Friday, July 10, 2015

How To Raise A Criminal: A Mother's Story

For those of who you were  there and those who read my post about what I read as my is finally the Show for you to watch. I hope that this reaches other mothers having difficulty raising their children. Know that you Mother a child but ultimately  THE CHILD has a mind of their own and will act or act out.  Doing the show was scary but posting it out here is REALLY scary because people can be mean and cruel and judgemental. Thank you all for your friendship and support through all of this

Thursday, July 09, 2015

The unexpected

I remember posing for this picture like it was yesterday....and THEN someone hit the blind and it came falling down on us....THE BEST pic of all that day!  July is a month I sorta now's my mother's birthday and I loved searching for my mother birthday cards...I had a knack for finding Just the Right One for the right time. Three years DOES NOT seem like that mother was diagnosed with colon cancer the week of her birthday. 7 weeks later...she was gone. I didn't realize how much I would miss her. Miss her early morning waking me up phone calls. Her constant nagging of when was I gonna find me a good man. Her calling on my birthday and singing to me. Her slipping me a twenty dollar bill or two when I'd come home on visits. Her just giving me hugs and praying for me.  Mom, I hope you are up there still proud of me...looking out for me and my job.

My mother got her one wish finally...ALL of her children are here in Orange and I have to say that I thought HELL would freeze over before that would ever happen. 

July 24th is my mother's's also the day ARod ate a baseball glove that Tek gave him. I remember this date because it is her birthday so it makes me smile.  I'll be spending the week before my mom's birthday watching the Sox play the Stros...then head to New Orleans...maybe Ill need to take the long way and ride the ferry and stop by the ocean on the say Hi Mama!!!! 
I love and miss you
Donna Gail

Sunday, May 24, 2015


For so many years, I kept a secret. It wasn't one that you couldn't find out if you were the nosy type or gossipy just needed to pay attention to the news and know my prior married name and my son's name. My son was the most loving child I could ask for but as he grew up and battled with his learning disability, his father who wasn't around alot due to an evil step-mother(see Cinderella story) and my inability to select the right men for relationships...he begin a journey down a path that led him to a few stints in prison, including his current one. Not to say that he didn't try to get his life in order a few times.  He DID...but the call of drugs were too loud. When I wrote my story for Listen To Your Mother and named my story "How to Raise a Criminal", it wasn't a story of actually HOW to raise a criminal but a story of how kids go wayward DESPITE raising them right.  Plus all the praying and raising you do for them can sometimes fall on deaf ears.  That was my intent so I'm hoping that folks will HEAR that when they hear my story later this summer.  I wrote a recap of my experience on Listen To Your Mother Show which you can read here which Jennifer accurately titled it "Set Free"

Telling your secrets when you are ready and comfortable can be the most liberating feeling...but you just have to be prepared for everyone's reactions...they may be good...they may be bad. I've been pleasantly surprised by comments of those who had NO clue of my secret and lovingly supported by those who have always supported me in hiding my secret. 

I know that I'm not alone now and I hope to inspire other mothers who live with the inner struggle of worrying about their child who has been wayward over and over. 

I look forward to posting my video later this summer so that you can HEAR my story. Until then...Believe, Never Settle and Know that You ARE stronger than YOU THINK.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I am...OSB

I am ready to live my passion.
I wonder if I have enough money to retire on to start my own business.
I hear my neighbors loud footsteps consistently every day all day.
I see my red sox blanket while watching tv while facebooking and writing this and my medicine.
I want a beach vacation SOON.
I am going to get my @$$ in gear and start the non profit to help young women.

I pretend that I am 25 years younger sometimes.
I feel I am just now realizing my destiny and purpose.
I touch my bedding close to me cos it's very soft
I worry that I won't ever get married again and grow old alone.
I cry sometimes at the craziest things and then not.
I am happy with my life but desire more of fun time with those I love.

I understand life is what you make of it...change happens but we control how we react to change.
I say curse words alot when I shouldn't
I dream some but wish that I'd dream about my mother so it'd be like she was still here.
I try to be kind to everyone I meet because you don't know what their world is like.
I hope that others do the same but I'm not naive to think they do.
I am so happy that I have a writing world again.

These are my answers to this month’s Old School Blogging prompts. OSB is a monthly link up hosted by Elaine and a monthly co-host. This month Angela is joining her. Visit Elaine’s blog for more information.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In Memory of Mother's Passed

I love words. The Written Word.  I've not always been really good at just saying what I mean so I write. And when I failed at that, I loved getting cards, the right card for birthdays, mothers day and fathers day, etc to say exactly how I felt.  After my mom passed last year, I went through her dresser drawers looking for pics and such...and came across so many cards from her children and grandchildren that she had saved...I recalled getting this one card that had a bookmark attached with it...and I found it!  I brought all the cards I'd given her home with me...that was a treasure in itself. My mom loved being a mom and grandmom. Even to her death she was praying I'd meet my soulmate before she died...but she told me shortly before she passed that she was proud of me and what I'd done with my life. I promised her on her deathbed that I would find 'the one' but she'd have to go looking ahead for me.  I wasn't going to settle for anyone who didn't accept me the way my mom did.

The following phrase comes off of the bookmark that was attached to the card I gave her...I know alot of my friends have lost their moms and so this goes out to ya too... and Mom(I know you're listening and watching), I love you

Mother, thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself...
Thank you for encouraging the dreamer in me and for loving me through each and every fad and phase, and for accepting my ideas when they were different from your own...
Thank you for having faith during the times when I had to do it on my own, and for being there when things didn't work out exactly how I thought they would.

Thank you for all that you are - my wonderful, wise, and loving mother.
Added Mothers Day 2014. As I sit here in my new place on Mother's Day....I miss her even more. I'm reminded each day in some small way about how she is with me...but the funniest ironic thing of all is all these years my Mom wanted me back in church...and prayed for me a job to be happy in...Well got it...I work in a building that used to be a it's a historical landmark and the sanctuary will be forever like a church. Three doors to my office and two of them lead to the sanctuary...and of course MY OFFICE??? it's the Pastor's Office. So she's still smiling and she got me back home and in church. I love you and miss you Mom.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Grand Salami OVER Philly Steak

Opening Day Game Red Sox vs Phillies...5 Homeruns....Dustin starts us with a Laser Show...Mookie and Hanley each gives us one...even tho we are already winning with Buch's stellar pitching....Hanley thought he'd just wind it up with a few steaks to add to his belt on their 1st game back....Grand Salami over Philly Steak Sandwich ANY DAY!!! 

1 game down....161 to go

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mama....I wish you were here to Listen to ME

I first heard about Listen To Your Mother Show while residing in Austin.  The focus of the show is about Mothering and Motherhood...but your personal true story.  I am known to be able to tell a good story...but this was on a stage. in front of lots of strangers.  Could I do that?  without panicking?  I've conducted training in front of a few hundred it's not that. It's bearing your soul and being open in front of strangers.  Most people think they know me.  They think that I'm just this goofy gal who is one big ongoing party Extrovert.  But what they don't know is there is alot of depth to me.  I'm sorta like that duck looking calm on top of the water while underneath the water paddling madly and furiously.

I watched some of the YouTube shows and knew that I wanted to audition but I just wasn't sure what my story would be. It would take me about 4 years later before I worked up the courage and determined my story to tell....but on May 9th, I'll be on stage with 8 others and the two producers of The Show, Jennifer P. Williams and Elaine Alguire who are amazing women!!

I will be remembering my own mother as the show is on Mother's Day weekend...I hope she's Listening to ME