Thursday, January 24, 2008

All in the Day of a Baseball Star

So we've all been wondering what Josh has been doing in the off-season...and of course I know exactly where he is every second *wink wink*

Well for starters we know Josh has been hunting.

And he's been going to support "his teams".

and of course he's got to hang out with his favorite gal.

But then he's got to hang out with his buddies drinking

and listening to country and western music.

All in the day and life of a baseball star right?? All I know is I'm ready to see this picture

and this especially
Is it Spring YET???

Sunday, January 20, 2008

We Still Miss You Dustin

I grabbed this picture off my niece's myspace site. Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of my nephew's (her brother's) death. All my pictures I have of him are not on the computer and so I resort to this one. He died in a skiing accident while on a church trip to Colorado. His mother(my sister), father and older sister were there along with several other families. Dustin was off on the bunny trail with an adult chaperone who knows his family quite well and who is totally when the call came to my sis and her hubby who were off on a much more difficult slope there was an accident....they never dreamed what they would have to encounter once they arrived at the ski hospital. Dustin had went out of control on the slopes, got turned around, and hit a tree. I cannot begin to imagine what my sister went through in those next hours, much less each and every day afterwards to now. I know that Dustin is loved and remembered by our family. He was a little man of God. He had a heart of gold and a desire to live right. At 11 years of age, Dustin had the faith of a mustard seed and it showed.

Dan, my brother-in-law and Dustin's father, decided this year to return to the slope in Colorado. I'm not sure what or why he decided as I never spoke to him about this but I knew he was going.
So yesterday evening, I decided to text my niece to let her know I was thinking of them and asked if she had heard from her father. A few minutes later my phone rang and looking over I saw it was my niece calling....I answered but it wasn't Lindsay's voice on the other was Dan's. He could tell I was confused and explained he had taken Lindsay's phone as his was on the blink...I apologized as I knew that day was very special and sacred to him....but he had such a calmness around him repeating to me and assuring me it was ok. I asked if he was up there and was he ok....he said it was good. He just wanted to let me know he had received the message meant for Lindsay and appreciated it. We hung up after that...I can't tell you how much I cried last night. It had been building all week thinking of this week and how it's affected my sister and her family.

My own life has some quirks and turns I've been dealing with....but yesterday, I realized just how small my issues were. January will be over soon....and I'll look forward to springtime.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Me Thinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much

Bad dreams are not good....bad dreams that seem real are really not good....but those real life situations that turns into a bad dream are far worse. Last night I had a dream about Roger. I'm not certain what spurred the dream but woke me up.

All I recall is I was at Roger's door knocking...he finally answered the door with a smirky smile. Debbie was off to the side doing pull-ups (HEY its a DREAM...I didn't get it either). His kids were standing around. So I started talking to him about the steriod issue...when I said to him, "Roger there are people who hate you and think you're guilty but there are still people who love need to just come clean and tell the truth". He just stood there shaking his head up and down smiling....then I woke up.

Why I did dream about this ex-baseball hero of mine? I hadn't talked about him that day...I have no clue what was going on.

What I should have said to Roger was, in the words of a late great writer, "me thinks thou dost protest too much"

Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Buddies

I know I've been missing in action and been worrying my lil brother Ted but I just wanted to let everyone know I'm A-OK as I've just been partying with my good buddy Beckett down at the ranch. Yah I know but someone's gotta party with Josh since Lowell, Clay and Jon got skeered away from all that gun-toting scene. Mike was gonna come but he got did all his wild hog hunting down around Florida with Wakey so me, Josh, Kevin, George and some other good ole boys just hung out round the campfire talking bout our drunk stories. I lost count of how many times the "F" bomb was dropped although it became a contest between Josh and I and if I was making as much money as he did...I think I woulda been able to beat him. I had to resort to throwing things in the pot whenever I said it instead of money or guns.....and before I knew it, I had lost everything but my shirt...wait...nevermind forget that last comment. was a long weekend partying and now I'm back in rare form ready and rearing to take on the world. Beckett's been practicing his pitching by throwing the ball at the deer instead of using his guns. Baseball's make a fairly good weapon when hunting does...but not so much against the bucks. Well, Tex is back and I was just wanting ya not to worry but thanks for thinking of me and keeping me in your thoughts.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

How Do You?

How do you close a door that’s never been opened?
End something that never began?
Turn the page when you’ve never read?
It’s like having the meat without the potatoes
The chowder without the cream
The cake without the icing.
I keep waiting for my time. Our time.
But it will never come. Not at this rate
Looking back at life. I need not waste my time
On souls who seek my weakness, hearts
who desire to kill my spirit
to make it his.
How do you walk away when he’s everywhere you go
but nowhere you end up?
You breathe. inhale deeply. exhale gently.
Then with purpose, your heart moves forward.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gone to Lunch

No, my blog isn't under construction.....just my life. I've got a lot of things going on and quite frankly, my creativity is drained at the end of the day for blogging. I don't have heathens running around acting like rodeo clowns and trapeze artists to give me material.
I just wanted to write alittle to let ya know that I need time the next couple of weeks to gather my senses and thoughts so I don't need anyone asking "HEY TEX..when ya gonna blog a new post?" Cos I'm telling ya now. I'll blog when I blog.
And'll have to figure out how to make your own signs. Now that your linked :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Writers Strike

So we all got the bad news Jim Ed didn't make it...............AGAIN. This is absolutefuckingly ridiculous. I'm on strike today cos of it.
I'm gonna create my own HOF....and Jim Ed Rice will be at the Top of the List.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Place

After tonight's act of lies and bad hair of my former reason I am a Red Sox fan....I needed my happy place. This is my little hidey hole I found on Town Lake last year after walking it many months. There's steps that leads down to this...and it's well hidden. You can't see this from the walking trail above and the steps are almost hidden as well....but once down here you're in paradise....and after listening to the big FUT and blinking eyes along with deep gulps and waffling of whether or not he's going to retire....I needed this happy place to breathe in and breathe out. Then I thought of another picture that makes me smile

My son and I while I was back home during the holidays. We're celebrating our 50th and 30th birthdays this year. My plan is for my birthday is Salem, Massachusetts to celebrate halloween in one of the most infamous cities known for witches. No, I'm not a witch or into that....but I'm just wanting to do something crazy for my 50th. And what better way to top off baseball season other than the World Series Parade AND my birthday up there? What?? you think I'm joking? See me at the end of October...and let's see who's right.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Dear Mr. President

With the presidential races on their way this year....and hopefully positive changes to come with it....I just bought singer Pink's cd and had not heard this song of hers. It reminded me of one of my dear friends off of SG, Becks. Now I am not one who discusses my political and religious beliefs with many. I really think that people of different backgrounds and beliefs can be friends, close friends even if they don't share the same beliefs in politics. I've grown up in Texas with a pretty conservative blue-collar union based family whose political views were Democratic which surprises many people. You see there are gray areas of politics...there aren't just Democrats and Republicans hence all the Independents popping up. I really don't associate myself with either one of the political parties. I have my personal beliefs...and then when it comes down to vote, I vote for the person whose beliefs matches closest to mine. Sometimes, that's hard....because sometimes my beliefs may cross over many topics and I have to decide which area is more important. All that to say....this song really sums up alot of the emotions many of us feel without the anger. This video I found on youtube really is unique. I hope you enjoy it and it makes you think.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Signs Signs Everywhere's a Sign

They say you can't go back home....well I guess you could use that same adage in going back in time. I've been passing by this sign for quite some time now since I started my new job up near Ft. Worth. It's on Hwy 121 outside of Glen Rose....I saw it the first time in November...although I had been passing on this same road numerous times. We had just won the World Series again for the 2nd time in 4 first I thought it was funny how the sign had 2008 arrow towards the future (ok so it doesnt SAY future but it looks like that to me). Then one day it hit me....the arrows were pointing back in time for the years 2004 & 2007...and pointing to the future for 2008. I mean I am a person who really reads into things...the simple things. So I am predicting it now. 2008 will be another monumental year. I know we will make the playoffs...I have no doubts. I think we will be in the World Series...Bets are made. Not too long after discovering this sign...I had been admiring this sign of a ex-Red Sox player's face in Valley Mills...he wasn't someone who was in the show a long time...but anyway...I had been seeing this sign with his face on it next to a little league park...I figured he'd donated to it....all of a sudden one day I turned to look at the park and could NOT believe my eyes.

This is in a little small town in Texas...that I pass every time I drive to one of my company's offices. Call me superstitious...but I take signs for real. I look for big things this year.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

So here it is January 1, 2008's here. And what am I doing?? trying to decide on what baseball trips I'm going to get to make this year. BIG surprise I know. But unlike last year...I had this job which got me free flights and hotel I have been able to take these long week vacations for free...well other than beer and food. Oh and baseball tickets. SO back to baseball...oh i guess I never left it huh? Well anyway...I have plans for Spring Training but it's looking like there is no one for me to share a room with so I may have to forgo this trip this year. I am trying to be frugal and pay off some debts. good buddy blogger and SGer, Ted, is making his first Trek to Fenway this year for his birthday in May and I would really like to be there. So although I usually do the mid-summer vacation to Boston....I may have to do it early and do just a quick weekend since I won't have earned vacation time or much of it. I can't be sad cos I've had a great 4 last years in vacations in Boston. And on the other hand, getting to see Ted's face light up and eyes well up when he walks up to see the Green Monster will be well worth it. It will be another one of those crashcourses into Fenway and another reason to hold a SG-fest. So I think I've made up my mind....I have to in order to buy the tickets early ya know. So Ted get ready to see this

and this

with your own eyes and not on the television. But I have to warn you about the noise here. It gets REALLY LOUD!! And I know you think I pale in comparison with Rakes....but you have NOT attended a game with me and my flag at Fenway. Your only hope is that Beckett and Timlin do not pitch.

The year Two thousand and eight is going to be Monumental for you. And I want to be there.