Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sweet Covelli

Now that's not the Coco I've gotten to love so well. I think that face epitomizes alot of us who are upset (pissed off) that the Yanks took Game 2 of this series. But chill out man...we got today and Norm's on the mound. We KNOW we'll get entertainment. No big blog for today...I just loved that pic of our smilin' Coco...cos it reminds me that's good to get alittle mad..

Saturday, April 28, 2007

You Too Can Be Happy...

Ok for tonight, let's get our minds off of baseball. As most of you who know me, I am alittle deeper than the mud puddles after a rainstorm so I often ponder life and what it holds in store for me. I find it sometimes walking around Town Lake...often watching little kids with their parents...the sunsets....most more so the sunrises as I drive to work. I find myself losing my train of thought while looking outside the plane windows. I've gone through alot in my life...doesn't matter to mention just matters that I've grown from it. I used to stagnant in my thoughts...but now I move on. As I tell those who ask if I believe if people can change...I say they can but two things are important: 1. they have to WANT to change. 2. they have to reach rockbottom...THEIR rockbottom.

We all have our own I'm not necessarily talking about changing cos you are committing crime...I'm talking about behavior that isn't good for you, mentally, emotionally or physically. I'm reading this magazine article in SELF (yah I know you're surprised) about Happiness. Three things are focused on: 1. Find time for happiness. 2. Learn to listen to your gut. & 3. Know where you're headed. Of course there's alot of good info in the article but one exercise under listening to your gut, I found interesting.
Write at least endings to each of the following sentences and don't second guess your answers:
1. If I bring 5% more awareness to my life....
2. The things that make me happy are...
3. If I were to say yes when I wanted to say yes..
4. If I were to say no when I wanted to say no...
5. If I let myself know what happiness feels like...

I challenge you to do this exercise.

If I bring 5% more awareness to my life....
1. I would hold my tongue before I speak
2. I would hold doors open more for others
3. I would compliment others more
4. I would make time to volunteer
5. I would realize there were other things on tv other than baseball...(OK...maybe this one is a crock but you get the picture)

See ... it doesn't have to be all deep like the ocean. Simple...that's my life...Simple and Sweet.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Watch it Go By...

If you're wondering what Mo and Mikey are looking's the end of Mo's reign over the Red Sox as a feared Closer. Yep...Mo was pulled for Myers to be put in tonight..Classic!!! NOW Mo is one of the Yankees I actually like and almost felt bad for him...I said ALMOST. But he's a pffffffft!! But the saddest scene was the empty stands at The Toilet. I couldn't believe as cameras panned across the park....yankee fans were going home...not waiting to see their boys till the end. I have NEVER seen this at Fenway....NEVER. Red Sox fans...true Red Sox fans stay till the very end...they do NOT leave. The game was awesome tonight...Lugo got his first homerun as a Red Sox going 3-4, 3 runs, 3 rbi's and 2 stolen bases and Youk got a 2 run homerun.

And somewhere in the distance I just know I heard Millar rooting for the boys!

Love is in the Air...

Love is in the Air...well ladies and gents it's Red Sox vs Yankees once makes for a glorious weekend for the end of April! I had this whole post ready for an homeage to my boy Beckett....but once I saw this pic posted by my bud JET on the SG board....I knew it had to go here.

Last weekend we were doing some heavy cleaning up around the park....and quite frankly it seemed our boys were abit tired after it all cos they seemed to put away the broom, mop and vacuum cleaner for a couple of days. HOWEVER...last night, it seemed WMP found his bat and Josh moved into the ranks of Pedro and Babe...yes Josh he did pitch quite well at one time....NOW Josh moves into the only 5 game winner in April...

Tonight Daiske starts against Pettitte (another Texas boy)...kinda like East vs. West. We nailed him last weekend....let's do it again boys!

let's get this ParTAY STARTED!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

WMP...bout time.

yah that's Wily Mo Pena getting the high five by "Doubles". Grand Slam after a dry spell to pick up my boy Josh for his 5th win in April! It was a beautiful thing to watch sail over centerfield into the stands. Now you'd think I'd have Beckett's pic here today...but I got to give WMP props today....I'll post my homage to Josh tomorrow. We had a mini-sweep in Baltimore...and now we're headed to New York City....the Big face our enemy. We'll be in their house this weekend...but let's see if we can bring our brooms again. I don't have alot of words tonight...saving them for my Texas Boy. By the way, my flag and signed Beckett ball was out giving him good luck. I am going to make it MY POINT to get Beckett to sign a Texas flag....and have it framed!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


**courtesy of Austin American Statesman

So I was sitting wondering what to write about...since I gotta put the broom back in the closet....and I came upon this article about Papa Jack who is now in Texas with the Astros AAA team in Round Rock, right up the road from me.

Papa Jack has a history with Nolan Ryan when they played together with the California Angels. According to this article, Nolan gave him his nickname after Jackson became a father for the first time.

Papa's contract didn't get renewed after last season...and many of us were so sad to see him go. I found out he was coming here and I plan on heading out to the park this summer to catch up with Papa Jack and hopefully get his autograph. I'll have to get out some of my Red Sox gear for him to sign....and maybe I'll get to show him my tattoo!!

But on to the picture....see that bat in the pic? That ain't no ordinary came all the way from Boston. That bat helped make history at Fenway. Who's was it?? Well if you're any kind of Sox'll figure it out before I tell ya. Jimmie Foxx had a 68 year old record for the club of 50 homeruns in a season. One of the Sox boys broke the record on September 22 by blasting numbers 51 & 52 against the Twins winning 6-0. That bat was given to Ron by none other than our loveable David Ortiz....signed by Tiz...he wrote to Papa Jack "to the best batting coach around".

2004 was magic....and for Papa Jack to be a part of that and now be a part of a local Texas team....makes me feel alittle closer to Fenway.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sweet Sweep

Not a whole to add to the pic about the game. It's just one series but it was SO sweet to sweep the Yankees! Schill brought it....Beckett and Paps nailed it...and well lets just say Daiske got rid of the dreaded wakism disease with a quadruple shot in the arm.
Weekend is over....I'm still smiling ear to ear....I don't need to gloat...just the expressions on Jeter and ARod's faces last night was enough for me. Manny acting like a little boy after all the homeruns!
Baseball season is here in full bloom...May is around the corner.
I wonder if brooms are flying at half-mast in New York?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

When All The While

When all the while
She was inside,
Analyzing, staring at
Those around.
With children
and without.
Seeing singles file in
Twos out the doors
of bars.
Smiles with no faces
Eyes with no vision
Listening, choosing
Not to hear.
Searching for a heart,
A lost soul to fit
Next to hers
Mesh with hers.
Searching for another
Half to make her whole,
When all the while
She was inside.
Sadly enough many girls are taught at an early age to be complete they have to be married. Now I am NOT against marriage so before you go judging me, hear me out. To be part of a couple, it requires 2 whole people...not half of a person. Marriage Ain't Geometry where that is how you make a whole circle...unfortunately alot of men and women think in order to be a whole validated person, they have to BE in a couple. It took me quite a number of years to figure all that out. I was looking for someone to heal me but I needed to heal myself. When couples begin having problems, they go to marriage counseling...but what they really need to do first is seek counseling of their own. Another thing people do is settle in life and in love. I decided 5 years ago...I would no longer settle ... if that meant I lived a life be it. This gave me a chance to figure out my life and what to do with it....not worrying about what man was in it and what he wanted.
Now that Prince Charming is knocking on my door....Cinderella is prepared...she has her ducks in a row, priorities in order, has learned to say NO, and doesn't settle for nothing less than the best treatment. Anything less, I'll pull out the voodoo doll and turn his carriage back into a pumpkin.
****disclaimer: I promised someone I would not do Ocean Deep so he could wade safely.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


For some reason, I hadn't gotten to watch Beckett pitch his winnings today when I realized I would be home...I had a dilemma: Do I watch the game? Do I just listen? Do I just get in chat or on SG and read the comments? OR do I just hunker down and settle in...and bite the bullet and admire Josh's way with the ball? I was superstitious about the fact that Josh was having a FANTASTIC April and I did NOT want to be the one who blew that for him....Laugh ALL you WANT!!! But superstitions are synonymous with baseball.

Some examples:
*Spitting into your hand before picking up the bat is said to bring good luck.
*A wad of gum stuck on a player's hat brings good luck.
*It is bad luck if a dog walks across the diamond before the first pitch.
*Some players believe it is good luck to step on one of the bases before running off the field at the end of an inning.
*It is bad luck to touch the baselines while running off and onto the field between innings.
*Lending a bat to a fellow player is a serious jinx.
*Some players actually sleep with their bat to break out of a hitting slump or stay in a groove.
*If a pitcher is throwing a perfect game or a no-hitter, never speak of it while it's going on.
*Not talking about the outcome of a 7 game series before it is over.
*Not shaving after the first postseason win
*Chewing only one wad of gum per game
*Tapping one's bat onto the home plate before an at-bat
*Drawing in the batter's box before each at-bat
*Tapping one's bat against the catcher's and umpire's knee pad.

I watched the game and saw Beckett pitch GREAT! I am looking forward to this season as Beckett continues to blossom in Boston! Boston and Beckett seem to be growing on one another. I am looking forward to the last game of this Red Sox-Yankee series...a chance for Daiske to get his first Win over the Yankees. Hopefully someone cleans house and remembers to bring the broom.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Only if you're a SGer will you understand my Post Title....and I ain't gonna explain it here.

I'm beginning to think that it is just not meant to be for me to see Beckett pitch this season on tv or at the games! Rain again???? Come ON!!!??? It's a beautiful day here in Austin, Texas...but I needed to get all my chores/errands completed so I could watch the game....SO I get home, take a shower....get all my game foodies ready....and you tell me it's been POSTPONED????? I gave up my Walk at TownLake today???? for Rain in New England??? and now that I'm all clean...I can't get all sweaty again cos I'm heading to my friend's son's confirmation party. Oh well...I was going to be cleaning and packing while the game was guess I'll just get busy. Figured I'd post something random so we can swim out of the deep end of the pool today. "Some" people can't make it to the deep end every day so I have to make it simple and logical. So I gotta switch write from Little Bear writing one day....and Thoreau the next....but hey I am flexible.

I won't get to watch the games this week as I'll be out of town....I'll be doing the GameDay unless for some reason, ESPN or FOX decides to put them on....I won't be holding my breath.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Choose My Life

"If you choose to be a part of my life, you can follow, lead or walk beside me BUT you cannot Just Watch!"

This is something I wrote in a makeshift diary on my trip to NYC in November of 2001. I had purchased a airline ticket to go see my cousin in Pennsylvania where we had planned a weekend trip to New York! I bought the ticket on 9-10-01. After "it" happened....we talked at length discussing pros and cons about the trip. After much debating and struggled decision-making, I decided to go anyway but my trip would take a turn in the reason. I was a mentor for a local boys and girls club so we made signs and cards and I brought alot of local flavors for a specific firestation that lost 17 men. This blog today is not about my visit's about how the visit affected my life.

I was living with my boyfriend at the time....almost 4 years together, 3 years living with him. You see, he wasn't and isn't a bad person at all. He probably was the one man at that time I could fully trust. He was stable and calm which I needed at a time after a much crazy ex-husband. I enjoyed living out in the country on 168 acres of beautiful land....I thrived there. I sought solace there and wrote alot of new poetry. What was wrong with this situation was He just kept saying he wasn't ready to talk marriage. So I would drop it...

This trip caused me to realize that I was living in a stagnant situation. I needed to move something more....and if he wasn't ready.....then I would move forward without him. Sitting on the plane ride home...I begin to write...and this is my diary of that ride...NO ONE has ever seen this.
With all that has happened, I can't help but want to plan my life with the one I love...yet he still holds back...waiting to feel comfortable?? with getting he is waiting for someone to hand him a pillow and a blanket. He is so comfortable with his life right now, me living there "acting" as a wife, to finalize the step would unbalance him. But he says he is "thinking" of marrying me now. Another wrong choice I have made or should I say decision? Recognizing this, I just need to make it right. Moving home but not breaking up will be hard for me but it is harder for me to stay emotionally because the more I give of myself--the more I am invested in a future. I don't feel I belong anymore, therefore I will try to sit and explain this to him. It is highly doubtful he will understand or just act like it doesn't bother him. I need to be loved, fully and wholly by him, care for, respected and honored--I can only think of two men who gave me that in my past that I let get away. As usual I stuck with "the bad" ones who hurt me greatly but I let them.
Today I choose Life...I choose Joy, Respect, Love, Fellowship, Companionship, Communication, Camradie, I Choose My LIFE! If you choose to be a part of my life, you can follow, lead or walk beside me...but you cannot Just Watch!

The night I explained my situation to him was a sad night....he really just didn't get it and did nothing to keep me from going. Once I moved to Austin...he found out and determined to come see me...I let him. My friends all wondered if he was coming "for me"....they asked "what if he asks you to marry him?" I said "if he brings a ring...I'll know he's serious". Well he came to Austin and said we could get married....and he'd move here....but he had no ring. I had to sadly explained to him that it was too little too late....

I'll leave this blog with a poem I wrote shortly after moving to Austin which sums all this up:

When All The While

When all the while
she was inside,
analyzing, staring at
those around
with children
and without.
Seeing singles file in
twos out the doors
of bars.
Smiles with no faces
Eyes with no vision
listening, choosing
Not to hear.
Searching for a heart,
a lost soul to fit
next to hers,
mesh with hers.
Searching for another
half to make her whole,
When all the while,
She was inside.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I interrupt this baseball game ....

So I ordered DirecTV under the sports package and all...they call me this morning at 10:30am to say they can come earlier than noon...SO like a good baseball fan that I am, I go home. 3 hours later....DirecTV installed...happy girl...I leave to turn in my Cable box...and get back to work finally at 2:30pm. After working and getting all my work completed I get to all my errands....and get home in time for the beginning of the 2nd inning of the game. My fantasy pitcher is pitching against the I know we're gonna win.

Ok so I'm getting things ready for the night and go to unpack things in my truck when I notice someone sitting on the side of the road....they wave so I wave back...turn around and go in the house. I return outside to get something else...and then head back...I hear someone saying "Excuse me.." and turn around to see the person who turns out to be some young kid.

Now this kid looks totally innocent...young and stupid and dorky. But he goes into this spill about who he is and his mom is...he's raising money by selling books and magazines. Then proceeds to ask questions about me....asked if I was married to which I replied...divorced...then he asked "how long have you been divorced?" I told him then it was none of his business. He apologized but kept making jokes like when I said I wasn't married "was I taking applications?" then saying something about my eyes...anyway...then he needed to fill out this form...asked me for a'm standing in the driveway right behind the truck with the tailgate down. He's sitting on the tailgate...and the only pen is inside the house.

1+1 = 3

What ??? You say that 1+1 doesnt add up to 3? WELL that situation and him not having a pen didn't add up either. SO I politely told him.."You know what? I'm not feeling very comfortable with this now...I'm sorry but I have to go". He quickly apologized and got his stuff and left....

Now I do NOT know if this kid was someone I needed to worry about...but he made me feel uncomfortable and I didn't feel safe....SO I hope those of you who read my blog remember this:

Don't worry about hurting someone's feelings or being rude....IF YOU FEEL UNSAFE or Uncomfortable with a situation.....and can get out of it like I did without drama....Speak UP......Better Safe than Sorry.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away....

Nothing like starting off the season with some wash away the tears from some Red Sox fans who were hopeful for Daiske's Opener at Fenway to be Monumental. Even Giants fall down ya know....I find it interesting that with so much hype around his start...that my theory i Josh and Felix got together and plotted to steal Daiske's thunder. Some of us (Red Sox Dad and myself) had full belief in Josh...some of us(Kaylee) did not. If you recall when Josh came to Boston......he didn't quite live up to the my take is bring the Big Boys down a notch to let them's a TEAM...not individuals here....well except for Manny.

There's alot you can do tonight instead of watching the can
1. wash your hair
2. wash your laundry
3. dry your laundry
4. post a new blog :)
5. call your parents
6. call your sis/bro
7. rearrange your Fantasy Baseball lineup
8. go for a walk...well not if you're in Boston cos it's RAINING!!!
9. exercise dvd
10. Put in a fav all time classic dvd of a game or your 2004 WS dvd.....
That should make you feel all warm and fuzzy in this cold cold weather...

::looking out my glass doors of my balcony at HOT SUN beaming into the floor::

or if you're in Austin, can go for a nice walk at Town Lake aka Colorado River, cos it's nice and sunny this afternoon.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Git Er Dun Josh!!!

Texas is on the mound today. There’s always been this Tex-Mass Connection throughout my life. The first time I recall was the Kennedy-Johnson ticket…well I was a mere child but I was alive while Kennedy was President. I remember my parents loved him….and honestly remember his assassination as my parents mourned. I grew up in a small town in Texas where football was King….but this little girl rode her bicycle to the little league field where the neighborhood boys played baseball. That is where she grew to love the little white ball with red seams being caught and thrown. Seeing little boys hit the ball and run around the diamond. Little did I know there was this whole other world outside in New England who felt just like me. I dated one of the high school pitchers of my school and grew to love it even more. My little sister begin playing in a little league softball team for girls…I started playing in a city league… Fast forward to college days….my alma mater had and still has a great baseball program to my delight…so I followed it even more intensely….hearing about this kid from Texas at U.T. who was a phenomenal pitcher. He brought the team to the World Series in 1983…got signed by Boston in 1983 and made it to The Show on May 15, 1984. I kept up with Roger’s good fortune and when he left Boston….I came to realize I had fell in love with the team.

Since then, my love for Texas players has changed. I’m glad for their success and all…but once they leave the Sox…I wish them well…and keep rooting for my boys.
Today one of my own is standing on the mound ready to defend Opening Day…Beckett is a true Texan unlike Roger. Roger wasn’t born in Texas and didn’t even come to Texas till 1977. Josh has his own hunting leases he promotes…and has won the Muy Grande.....
Today on the mound came Beckett....he produced and deserves the Praise of a Texan God. Joshua Patrick Beckett..born in Spring, Texas...just a good ole country boy doing what he loves best: Pitching the Hell out of a Game.

Monday, April 09, 2007

I just love Firemen!

I was much too tired to blog last night and had to drive back to Austin this morning straight to work. So...late post about yesterday's game.

Arriving at the park Sunday was in the 40's and sunny. Heading to the dugout, I planted myself in hopes to get good photo opps this time. Peter Gammons was a good few pics of him. The boys started their stretching...japanese media were insanely frantically waiting to film M.D....was pretty funny to watch them run around the field (YES they ran from 1st base area to 3rd base area!) and then there were the Papelbon moments. I know I was there to take ASS pics of Tek for my fellow lady bloggers and SGers, but For Some Reason...I was distracted by Jonathan. He seemed to be in a jovial mood...joking around, laughing and talking alot of sh** to other players. Paps is definitely the "different" player this year. He had on this cold weather snow hat...looking like he was ready to hit the slopes. I'm taking pics of him and just watching his antics...when all of a sudden he is walking away from a group of players...heading towards 3rd base....passes by these 2 TV crew guys holding a HUGE camera...turns immediately and ducks down then Pops UP right IN FRONT OF THE LENS...making the Goofiest Face I've EVER SEEN!!!! Then walks off all cold stone faced... I almost fell over the dugout laughing!!! And the funny thing? NO ONE ELSE SAW THIS!!!!! I SO wish I woulda gotten THAT pic!

It's amazing that this kid named Papelbon from Louisiana...who is obviously such a kid at heart....can turn into this Freaking StoneColdASS Closer who shuts down the Rangers to ensure Schilling his W. Now I don't take nothing from Tiz's 2 Homeruns, but last year Paps begin his career as a Closer in Texas and it was like watching someone who had been doing it for years. Texas was good to Papelbon last year....and it was fitting he ended the road trip with Slamming the Door on the Broom the Rangers were trying to sweep us up with.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Turn UP the HEAT!!!

Well that was an ugly game and cold as freaking ever!!! I arrived at the ballpark around 4:45pm....waited in line and got in the park around 5:15pm. I headed straight to the Red Sox dugout to get in a good position for photo opps. players were out...cept Tiz who was getting interviewed. Finally Beckett poked his head out for abit, waved...then returned into the dugout. Snyder popped out...and before he could say no...some guy had thrown him a ball to sign. Security yelled out to wait for Snyder to say to give him I waited patiently asking him...and on his 5th point...I got my faded Red Sox visor signed by Kyle...nice especially when I really just wanted to take pics. Well the batting cage came down as no one was going to take batting practice. Pitchers came out and threw to one another, stretched some and did some sprints...ALL down in Right Field!!! Oh well...I decided to head to the Red Sox bullpen to catch Taz and Tek.

Waiting patiently for them....but this was about the shortest Tek routine and Pitching warm-up I'd ever seen...but of course I can't say I blame was Freaking COLD!!! 38 degrees!!! I mean here it is Bluebonnets blooming...SpringTime....Easter Weekend...and we had Snow Flurries this morning. I SAW THEM!!!

I can't even describe to you the feelings I had watching our team just implode....I just know I was COLD!!! The boys really don't have an excuse as they are used to playing in the cold weather....but the Red Sox fans stayed till the end....waiting and hoping for someone to warm up the bats.

Having trouble with blogger today posting a pic...or it's my computer...or me. I see Ted is posting pics so it must be my computer.
If you'd like to see some pics, you can check out:

I'll be posting more pics later...Thank Goodness today is much warmer!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Texas Messed With Wake

Opening Day in Texas was NOT what I expected this year. First of all, it is APRIL....SpringTime!!!!!!! I mean the bluebonnets are in full bloom and Dammit...IT'S APRIL! It is NOT supposed to be 50 degrees, cold and windy!!!

So I left earlier this week on a business trip in the Dallas area...forgetting to check the weather I don't pack ANY sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, Nothing to keep me warm...cos IT IS APRIL FOR GOD SAKE'S! So I get to the park at 8:30am...YES you heard me...8:30AM! I park right across the street from the park for $12....but it pays off at the end of the day(you'll see). I walk around abit and head into the Park's see Ranger Park always has other teams' clothing there SO I was able to buy me a Red Sox sweatshirt! Yay!!! I head to the 3rd base gate where I usually go in at as the visitor's dugout is on that side. I was surprised not many people were there as last year this early....BUT it was Freaking 50 degrees!!!

10AM finally gets here.....get my bag "checked", buy a program, and head to the dugout....along with many others. I was quite disappointed in the players today as no one was stopping to sign. Paps finally stopped, signed 2 kids balls then walked guy kept yelling at players and Tito...a couple of them commented saying they just couldn't. SO at least they acknowledged us. I finally left the area and headed to the visitors bullpen area in hopes of catching Wake warming up with Belli. I'm waiting by the pen....when I get curious by commotion over by the Red Sox dugout...I get out my binoculars...and sure enough, DiceK is Signing!!!!! right by where I WAS!!! PFFFFFFFFT!!!!!

So I'm sitting watching Wake warming....when this Ranger fan behind me insists on harassing Wake to death....I'm rolling my eyes but decide to just ignore it....when all of a sudden, the same voice says VERY LOUDLY, "I guess I'm gonna have to throw a Red Sox fan into the bullpen." I'm thinking to myself "now Dude...I been sitting here ignoring you....but you are really stupid now" I slowly turn and in my sweetest Texas drawl say to him "Go ahead! I'd like to be down there in the Red Sox bullpen" He laughs but notices my accent. I tell him I'm from Texas but I am a Red Sox fan....explain my story and all which impresses him....but since he had to be so rude to Wake...I had to finish it with the piece de resistance: I told him about my Tattoo!!! how the red sox were inside the heart of Texas....he had this awful look on my face..."that's blasphemy!!" I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. He left.

Finally my Ranger friend arrived and we headed out to get her something to eat and find a seat...neither of us wanted to sit in the seats we had bought(they were in the 300 section). So we finally found some seats in Section 41....and got comfortable. Of course the Rangers were back at home and had lost their 1st 3 games of the season....and being at home sometimes motivates a team. I will have to say that Texas does it UP BIG for Opening Day....during the National eagle is released to fly all around the park...very cool. THEN Freaking Fighter Pilots fly DIRECTLY over the park....LOUD as HELL!!!!

But back to the game....I was trying out my new camera but just not in a good position during batting practice or seats to get good ones....but I got my plan worked out to where I'm gonna get tomorrow. In the morning Ill be working on uploading pics....I'll be sharing them with Jere and some here.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's a Strong Man's Game

Leave it to Big Papi to come up with the ultimate t-shirt. Alot of people I know think baseball is boring....plain boring they say. Many innings go by without anything happening. But I say that is where Papi's tshirt saying comes in. Baseball takes patience...something not alot of men (no offense) have. SO baseball IS a Strong Man's Game...takes alot of patience and strong willed attitudes to get through men batting just to ground or fly out. Knowing that one of those hits will result in a grand slam, inside the park homer or a worth the wait. Big Papi has the right idea...he just takes patience.
Well I've been waiting since October....and I'm ready for baseball. I'm ready for the boys to play. I'm ready for Opening Day in Texas where Wake will take the ball. I'm ready for a new season....I think Dice-K was asked about the upcoming season...

His Response? "I'm Ready..."
nuff said....Let the Games Begin!