Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tito Rocks!!!

Tito has brought us 2 World Series Titles in the last 4 seasons. He spits and chews. He's a player's manager. He backs up his guys and acts like a proud papa. There's one other reason I'm glad he's back....for scenes like these. Above is Tito getting thrown out of a game this past July at Fenway. The following are pics that occurred AFTER he got thrown out....Tito does NOT go quietly into the night apparently :) I attended over a dozen Red Sox games last year....two of them Tito managed to get thrown out. I like those odds.

I'm not sure what he was telling the Ump after he got thrown out...perhaps "your dick is this little"

Again...Tito jawing at the Ump who threw him out

I'm imagining Tito saying "Your lips are moving yet all I hear is Blah Blah Blah"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Manny's in Da House!!!!!!!!!

So Manny shows up ON TIME this year....and the media can't stand it cos this means there's no MANNYDRAMA to write about....SO of course they hang their hat on Manny's fashion sense and try to read between the lines of his minimal interview about whether or not he's going to pursue a extension on his contract. Can we ALL just BE HAPPY that Manny is IN TOWN on TIME???

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rock Paper Sissors

It appears the Red Sox are trying out a new method for selecting it's 5th pitcher. Tomorrow the rest of the team are supposed to report although Youk and Pedie already showed up earlier in the week while today Tiz, Jacoby and Lowell showed up for practice as well. The Big Question remains....Will he or Will he not be on time? You all know who I'm talking about....I'm betting he'll drive up sporting some new 'do with his tight clothing to cover his newly ripped body he's been working on all off-season and sporting that famous smile we all know and love. And as they say on The Price is Right...
Manny Ramirez............Come ON DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beckett: I Ab Ready!

See....what'd I tell ya? Josh ain't worried about a thing. He's here to play ball. hard ball. fast ball. curve ball. sliders. nasty wicked ball. Smiling....shooting the peace sign....and doing alittle stretching it seems. By the way....that belly on Beckett just don't look that big. What has ALL the fuss been about? Spring training is began....the first game on the 28th has yet to be played. Beckett is pitching....and 2008 begins.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Boys Are Back In Town!!!!!!

So Spring Training is HERE...Pitchers and Catchers Reported all on time and here is alittle review of what to expect. New Hair-Do's and Hats?

CardioBellyBusting Exercising

Reconnecting with old pals

and doing what our Pitchers do best.....Pitching.

and last but not least.....AIRPLANNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Beckett Arrives in Ft. Myers. He appears sullen or is it wistful? Jim Davis photo above with his or someone's caption "Not exactly a laugh a minute guy" shit Jim or random intern. We already got our "laugh a minute guy"

This is what I'm waiting on Beckett for

So let him do more of this so he can do more of what he did last year for us such as the playoff season: 30 playoff innings: allowed just four runs, 35 strike outs, & only walking 2. Let's just leave the jokestering to Paps and the Post-Pressers to Beckett.
**Josh shown practicing his "Kicking Ass" techniques

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Red Sox vs Astros

Tomorrow morning I get to join the other Lotto winners to buy tickets to the Red Sox vs Astros series. I just hope I can snag 4 good seats. Now I have to figure out the best strategy of whether to purchase 4 singles or 2 doubles...1 game or two games?? So many ways to do this. And then to make sure I do NOT get the nosebleed section. Woo HOOOO! At least I know I have the chance to have a ticket for each game. Wish me Luck.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Truck Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only the dyed hard in the wool fans get this picture. When the last baseball game is played in either September or in October, if we make the play-offs, we wait for Truck Day....the day all the Red Sox gear is packed carefully and sent on it's way to Ft. Myers, Florida in well Trucks. :)

I often wonder what the driver of the truck know he is carrying precious cargo to our boys. I have two friends at Truck Day, Cyn and Kelly, and I know when they return we'll get current pictures from them. But until then...I snatched a youtube rendition from last year of Truck Day. Enjoy and it won't be long till we see BASEBALL!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Being Sick Sucks

Coughing and hacking are not a pretty sight when you're trying to work professionally or just go to the store for that matter. After a good party on Mardi Gras, I awoke with someone on my chest....well it FELT like someone was on my chest cos I couldn't breathe and I was coughing up my lungs. Since I was in my other city I work in I kept trying to figure out what was wrong. On day three, this morning, I awoke with an earache as well. I call my other office to get the phone number of the clinic in my other city and talk about how the Dr BETTER give me some Antibiotics!!

SOoooooo I call the 24 hr clinic in the other small city I work in as I was on my way there. I get there and waited at least 45 minutes while filling out paperwork then being moved to another room. So Dr. Lady comes in...listens to me breathing...front and back...I coughed NO not like that....talked about all my symptoms...and without running a blood was determined I had acute bronchitis.

"Well" I said, "Ive had it numerous times". She begins her discussion about how many people have come in with this blahblah blah blahblahblah and they are adamant about getting Antibiotics (I have no idea WHO she is referring to)...long story short. I didn't get Anti biotics. ::angry face::

She gives me this nice brochure explaining Acute Bronchitis..."what part of I HAD this NUMEROUS times did she not hear?" she tells me that this is a viral infection and antibiotics do NOT work on them. I look I ask "What does then?" "Time" she says.

TIME? time?? T I M E???? "oh and it'll take about 7-14 days to get it out of your system" Again I look stunned. I know my previous doctors when I was younger gave me MEDS when i had this. She writes down an over the counter med and advises to get it and take it daily. So I ask a what i thought was a rhetorical question "its not contagious then?" She smiles and says "oh yes it is." again I'm stunned....

She then asks "Do you smoke?" I wanted to say "Only on the SG Board" but I was afraid she'd put me on the 5th floor so I just said "no". So now I sit on my couch after taking the over the counter meds...typing this...posting on SG...and hoping its just freezing cold the next week so I'm not upset about not being able to get out.

Lesson? I don't think there is one. I just know that I'm blaming that coach I met Mardi Gras night for me getting sick. Where's becks? I need that smoke.

Monday, February 04, 2008

B is for Baseball

Yah so I see I'm missing a few letters...but hey I thought it was cute and makes me smile to see anything can be made about baseball.
Pitchers and Catchers
report in 10 days
Rejoining old friends
to get partying out of the way.
Position Players will be in full form
with Da Manny leading the way.
New members welcomed
with open arms.
Fans waiting by fences
to get a glimpse of
the 2007 World Series Champions.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Baseball Now Please

**courtesy of ballparkreviews**

A sight I am going to miss this year in person.....I'm trying to not be sad, but it's really hard. Today the SuperBowl is going to determine if the Pats take it all....and I mean Take It ALL! If they win today, it will be a perfect season. And by perfect, I mean absolutely NO Losses!!! But more about baseball....I'll miss the games, the park, but more importantly the fun that I have when I go to Ft. Myers with all the good friends I've met on line. So ya have fun, takes lots of pics and make sure to tell Josh that I'll see him in May and not to be too sad that his favorite wannabe beer-drinking buddy won't be there.

::slips off to weep::

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Labels Are For Jars

Welcome to Boston Sean!!! (pic courtesy of BostonDirtDogs) While many are salivating at the thought of having yet another great 1st basemen or enjoying our new eye-candy or even the man-hugs that friendly Sean is apt to bring with his "most friendliest' rep in the MLB and nickname "the mayor"....I thought I would focus on something that is apparently near and dear to Sean's heart: His Charity Work: Labels Are For Jars. Years back, Sean was having a conversation with a friend of his, Rev. Paul O'Brien, and O'Brien's roommate while in college, another O'Brien: may know who he is :) Anyway....Sean had met Paul years back through a mutal friend and I believe he married Sean and his wife as well as baptizing his children. Back to the conversation...they discussed opening up a soup kitchen in Lawrence. Lawrence is one of the poorest cities in Massachusetts and in the U.S.. The Cor Unum Meal Center is where it all takes place. Another way to raise money and awareness for such a great cause....Labels are for Jars charity was created. Please visit their site and see how you can make a difference if you so choose. These shirts are some of the examples of people who we give labels to but who are needing to be fed each and every day. Let's welcome Sean into our sweet home of Fenway by showing our support of his favorite cause....and how cool will it to be living near it now?

Apparently the link to Labels are for Jars is disabled today. It worked just fine up till this morning as I was going to order off of not sure what is going on. But at least you can get the jest of the t-shirt by seeing the one Sean is wearing. They have labels on the shirts such as homeless, hungry, mentally ill, minority, etc.

On the back of the t-shirts it also has the name of the organization: Labels Are For Jars. They come packaged within a plastic jar topped with a lid that has a coin slot in it. The point is to use the jar to raise money for the cause....then send in the jar to the charity. Hundreds of jars have been sent in from across the U.S. raising monies for this charity.