Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bout Damn TIME.

Yep...that's OUR Closer...giving away bases to fans. After a grueling game last night with Beckett on the mound and the loss....Wake took the game under control and offense showed up and we took this game. I couldn't watch it but I followed it all through....I only wish I could have watched the Post-Game ParTAY!!! Sounds like the boys were in Charge!!! Paps kept his pants on and I'm sure it's because Tito warned him that this was a family show and no one wanted to see his drawers. Now with a few games to go....crossing fingers and praying the Rays go down hard the rest of the season so we could take the division back...but at least for another month...Baseball is still going strong for us. And for that...I am a happy gal.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Ready for JoshTober!!

Before ANYONE else tabs it....You heard it here first. Soon it will be JoshTober and I'll be waiting for it.....Yeah I know Josh is alittle confused but he's on 2nd base...waiting to be advanced to 3rd. Caught this at a game in San Diego. I have to admit he looks alittle dorky with the batting helmet on. The Josh I know and Love so well is more like this:

Tonight We Should Clinch it for the Play-Offs. Be There or go to bed early. Whatever....Beckett is taking the mound and I'm not talking about his girlfriend's hoots.

**Edit I'm putting out an APB for whoever kidnappend Josh Beckett. cos that was NOT him on the mound tonight.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Cleansing

I've changed my blog photo today. For those few who follow me and know that I've rarely posted this year...know that my life has been turned upside down because of career and personal things. I chose the new photo that was taken while at Walden Pond with one of my good friend's Hayes from the SG blog. She took me for an afternoon and entertained my dream of spending a walk around the pond and woods. I had dreamed of this day for years...since high school. As we walked around and I took photos....we came upon the area where Thoreau's cabin had stood....it was roped off and a rock pile stood nearby with many people making their own zen-like rock stacks. I have no clue what they are called but I decided to do my own. As I'm building it...I came across a blue star. Now many would just think "oh how cool or neat is this" if they came across it...but if you know anything about me...you know my obsession with Stars....and my connection with The Lone Star State. I took this as a sign...a Sign for me JUST ME. I would achieve many things soon. I had been working in a great job that I loved but I knew it had no chances for advancement any time soon....

You also know that later that same year I received a phone call for the position I have now....a great advancement with a company that I am learning every single day more and more. I went to search out this picture because I needed it right now. I need to see that there is destiny still and fate cannot stand in my way. I know that I've instilled this same thought process in my son...he showed me today a fortune he found in a fortune cookie...something about how Determination would help him through anything. That is my legacy to him....the stars will shine....but you have to follow them first.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Who comes UP with these names??

Ike may have kicked Tina around alot but he sure is kicking Texas's ass now. Again I wait. This time, it's certain my hometown is getting hit once again. This time...my parents are leaving and heading to Mississippi to my cousins. However, my sisters families are sticking it out. And last but definitely NOT Least...My son is staying behind. I'm a mom and he's a 30 yr old man...but he's still my baby. I don't foresee sleep in the nearby future much till tomorrow. He's a stubborn boy and I know where he gets it from. But I wish this time he would listen to me. PVs to Orange County and those who remain behind. The waiting is not fun. My son is staying with friends who have no place to go and are not sure how to weather the storm (pun intended). I guess he's beating his chest about now yelling "ME MAN...You Woman!" I just pray to God he stays safe.

**Edit 9:50am - I've been talking to my son all through the night and early morning ON his Cell Phone and the land line at the home he's staying at. I find out late last night that he's staying in a mobile home (to which I totally freaked out). Anyway...it's all good so far but Ike aint done. The winds and rain continue but the storm surge is what we are worried about right now. It looks like south of I-10 is what is more likely to get hit by the surge...which means that where my sister and parents homes are may be affected. I spoke with my little sis this morning and they all are ok, although a house down the street lost their roof. They also have a generator so they have electricity and she was shocked to find that the DirecTV works still this morning! Go Figure...cos her land phone line is out but her cell works.

Her husband and husband's brother went to check out my parents neighborhood in West Orange and it looks like they couldn't get down there cos of flooding....so it is very possible my parents home is partially flooded. My parents are good as they are in Mississippi at my cousins' home.

Anyone wanting to keep up with the Orange area can log onto www.kogt.com as Gary Stelly has been blogging all night long. He'll be getting out to take photos so those who evacuated can at least view their home town.

PVs still needed.

***Edit 5:52pm Sept 13th - Apparently, according to the Governor's Office here in Texas, Orange County is the 2nd worse hit area for Ike...only behind Galveston....so all that media you've been seeing in Houston....they are in the WRONG place. Yes, Houston had a lot of damage too...but the flooding that is in my home county is extensive but isolated to specific areas: Bridge City, West Orange, and downtown Orange area. I am still waiting on Gary Stelly to return with pics on KOGT. He got tied up with my brother in law whose a Captain in the S.O. as they were helping rescue those stranded in Bridge City and all. Hopefuly tomorrow morning I'll be able to link to pics. My son is fine....with the exception of no money to buy cigarettes. I think he'll live....until i get ahold of him :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

If you fall off the horse...Get Back on It.

He's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be watching JPB return to the mound in Texas. Behind Homeplate. I'll be the one glued to her seat screaming and yelling her head off.

Until Security drags me away cos apparently it's illegal to trade sex for a autograph on the Texas flag. (sorry Crystal, I tried...but he I did give him your number)