Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Waiting..........

The waiting is the tough part for those of us not having to evacuate. Three years ago this month a lady hit New Orleans...devastating not only those in the city and state, but also the nation. The aftermath of it all affected us all. Today I'm sitting here waiting patiently for Gustav to show himself. Since entering into the Gulf, it's decided to turn away from my hometown of Orange, one of the recipients of the other lady, Rita, who hit in 2005, and turn more towards New Orleans. Mandatory evacuations have been set into place in both places and this year they've made arrangements to assist getting those who can't get themselves out. (all of that is another story).

So we wait....and wait....My parents are with my older sister in Houston. My younger sister and her family headed to San Antonio to friends. My older brother and his family headed to north Texas to where his son is living. All is well and good. But I have to say that this all brings up old memories of anxiety and frustration from when Rita hit and I had no clue how or where my parents and rest of family were. It was the longest 5 days of my life....the unknowing. Even though I know I can reach them....I know how the evacuees feel.....

Katrina directly affected my family as did Rita so I have my issues about the process. All I know is help is out there for those evacuees. Prayers and PV's are going out there for all.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Haz a Sad

PV's Josh. Get Well STAT.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Word of the Day: Lagniappe

That's my response to anything you say: BLEH!!!!! with my tongue sticking OUT.

I started this blog two years ago this hopes of writing a somewhat diary of my thoughts and life. However, REAL LIFE took over and I just do not, cannot, will not, don't want to, FIND the Time to post on my blog consistently. Since last September when I was hired to run a juvenile correctional facility company, I honestly am too damned tired or my brain is dead from thinking all day to write. We've been preparing for our annual state audit....and the results are in. We did wonderful with some glitches that most facilities have...we'll fix 'Em. I can finally sorta breathe again now that it's over.

I'm not going to promise I will have daily posts. I can't. My life doesn't allow the time. My job doesn't allow the time. Most of you who even read my dribble know that you "see" me rarely during the day any longer. And now you SG reprobates have forced me to join some other sordid website with vampires who fight and flair to put on my corkboard?? Tex will return with a vengeance in posting...however, by no means expect daily postings. If you get them...just see it as lagniappe and don't ask any questions.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The World Didn't END!!!

::takes head out of sand:: Ladies and Gents...I introduce you to your new Red Sox leftfielder.......................................He Can Hit!!

He Can Catch!!! AND He can Run AND SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like we actually WON a game!!!! Jason Bay shows us just WHY he is NOT Manny and why we should welcome him into our precious field of diamonds. Scoring our first run in the game and then hitting a triple to set his 2nd and the scoring run when Lowrie hit a single in the 12th...YES I said the 12th. So after a Drama Day of Where's Manny Going? And Wondering if Bay Watch would continue in Beantown....YEP...he's a KEEPER.

Don't get me wrong....I will miss Mannyiac....but C'est La Vie'.