Sunday, July 29, 2007

Meanwhile back in Boston....

Ok so our boys ain't faring too well at the Trop....but meanwhile back at Fenway, Sting and The Police are Romping and Stomping it up. Unlike baseball, men can go way into their 50's and still have it at this job. Sting had his son's band, Fiction Plane, open for them....according to the Boston Herald. I have to say I am abit jealous of ANYONE who was at Fenway to hear them....Sitting in the park able to just enjoy the music played without stressing if the boys were hitting or scoring....would have been nice.

And according to the Boston Globe....Sting has aged quite well for himself....chiseled biceps, blue eyes and gorgeous smile....Very Niiiiiiice for someone 55, dontcha think? Like I always say....Age is JUST a Number.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This was It.

I know Josh always takes up for his team...never saying it was them of why runs weren't scored. But clearly there were several incidents that could have resulted in runs. I chose this pic because Coco after this play stood on the plate like a child saying to himself "yeah I was too safe". But like last night we won with just one tonight was just fair game...I just hated it was with Josh.

But the sun will come up tomorrow....and I have much Bigger Fish to Fry Tomorrow. And let's not is just a game and our lives don't revolve around a game.

Ohhhhh Donnnna

Ok this has NOTHING to do with baseball today. I was stopping off at the store to get a couple of things....mundane task as it is....when all of a sudden I hear a familiar song wafting through the store...I stop, listen, and smile. I cannot recall EVER hearing this song in a store while shopping. You see, my mother named me after this song...Richie Valens just made me smile as if someone were looking over me to say "hey no worries girlfriend...I got your back....I know where you are...." Felt like I was being serenaded while shopping...and then it occurs to me that Josh Beckett is pitching son's name is Josh. Tomorrow he comes to live with me again....a grown man living with his mother but it will definitely be different this time. That song about me with Josh pitching...just sorta brought it together for me. I am sure this sounds like rambling to ya but it all makes sense to me.

Watching Josh pitch as we our beloved Trot...striking him out. I realize just as before when Roger left me alone in Boston....I am a Red Sox fan and although Josh Beckett I admire and love as one of the team's favs for me....he'll be a shadow in my rearview mirror if he ever leaves.

No particular purpose today except I just wanted to write. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Some of you may be wondering why I have a picture of the woods....but THIS isn't just isn't any woods. This is Walden Pond and the site of Thoreau's cabin the woods where he lived for a year to live deliberate. I am somewhat envious of him that he could do this. In today's society, you can't just go out into the woods and live without being looked upon as an outcast or eccentric. I have to say that being at Walden Pond and seeing this site has been a lifelong dream of mine since I read Walden Pond in 12th grade. In fact, tears came to my eyes and I had wished I had a writing pad so that I could just sit inside the chained off area to say that I too had written in Thoreau's cabin. My good friend Hayes(off SG) and I went walking around the pond through the I am sure that Thoreau did as. It was a beautiful sunny summer day....I went for a brief wade in the water and got a pic. Later that day we hit a local place to catch part of the game....I saw Thoreau's gravesite as well as Hawthorne's, Emerson, and Alcott. It was a perfect day ending with Josh losing the game but giving the best post-game presser to be seen...dropping the F bomb about the media's questions. Josh was tired of answering the same questions asked 10 million different ways. Josh walks to the beat of a different drummer....much like the quote from Thoreau. Granted, it may have not been appropriate what he said....but he said it with such bluntness and matter of fact without directing in at the media....they got the even made Jim Rice crack up. I know you're wondering how can you compare baseball with literature and all?? but baseball is a thinking man's takes balance of many things. You can't just be a good hitter. You can't just be a golden glove.

Oh yeah...that other pic?? Well there was this stone pile and it appeared others did the zen thing with the stones of balancing I decided to do one for me. Now this was a pile of stones....and in the midst of these stones I found a blue plastic if any of you know know how much I LOVE Stars! I took this as a sign....I placed the star on the top of all these balanced stones....signifying that my life despite all the rocky surroundings would shine at the top...shine like a star!

Friday, July 13, 2007

NOW I get it...

I could be wrong..but with all this talk of Ortiz's injury to his knee....these pics I took of the trainer stretching him ALL makes sense now. This stretching routine went on for a quite awhile...I was getting a chuckle out of it for obvious reasons...well they're obvious to me. Anyway...I'm heading to New England tomorrow and it couldn't come a minute sooner. Texas will be a quiet place while I'm gone....and so will this place and SG. Ted hold down the fort for me will ya?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This is what I see the All-Star Game is about....Family. Sure, the players get bonuses, MLB makes a bucketload of money, fans get to see the longball, great pitching, hitting, catching, lots of fun and just all around baseball. I still wish they'd show some pics of Lowell and his kids...hopefully they will on tv. So although I am out of town on business and trying to get alot of work done....I'll be watching and waiting for some smiles from our boys.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

speaking of cleaning...

OK so if we're gonna get swept...I'd like to have JUST picked the dang Broom they used!!! I figured it had to be this one...cos while they were sweeping from both ends to us!!! ok so upon my research into looking for a great picture of a broom for this blog...i learned that bringing a new broom will ward off evil and bring good luck...SO my answer to this whole debacle?? Let's ALL go out and buy NEW Brooms and set them in front of your tubes as we watch our boys play....and if you go to a game...bring the dang broom...stuff it down your pants, in your shirt...I don't care. Buy a small one so others won't think you've gone over the edge and crazy. But if you are out there and want to make a statement...then get creative and make it special...don't just buy any one that's unusual and decorate it with Red Sox gear.
And speaking of cleaning....anyone like to sweep, mop or vacuum??? Cos there's a house down in Austin that needs it.

Friday, July 06, 2007

What's there NOT to LOVE??

How can you NOT love this guy??? I mean for a minute let's forget his baseball stats..i know it's what he's known for but...put that aside for now. Manny gives us smiles, giggles, spitting out my beer at the screen laughing, cracking up goofy-ass looks, lollygagging in left field, his on the field dancing antics, in the dugout handshakes, manhugs, and _____ (you fill in the blank). Manny loves the game...he shows this not just by his playing ability but by his attitude and his Joie De Vivre. I'm like Dover...I can't imagine this team without him....I hope when he retires, he'd come back and instead of the color guy being an announcer....Manny could be the color guy for the dugout....he'd make the team smile and loosen up...and he'd make me smile and personally I think Manny would do it for free.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy July 4th All

Editing my post to add picture from today's game

**stealing the following speech from a Presidential speech made on the 4th**

On July 4, 1776, we claimed our independence from Britain and Democracy was born. Every day thousands leave their homeland to come to the "land of the free and the home of the brave" so they can begin their American Dream. The United States is truly a diverse nation made up of dynamic people. Each year on July 4, Americans celebrate that freedom and independence with barbecues, picnics, and family gatherings. Through the Internet we are learning about and communicating with people of different nations, with different languages and different races throughout the world. Bringing the world closer with understanding and knowledge can only benefit all nations. We invite all nations to celebrate with Americans online this Fourth of July. Happy Birthday, America! "

I hope all of you enjoy today whether you're watching baseball, eating apple pie or driving Chevrolets...I drive a Ford myself. I'm off to cook my favorite cajun recipe for friends. Enjoy time with your family and friends.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Like I said...good things come to those who wait..

Debated on what pic to use. This one's courtesy of Yahoo Sports. I like to reflect on my last post...Good things come to those who Wait...and Ellsbury waited for his chance to come up to The Show....and did HE COME to The SHOW??!!! Two hits, Two runs and One Steal?? I'd say the boy knows baseball. And Kason did Excellent tonight! I had decided to pick him up for my Fantasy team...for good luck. I've been reading this book called "The Secret" and it's all about positive thinking and the law of attraction. If you think positive and act will attract positive. SO I've decided to bring that philosophy into baseball. No MORE Negative Talk this year. NONE. I'm going to root for the matter how much they well how uhmm NO Matter when they hit the ball or get runs. Man this being positive is REALLY hard.
There were two other players who were outstanding tonight...Hinske and Gabbard...which is sort of funny. Three names that are all new...they were the heros tonight..not Papi, not Manny, not Lowell or Paps...not EVEN our Captain Tek. Hinske brought in a 3 run triple and Gabbard pitched his ass off. He had a no-hitter going through the 4th...but thanks to the Ranger's announcers they go talking about it and jinxed it! Ok I'm done for the night...I went walking around Town Lake and alot of the trail was flooded...had alot of detours. July will be a good month. It has to be. I'm going to Boston for a week and meeting up with some really really COOL SG posters. I just hope everyone brings enough bail money.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Good Things come to those who wait....

and wait....and wait....and wait....just ask any fan of the Red Sox. In the last 5 years, I have began taking a new philosophy in life...well perhaps a few. Believe...Do Not Settle....and Always Look for the Good in the Bad. Those phrases have been tested many times...many ways. But I firmly believe that you should never settle on a choice that isn't what you truly dreamed of and in every bad situation....There IS some Good......sometimes you just may have to look in each and every crack and behind the couch to find it. You wonder why I am writing all this blather? Well....there are a few of us wondering when Lugo will quit sucking. Let's just say that Lugo is pondering that too....along with the rest of the boys. But let's face it...we have to root for our boys, no matter what they do. Do ya think that booing them will encourage them to do better?? Nope...they'll just keep let's get behind them and be positive. I know it's hard...but we have to. just think how you'd feel if your co-workers started telling you how bad you sucked...and not constructive criticism...booing and hissing...wouldn't feel good huh? Do you notice who's pic I put up?

Ellsbury made his first hit this weekend in the major league and that's GOT to be some GOOD Right??

So come on...let's get behind the boys and ROOT for them. You can do like my Soxsistahs do and do a postcard shower....or bring signs saying you love them....we are still in 1st place...the yankees are still behind us...they lost today SO can I hear a "Let's Go Red Sox...clapclap clapclapclap..."?