Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pitching doesn't win games

Has Jacoby grown dreads? started wearing a blue do-rag? wait...that's not Jacoby stealing a base...that's Manny??? That's MANNY??? THAT'S MANNY!!!!!!

and then we get Commander KickASS kicking some ASS and K's around, 13 to be specific.

However, it appears that the number 13 IS an unlucky number as the damn Red Sox couldn't score not ONE RUN for our boys or for BecKett.
Last night Clay pitches his heart out and tonight JPB sets his own Strike-out record and STILL...NO ONE can help these two Texas boys beat the Rays.
Tomorrow's an off day but somehow, I'm feeling like the last two days have been off days. Can it stop now?? Runs now please.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

AustinPalooza Day 1: Round 1

Becks and Bobbers have landed in Austin. They are getting situated at their hotel as I type and I'm waiting for "the Call" to meet them. Then we head off to the Party above. Now do I expect them to eat Crawfish? NO...will I? high chance and as this is one of my fav all time meals (along with Papelbon) cos ya know....we cajuns like Spicy and our culture's food. I think I found the perfect 1st meal for the two on their anniversary. I have no clue how many years they've been married but I got their dessert waiting in my frig...chocolate covered strawberries. WoooT.
I know I've been lagging on posting but I promise to post this week to tell the tales of AustinPalooza!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


This puts a whole new spin on The Mendoza Line. Ortiz hit a Grand Slam tonight off of a Texas pitcher named Mendoza. Ortiz has been hitting really sucky....i mean he's been hitting below The Mendoza Line.....if you're not a baseball fan, I don't have time to explain it. If you GET IT.

Anyway. Ortiz is Back. in Full Force.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jungle Fever

I have friends in Boston-area who are celebrating TomPalooza II. It is a much celebrated event, however, the parTAY isn't complete as Ted nor I are present. Next year with much planning, we will plan the Triple-T Palooza: Ted, Tom and Tex. You see, my friends over at SG don't need much of an excuse to party and drink it up...all they need is someone to say they are coming into town to attend games and the next thing you know....a Palooza Planning is in the works. Typically we leave it to the locals to select our bar of choice to hang out. I think we found the perfect one last summer at the An Tua Nua, a little pub near Brookline. We took it over last summer and made quite the splash. Tom Miles came into town and has been attending games with Kelly and Cyn but today, he's getting sloshed with my good friends Rob and JD, Hayes and Josh, Becks and Bobbers and et al. I'm not certain who all are there to tell you the truth, but I do know that Kelly left Steve there in "good hands" with the crew while she went to the game....and you can see what the crew has Steve doing or Who Steve is doing. I'm just wondering how we are all gonna work out the threesome when I bring my Llama to Boston in May. (editing now to add that Becks sent me this pic via her illustrious iphone.)

Although there is a rain delay going on right's a pic off the Boston Globe of some fans showing Josh some love:

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Baseball is finally here

Isn't that the most beautiful photo you've seen since 2004? I have to say that I didn't think I would be moved as I was since I took that trip in October last year to check out the new 2007 banner hanging from Fenway. I'm taking a trip back to Boston in alittle over a month to watch 3 games, but more importantly to watch a friend of mine see Fenway for the first time in his lifetime....and THAT is going to bring tears to my eyes. I'm so thankful his family is being understanding in this adventure for him. I'm so happy that he is finally going to get goosebumps and chills just from walking inside a ballpark. I'm so excited to be able to say that I am going to BE there when it happens. I'm glad I was able to see the Ring Ceremony today on NESN. It meant alot to me. We won the game which was awesome!
Baseball is here. Finally. Winter is done and the sounds and smells of the game are upon us. I can exhale now.
Well....I'll exhale in October.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Lost

What do you do when someone’s lost his way,
But doesn’t know he’s lost?
leaving signs pointing the way,
dropping bread crumbs to find their way back,
and raising a flag high so it can be seen
seems to be pointless and futile.
You can draw a picture to show them
Hold a mirror to their face…
Point to the crevices of darkness
Where they fell in…then guide
Them to the rays of light shining
From the mountaintop so they can see forever.
What do you do when the lost can’t see what you see?

What do you do when the lost can’t see the light
They’re blind to the goodness within their heart
And the decency in their souls.
You can clean the dirt from under
Their fingernails. Wipe the smudges
From behind their ears. Scrub their
Skin till it’s raw….
But still they refuse to see the pureness,
They are blinded by the sullied haze covering
Their eyes.
Do they doubt they are worthy?
That they don’t deserve happiness?

What do you do when the lost can’t find
Their way out of the darkness
And no matter how much light you shed
On the path in front of them, they stumble
They take a wrong turn back to darkness.
They look at their face in the mirror
And see no one.
If the lost cannot see the path before them
Do we gently guide them in the direction
They should go? NO…
Seize them
Pull them with excitement,
Pointing, guiding, being their eyes so
And maybe finally,
They will see what we see.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Which Super Hero are You?

I've been saying it all along and now It's Official.

Your results:
You are Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
The Flash
Green Lantern
Iron Man
You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.

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