Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cash is MONEY!

That is all.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Finally Baseball is HERE!

So the Red Sox had a clinic with some young baseball players today.

Is this a Manny in the making??

Is this a young Josh asking for the secrets from Wally?

Well Well WELL....looks like Steve the ferret has some competition in the title of Stuffed Mascot World Traveler.
Oki is saying "Can we take them back to the farm and train them for later?"
Baseball is Tomorrow Morning at Tokyo. IN TOKYO you heard me.
Who cares at this point? The Cask and Game On will be open at 5:30am....YEP you read right!! And I will have friends at Both of these places. Tru and Brenda will be at the game behind homeplate...while I think Cyn and Kelly will be at Game On to watch the game. Are they nuts??? YEP but hell so am I...I'll be sitting on my couch watching baseball Opening Day at 6am....but hey guess what??
Baseball is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happi Easter!!

Isn't this where we left off from with J.D.???? For all those naysayers who said it wasn't gonna happen last year when J.D. came up to bat. For those fans who groaned at Lil Woodrow's across from me...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!....and I yelled back "BELIEVE!!!!!" You shook your head up and down forcing a smile....yelling with me..."Come ON J.D.!!" And BAMMMMM .... Magic Stick took that little ball out of the park bringing Home Salami to the boys for a feast!!!

Imagine being at this game....J.D. comes to bat....are you thinking the same Thing??? you BETTAH NOT!! I'd say those Happi Coats rubbed off some good fortune to our boys and to J.D. .... or could be This is our NEW J.D. for 2008. I'm shooting for the latter.

We won ton 9-2!!! What a way to wake up on a Sunday morning!!

Happi Easter Ya'll!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beckett: Home Alone

So Beckett's isn't going to Japan: It's Official. Alot of skepticals are worried about Josh's back...but I'm not. I think this is all a labor of love that he is giving to Lester. Wake gave Lester his chance to be a hero in the World Series last year....Beckett is giving Lester Japan Stardom. Besides....Josh just isn't a sushi guy...he's more of a meat and potatoes man...hell Beckett is more of a Meat period man. I'm sitting thinking of all the things Beckett is going to do while his buddies are all over in sushi-land while he's still here state side.....
1. Practice how many beers cans he can shoot with one shot.
2. Measure the string out of the baseballs.
3. Call up Bill to see if he wants to compare the effects of drinking too much and smoking too much.
4. Stretching and icing his back.
5. Order up Personal Massages.
6. Mounting his kills from 2007.
7. Practicing Post Pressers in front of the mirror.
8. Pitching to Mirabelli.
9. Reading Manny's suggested book: The Secret; and
10. Taking dance lessons from the Dropkick Murphys so he can out dance Papelbon in October.
What do YOU think Beckett will be doing??

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. Good Luck to the Red Sox as they are finishing up Spring Training and heading into the regular baseball season.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Client #9

Men, Women, Cheaters, Wandering Eyes....all you listen up. You finally have an excuse to do what Spitzer did: It's an innate and according an article

"Psychologist Christopher Ryan, author of "Sex in Prehistory," says the desire for sex with more than one person has always been there - for leaders and followers alike. "The desire is not a function of status or power - it's a question of availability."

NO SHIT. Translation: We all got needs...sexual needs...we're horny sometimes. We have all this pent-up sexual energy....we gotta do something with it. I mean even Shelley Duncan and Jonny Gomes figured out what to do with it.

another bit from the article:
"Some alpha males do whatever they want for their own purposes but others can be very loyal." Alpha males often have excess sexual energy, but instead of cheating or visiting high-priced call girls, she said, many channel it into other pursuits. "Some people create things - or do things for the public good."

It's called: Restraint, Loyalty to partners, other words, instead of sleeping with call girls they work on awesome charity boards helping out causes for those who can't help themselves! I would add a picture of an alpha male doing charity work but I didn't want to sully their name with Spitzer's.

But still as the article puzzles, why did Spitzer and many other powerful men who could "get" any woman they wanted because of who or what they are....PAY a call girl??? Well for starters, I can say they want the risk, the unknown, someone who's willing to do the fantasy role, play nurse or school girl, or as psychologist David Buss of UT stated "Men such as those in Spitzer's position do not so much pay for women to have sex with them; they pay for women to go away AFTER having sex with them,".

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

That my friend is Candaon. I'm still not sure what he was trying to do that day in Baltimore....the lady at the door is BB's wife, Debbie, and she's holding Steve. The crew on the outside got locked out as most of them are smokers and were taking their break.....but I digress.
Today is Candaon's birthday so of course I had to find the silliest picture of him to post. I hope your day is awesome today and you're having the time of your life. Life is short.....don't short yourself.....or come out on the short end......see a theme here? :)
Seriously, I appreciate your friendship and I can't wait till we all hang out in May!!!!!!! Wooo HOOOOO!

Thursday, March 06, 2008


So apparently with Volvo being the team's official car and all, they decide to make a special edition for the Red Sox. The C30 two door hatchback is the model they've selected in Passion Red. The sticker price? $29,465.00. Not bad eh? Kicker is they are only making 107 of them. Not sure what the 107 number signifies but they are going to sell 106 of them beginning March 12th at New England Volver dealerships. Number 107 will be held for a fund-raising charity event for the Red Sox Foundation. Out of the Boston Globe is a description of the car:

"The special edition Volvo C30 has customized outside molding and trim, plus fog lights, heated front seats, a blue-face instrument cluster, leather-wrapped steering wheel with aluminum inlays, sport pedals, sport shifter, soft load cover, cruise control, and a Dynaudio sound system with Sirius satellite radio. It also has a small Red Sox logo badge on each front fender, special floor mats embossed with a Sox "B," and a large transparent Sox logo decal in the rear window.
The car is powered by a turbocharged T5 5-cylinder engine that produces 227-horsepower and 236 lb.-ft. of torque. A five-speed automatic Geartronic transmission is standard."

I have a few friends up there who WOULD LOVE THIS....EVEN IF THEY DON'T DRIVE.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Light on their Feet

Ladies and Gentlemen: Your CLOSER of the Boston Red Sox.

Your 2008 World Series Most Valuable Player AND Golden Paddle Winner

and Last but not least...the 2008 American League Rookie of the Year.
And here we all have been thinking Manny was the one out in leftfield. All pictures taken by Brita Meng Outzen at a function benefitting Mike Lowell's charity.

Happy Texas Independence Day!

A moment from baseball if you will. Today is when a group of men met on Washington on the Brazos (The Convention of 1836) and voted that Texas would declare it's independence from Mexico. A delagate by the name of Richard Ellis (sad to say no relation to me, purely coincidence) from Red River was voted President of the convention. The document was signed by all March 2, 19836. That doesn't mean independence happened that day for what many of you may not realize is the famous battle at The Alamo ended on March 6th AFTER Independence was declared. The battle began on February 23rd....a 13 day seige by the Mexicans who surrounded The Alamo, a mission. This battle involved 189 Texans and 1600 you may understand why this battle was SO ingrained into our minds with the everloving cry by men who fought at the San Jacinto battle "Remember The Alamo". All but a few slaves, women and children were murdered at that seige. Yes, I say murdered because of that slightly unbalanced odds of men against men.
Above is a flag that was created by two women, YES women, when Mexico had sent men to retrieve a cannon that was lent to the town of Gonzales by Mexico. A group of armed Texans formed surprising the mexicans....the mexicans withdrew....and they kept the cannon.

The first flag established by a band of men led by John Scott said exactly what Texans wanted:

It wasn't until September 5th of that year that Texas elected a President. From 1836-1845, Texas was it's own country within the United States.

Novelist John Steinbeck perhaps said it best:
Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word.

So you see, loyalty and pride to be a part of something great was already instilled in me when I came upon The Red Sox Nation. When I believe in something and it's important to me, I stand by matter who or what they say about it. So thanks Becks for remembering a day that is very important to me. And I hope each year when March 2nd rolls around, you remember Texas and you remember what it stands for....loyalty and independence. And as Paul Harvey would say....NOW you know the REST of the Story.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Paps being Manny?

NO, you are not seeing things. That IS Jonathan Papelbon wearing Manny's jersey. It seems Paps forgot his jersey. NOW tell do you get ready for a game in your clubhouse, get in a bus to head to the other park, get out and THEN realize you do NOT have YOUR jersey?? So I'm just waiting for Paps to start growing dreds. I was sorta expecting to see baggy pants on Paps...but I think Papelbon is alittle taller. Game 2 today ended in a win. Lester on the mound. The boys return to our park tomorrow to end the weekend. I have several friends who are there this weekend. I WAS supposed to be there but work was too hectic to get away from it. I'm sure I'll hear all the great stories and see awesome pictures especially from Kelly. Steve is making his rounds and I can't wait to see who/where he's all been.