Monday, August 23, 2010

Lackey Answered Buch's Call

So after last night's Amazing Game by Buchholz and his call for his fellow Texan teammates to BUCH UP....Lackey was NO lackey and kicked some Mariners BooTAY.  And not wanting himself to be outdone by the entire pitching staff last night??  He KO'd 10...count them T E N to the dugout.  He needed this, the team needed this....and quite frankly SG crew (myself included) NEEDED THIS or else I think they were going to take away my Texan flag I toss about in the games the Texan Red Sox pitchers play in.  I wish the picture to the right was better...and showed my Red Sox Nation-Texas tshirt (like the previous post).  What was so much fun on that Fan Appreciation Day was being able to connect without saying A WORD at first with Lackey, Buchholz  and then BARD!!! (forgot he was born in Texas) FIRST TIME EVER at Fenway, someone told ME they were from Texas! albeit only born and lived there probably a few months :)
STILL Once  Born a Texan....Always a TEXAN.

Now....Will my boy Beckett Bring IT Tomorrow??   I'm betting on it and will be wrapping myself in the flag with my boots on. Beckett better put his ASSKICKING Boots on if he knows what's good for him

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Buch UP

The Rally Cry may have been Cowboy Up in 2004 with Millar...but another Texan makes me want to yell at his fellow Texan teammates and pitchers, Beckett and Lackey to "BUCH UP"  and start pitching like the Texas PITCHERS they ARE!!!!   Today after 2 Rain Delays....3 pitchers....11 K's...and NO Runs by the Jays, Buchholz (7 K's of his own)  His last 23 2/3's inning without an earned run!  15 Wins and lowering his ERA with each win!! Last 4 starts WON.

Our Sox are still in 3rd place in our division and 2nd place in the Wild Card...but they keep kicking and scratching all the way till someone shuts the door.

Talk of Clay being the next Cy is in the buzz....and nothing would make me happier to have a Texan win it.

Meanwhile back here in Austin....predictions of triple digits continue...high of 103 in Austin tomorrow. Can't WAIT :SIGH:
I don't look forward to October JUST for baseball........ 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I went to the that I had not lived. Thoreau

I took  path down a windy way somewhere in the middle of Massachusetts.  I felt as if I was repeating a path some had taken long ago.  I came across rubble it appeared  to me with roped off stones to an area to which I was unclear what it meant. 

the closer I approached this rubble of stones, I realized they were put there rather purposely for a reason or reasons.  The crowds around take away the solititude that seems to creep into the day.     Oh to have the passion and desire that Throreau have the Purpose and Deliberate Life to do this.

 Seeing all those rock formations left by others...I had to leave mine.

But  knew mine would be special...apart from others. Taking time and patience to find the rocks and pieces to create my Zen formation....I came across a tiny piece....that I'm still puzzled by what it is.
But it was a blue star. It was perfect as I placed it on top of my Zen.   One day I want to live in the woods as Thoreau did.  Separate myself with others. Simple Life. 

I just wonder if they have baseball there

Friday, August 06, 2010

One. Game. At. A. Time.

It started with Papi doing what he does  best

**pic by Ray Stubblebine Reuters

Clay going long into the 8th to save the bullpen...ERA 2.66  Oh Ok he hit Jeter with a pitch but I'm sure he deserved it

And God help me....I've been trying to find a photo of Kalish hitting his first homerun in the Majors against NONE OTHER THAN the Yanks!!!!!!!!!!!

I didnt get to watch the games as I was visiting my folks and then met up with a friend I hadn't seen in years....but I was STOKED to see not only did we win....we held the lead the entire time.  One thing I am happy about (other than the WIN) is I didn't have to see Berkman in those pinstripes. :shudders:

And it all happened in a matter of 3 hours and 17 minutes in Yankee Stadium.
Tomorrow Game 2. Be THERE.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Year of the DL

I've really lost count at this point the number of boys who've been out on the DL at some time or another.  I mean it's been pitchers, infielders and outfielders....short DL's...long DL's, questionable DL's and over extended DL's.  But TODAY....Today's DL?????  REALLLLLLLLLLLLY???????????????  :SIGH:

 **pic by Jim Davis of Boston Globe

I hope Youk's thumb surgery and rehabilitation goes better for him than it did for me.  I wonder if he'll get a cast like I did? 

Not that I don't think we can hang....I mean look where we still are without The Little Engine that Could.  Every time we turn around someone steps up to the plate and fills their shoes.  Beltre's been a breath of fresh air...sure he knocked the breath out of Jacoby that one time....but other than that...OK so maybe he's run into a few others but his Grand Slammie tonight was awesome!!  Knocking the Indians on their tonkas.  Meanwhile between Scutaro and  VMart, they love ganging up on Beltre to rub his head...he's got some weird hang up for no one to touch his head and is willing to go head-to-head with you if you dare!!!  He's leading the Sox in batting average! .337  We're up 6-1 top of the 9th with OKJ on the mound.  1 out...and I'm hoping I still have this smile in a few.  **pic by Darren McCollester of Getty Images