Monday, March 15, 2010

How Bad do You Want In?

Saturday night I was planning on relaxing at home after a long day of spring cleaning....then the phone rang.  My good friend, Rene', from high school called and asked if I wanted to head downtown to catch a flim as he had won free tickets to get into any of the films....I had a couple of hours to get ready....heading downtown the plan was to watch American Grindhouse at The Ritz Alamo...but alas, it was apparently a favorite and we were sent to the line of the other film showing at the same time: Brotherhood

Now mind you...if you know me, you KNOW I'm not really a movie goer and could care less about the Hollywood scene. I've just gotten burned out on the many dime a dozen movies...but it is SXSW and these are films not seen by the public yet and typically new directors/producers. SO I  was alittle excited to be a part of it all thanks to my good friend, Rene'.

Standing in line we made small talk with those in front of us....the girl was friends with the Director and others connected with the film. She and her hubby were there from L.A.   So asking what the film was about....I should have known: A frat house initiation party. Ohhhhhhhhhh GREAT. Another Frat film.  She does tell me I'll enjoy it and there's alot of twists and turns to it...and just when you 'think' you've seen it haven't. She also gives me one piece of trivia...the film is a result of a short film made 10 years ago and was called 'understand' that trivia, you'll have to watch the movie. Now you know a night can't go by without somehow the Sox being brought into this...WHY?  Because the Sox ALWAYS are in it..somehow.  Waiting in line and in front of the Ritz employee door...a worker walks out with a "B" cap on...excusing himself to everyone...I pop off  "NICE HAT!"  It was dark and I didn't know if anyone else noticed but the gal and her hubby we'd been talking to turned around to me, looking surprised asking "You a Sox fan?"  I laughed...gave a short film version of my story of how I became a Sox fan then the gal remarks "Well, I'm originally from Massachusetts" I smile..."Of course you are!"

We wait and finally they come out to tell us that only the front 5 are allowed in...BUMMER. Well, resourceful Rene' and persistent....went in to complain as we had tickets...the other people in line were waiting to purchase tickets. Persistence paid off....and before you know it, the dude working the door asks us to wait there while he checks on something...accidently brushes his hand across my breasts and I think he said "I'm Sorry" 20 times....then he returns and whisks us with him to the we stepped in and the door closed, he told us we're going up to an area that may have someone already there so we needed to stay in the elevator for a minute while he makes sure it's we stand there holding the door open waiting....wondering where he was taking us...he motions for us to come on. As we walk through the production room upstairs and where they are showing the movie from...we walk through a door to find we're in this balcony with two rows of seats...or should I say Easy Chairs...wait a minute. What did the dude call them? Oh yeah, he said they're referred to as the "OH SHIT" seats....when you're not expecting them.
We had AWESOME view of the film from those seats...and then of course why I love the Alamo drafthouses so much...they come take your order for beer and food.
Sitting there....I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the film....definitely was a hit with me and many areas were touched on in this film....side note, Brotherhood was filmed in Texas AND the Director is from Arlington, Texas. EXCELLENT! 

The Q&A was great and informative... then they informed us of the After Party at where??? The Firehouse of course. :)
 I approached the Director of which I wish I would have gotten a picture with...but I wanted to let him know that this movie definitely changed my mind about movies. I have decided to give movies another chance. Took pictures with a couple of the of which I "thought" was on OctoberRoad but he corrected me, saying he got that alot but he plays on "Accidently On Purpose" with Jenna Elfman. I was like 'OH YEAH, you do"  He was such a great sport about it all!!  But like I told him...don't feel bad as I really am not into the industry. All in all, it was a fun night. 

And is it baseball yet?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Dustin!

Earlier this year I posted a Remembrance post about Dustin on the day he died but tomorrow, Monday March 8th is his birthday and would have been his 20th. 

This picture depicts his sweetness and silliness. If I could do anything in this world....I'd bring back that day on the mountain so maybe things could be different. The family misses him alot. His little sister, Haley, has been missing him alot lately. 

March was always a crazy month of birthdays in my own son's birthday is this Thursday, the 11th.  Dustin's was the 8th and his older sis's is the 14th.  My aunt Bobbi and her son Joey birthdays were in March along with my maternal grandmother's.  And my cousin Diane's too.

Having my son and 2 of my little sis's kids birthdays in one week was fun and easy to remember. 

Sending love and hugs to my sis and her family on Dustin's birthday....

Saturday, March 06, 2010

No, I'm NOT a FANATIC, I'm a FAN

Baseball is here...Finally! Spring Time brings bluebonnets and baseball. And if 162 games a year isn't enough for me...I'm joining 3 Fantasy Teams. see I have these different set of internet Red Sox friends who each have a Fantasy League...and I'm invited to two of them...and the third is Thank GOD a Fun League so I won't have to do alot of thinking.
In trying to think of a really good team name this year....I looked at one of my avatars and got my inspiration for the name: Kick Ass Hoots is my team name on all three teams. 

This year will be sad as I won't be able to make the number of games at Fenway as in the past....but I'll be cheering them LOUD and CLEAR...maybe even Boston will be able to hear me.

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for August for the Sox to arrive Deep in the Heat of Texas. I'll bring the SG Youk shirt which brought us great luck last year. I'll be spending it with my Canadian gal pal, Leslie, who I met a few years back in Arlington.  She loves Austin...and I've promised to visit her next year for a game. 

Side note: I'm bringing into my FB fold some friends I met along the way in my Blog World who are AWESOMENESS!!!  CAKE and SPARKLES   I hope you find them as amusing as I do. 

Thursday, March 04, 2010

So what if the game's about beating up on college boys?

B is for Baseball, Boof and Bonser

Ignore the box....and watch the man. Simple game. Throw the ball. Hit the ball. Catch the ball.

Baseball, She is HERE!!