs's on my side links.....the pic of the KellyJ....and she has had this torrid fantasy love affair with Lenny for since FOREVER....I could NOT quit laughing at this post....I'm still giggling hysterically while I write this.

But yah...Lenny Did US last night...and got the last laugh...

Monday, June 04, 2007

There's No Crying in Baseball!!!!

**pic courtesy of Austin American Statesman**
Now did ya REALLY think Texas would win it all?? and the fact they got beat out by The Anteaters from California...WHO names a College team Anteaters?? No matter..they beat the Horns fair and square and to quote one of our paper's columnist Bohls, the Horns are "Doner than a flank steak at a West Texas truck stop."
NOW on to other matters at hand...The Sox are moving to the West Coast for a bit to have some fun in the sun and I will be at 3 of those in San Diego with a few in particular Soxonthebeach. I will be meeting Mrs MLB and Nate from there again...getting to see Kelly as she conducts her roadtrip...meeting Beth and Horsham for the first time...let's see...have I forgotten anyone else who's gonna be there? Popsrock is supposed to be there...not sure if he's gonna meet up with us. We'll be bbqing at Nate's Place...and looking for a sushi joint. I don't know about ya but I love baseball season...the longest season for a sport it makes me quite happy since it IS my favorite sport.
Taz takes the mound tonight....I'm betting on a win for the boys...and betting Taz entertains us with his smile and antics we love so well.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

We're still in 1st Place

Like I said...Pedroia is our man. He brought in 3 runs off a double he hit tonight!!! But somehow it wasn't enough cos of that SlappyRod Boy's homerun. But it's just one game...and we're still in 1st place and 12.5 games ahead of the Yankees. I know it would be nice to have won this game...but it's no biggie. Let the Spanks be lulled into a false sense of security....we'll see them in August.

and Batting 2nd.....

Beckett returns to the mound tonight in Fenway...with Tek behind the plate. Lugo is our lead-off man and Pedroia is batting 2nd!!! Did ya hear me??? Dustin Pedroia is batting 2nd in the line-up!!!! Why you say?? Well apparently back when many were thinking Tito had teetered off the see-saw keeping Dustin in and Cora out....he was patiently waiting for what the month of May brought...Dustin hit .415 for the month of May bringing his batting average to .333. There IS a reason the Sox signed him and that he was a second round selection in 2004. Ironic we picked him up in 2004 eh? And although size does matter to just doesn't matter to the Red Sox.

So you thought this was gonna be all about Beckett...well I do like to surprise ya now and then.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Senor Lowell

That there is Da Man Mikey....Lowell...Senor Doubles....Hunk and Stud of the Red Sox...a man who is worshipped by many women and men. See GayRod could take some lessons from Mikey in how you "play" the game of baseball. If you're gonna be rough with the opposing team players....DO front of the entire field and fans so they KNOW what you're NOT try and sneak it by...that is just plain stupid....and then act innocent. Mikey did it right...get in the way and BAM! help your team out. I didn't get to see the game cos of freaking fox station telling Texas they would rather see the Stros and Cards....Don't they know there are MILLIONS of Sox transplants here in Texas...ok well maybe not millions...but A WHOLE LOT and there ARE Texans who would rather see the Sox play than the Stros DadGUMMIT.

Well now it's up to my boy Beckett tomorrow to take this series so we can continue the lead...not that losing it will take the lead away from us :)

I'm sure the drama will continue tomorrow....

****note as much as I don't like Minky...Wishing him well at the hospital-again thanks to our man Lowell-hope Minky is ok and not hurt bad.

Bush League or just Bad Example?

Ok so we lost....rather than focus on that I found all these pics off of Boston Globe of fans poking fun of PayRod. I have to say that Boston has some fairly creative and humorous fans. See the pic with the fans with the blonde wig masks? One guy bought 30 of them and brought them to the game to pass out to other fans sitting around him!!! I'm sure he didn't have to twist any arms either!!! The two guys wearing the wigs are a HOOT!!! The "Scarlet Letter" is Da BOMB!!! Love the literary reference...the poet that I am. BUT by FAR the most significant one is the little boy "threatening" ARod to play by the rules or else....cos ya gotta think about this one: Major League Players are setting examples for little league ball players across the Nation of how to play the game. Do you want your sons/daughters to pull some of his antics?? Slapping balls out of players hands, elbowing while sliding into home or trying to throw off the players on the field by yelling pretending to be one of them??? Bush League is what they've been saying aobut ARod...Not Me.

Alex Rodriguez is an embarrassment to Baseball, the MLB organization, and the Yankees. Even with all the SteroidGate going least Giambi is finally admitting to what he did....when will ARod admit to his not playing fair?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Do I really Need to say ANYTHING???

**stolen off of DirtDogs**

I'm trying to find the words and sentences to say what I want to say but as they say a picture is worth a Thousand Words!!!!

Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!