Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Geaux Tigers!!!!

2009 College World Series Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beckett and Baseball

My good friend, Cyn, had the best title of her live blog today....and she predicted SO accurately what was coming. As in the ole quote out of the film about Wyatt Earp when he was warning the town..."tell them I'm coming and Hell's coming with me!" Well today JPB took the bump and perhaps he was channeling his inner child and thought he was playing cowboys and indians...cos he made it war on those Braves. (no offense to anyone reading)

7 K's, no walks, 5 singles and only 1 double was allowed by Beckett...winning the game with 3-0.

It was also the first appearance by Lowe since he helped us out of a drought and win the World Series in 2004. It appeared he was received well and given a standing ovation after he was taken out of the game. Tip of the hat and all.

Beckett appeared to be in 2007 form...the year he didn't win the Cy and should have. I'm ready to see my Sox again this July and August...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

En Fuego!!!

Pick one. I really don't care which one you select. Choose whichever one suits your fancy....cos you may need one of them at the next Yankee - Red Sox series since we are 8-0 ahead of the pinstriped pinheads after this series.

Penny tossed 117 pitches with his last striking out Matsui looking a bit bewildered Im sure. 6 shut out innings...after Ortiz hit a homerun during the 2nd. Penny left the game with the Red Sox in the lead 1-0.

Then the game begin to get interesting. Yankees got ahead thing you know....Red Sox are on top 4-3....and Paps came in to close it down. ::sigh::

A Sweep. The best part? I love this quote from Papi regarding his come back here lately....Papi may be on the right track with trying new habits to enhance his hitting. Sounds good to me.

"I put hot sauce on pretty much everything," Ortiz says, aiming a bottle of his mild Original into a bowl of mondongo (beef tripe soup) before taking a spoonful. "But I like mild hot, not burning hot. Not crazy hot."

"It's not about being a tough guy," he says. "I'm telling you right now, number four is pretty dang hot." He's referring to Grand Slam. "I do not think a human being should try something hotter than that.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Red Sox 6 Yankees 0 and no that's not the score of the game

So last time we spoke the Red Sox did some cleaning up with the Yankees....well tonight Beckett took the mound. And by "took the mound", I mean he took command over the rubber and made those pinstriped devils pay. Josh had 8 K's, pitching 6 innings, 2 hits with the game being a shut-out. The bullpen (MDC, Ram Ram and Bard) followed suit with only 1 hit and 1 runs.

Bard ended the game with hitting the radar gun at 100 mph twice...

Drew, Ortiz and Green brought 2 rbi's with Kotsay bringing the other run. Ortiz hit a home run dead to central!!!! Green also hit a home run!! Slowly but surely Big Papi is returning!

Game score Red Sox 7 Yankees 0
We're tied for 1st place now but on top of the Yankees as we've won more games against them in the season...hence the title.