Sunday, July 25, 2010

Screaming in Seattle

So Lackey flirted with one....boom it was gone, We won but he didn't get the stat. Beckett has good return...but we just can't do enough so he doesn't get the W.

Ok those are not our aces but we still what the heck happened last night???????????????

Lester's dealing K's like a BlackJack dealer in Vegas and yet we LOST. Lost BIG!!!  Flirting with a No-No and No Name Eric can't seem to catch a simple ball out to him.  Yah I blame him.  Sure Lester allowed a homerun after that so BOOOOOOOOOOM....2-1.

NO MORE of this DRAMA!!!!   WIN...boys just WIN.
oh and No Pic cos the one of me putting the boys balls in a vicegrip is not allowed on the net.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Miles and Miles of Texans

(Elaine Thompson/Associated Press)  
Back to Back wins for the Sox with Back to Back Texans on the mound....Yet neither the Tall Texans captured the Win.  Lackey had probably his best outing as a Sox on Friday night fiddling with a No-No...coming out with the Sox on top only for relievers and closers to almost lose it....but in the end we won.
Last night Josh only allowed one hit in his less than 6 innings pitching....but the game was tied. Blame Ichiro. Is the 'old' Beckett back?   Only time will tell but I've missed seeing him....I'm hoping he'll only get stronger.

I also hope Lackey continues his Friday performance for the rest of the season....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Texas and Fenway are God's Country

**Picture courtesy of San Diego Tribune and thanks to my high school friend Perk for finding it for me

Texans love to say that "Texas is God's Country"  but I know better.....God has a little park in Boston as well.

I really don't think the picture needs any explanation....cept maybe Steinbrenner probably was thinking "Oh Shi@#**^%##@$F##%MOth##^&@@&**$####!"
And personally I don't think he got in

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ding know the rest

**pic taken off Austin American Statesman Charles Sykes AP

Ok so call me Wicked

He wasn't a he owned a baseball that I despise....but did ya know that he actually was banned from baseball some time back for being a convicted felon?  yah yah yeah....Sending sympathy to his family....but it's like he orchestrates these things....the All Star Game is about to begin and it's already ALL about GEORGE.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Run King

Maybe that magic wand I posted worked?   Or maybe Papi came back?  Or maybe Ortiz was pissed at Girardi for not selecting Youk to be on the All Star Team?  or maybe...just maybe the Red Sox luck is turning a corner and we're on our way to a more healthy team. 

I didn't even watch it tonight....I get so tired of the whole mess of the All Star thing cos it's messed up.  If it's exhibition then why does it make or break who gets home team advantage.  Funny thing, Red on SG predicted Tiz to win it.  Ok now...Red predict our boys to get healed.

Even so....I'm not watching the All Star Game.

Three Days...Three Nights

The Sox have 3 days and 3 nights to get well.  I'm really hoping that they take advantage of it.  I don't want to hear excuses.....Papi's going to be swatting at some leather in L.A. and my boy Adrian is going to fill in for the game while the rest of the boys who are on the All Star list recuperate...along with the rest of the gang who are on Sick Leave.  I'd love to have a handy dandy Magic Wand to use in these next three days to heal broken bones, strained muscles, stiff necks, still backs, jammed thumbs or toes, etc.....I have to say I cannot rewrite any of the following any better than Peter Abraham.  I hate repeating what someone says but he gets to the point hitting the nail on the head

Instead of writing a long involved recap of the season to date, let me ask you this question.
If on Opening Day I said the following would be true at the All-Star break ...
* Josh Beckett would have one win.
* Jacoby Ellsbury would play nine games.
* Mike Cameron would have three home runs and 14 RBIs.
* Dustin Pedroia would hit .213 in May then go on the disabled list on June 26.
* David Ortiz would have one home run in April.
* Guys named Darnell McDonald and Daniel Nava would become regulars.
* Bill Hall would be in the top nine in plate appearances on the team
* Every reliever outside of Daniel Bard and Jonathan Papelbon on the Opening Day roster would have ERAs over 4.59.
* Tim Wakefield would have the third-most innings pitched on the staff.
... would you have said the Red Sox would be 14 games over .500 and within three games of a playoff berth?
Probably not.

Nuff said....Let's Play Ball!!! 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Roll of the Dice and We Win and Beckett is on his way back

**photo taken by Kelly O'Connor...used with permission plus I begged for one knowing she was at the Pawtucket game today. 

His name is Joshua Patrick Beckett....he's one of our Starting Pitchers for the Red Sox.  Yah I know he's been out alot but so has alot of other players.  Beckett threw today in the game at Pawtucket and apparently did good.  I begged Kelly on her facebook page for a picture....knowing she probably just sat down at her computer...I've just been so anxious to see him back in our rotation. I'm hoping he'll be Beckettesque and give us what the Dr orders.  You can catch the story over on the Globe where Mike Scandura reports the game.  Beckett threw 68 pitches....42 strikes with 4 K's and no Walks. Ok so one homerun hit off of him, however, the catcher, Wagner blamed himself for calling for the wrong pitch.  Beckett didn't give any chance at interview...but I'm sure he woulda set them straight.

Good News is DiceK pitched well. The boys took the game but we're back at 5 games back....I'm ready for the boys to get back on track and quit using up all their accrued Sick Leave.  Enough already

Saturday, July 10, 2010

When do we get to see the Amusement?

Amusements Parks always have one....everyone wants to ride them because they're so exciting and fun.  They're fast....turns and circles and up and down....Everyone wants to ride's a staple icon in every Amusement Park.   Baseball parks are like that....they all have excitement at every turn of an inning.

Being a Red Sox fan this season is like riding a rollercoaster.....we're down...then we're up....we're down...then we're on. our. way. up......and we're                       

down again.....Looks like my Texas boy didn't quite do it for us today.  The Jays SP came out in 4th...I think somewhere around his 102nd pitch!!!!   And we were TIED even then. Perhaps it was the fact Lackey put 6 batters on base himself... No matter...Lackey lacked what it took....the Jays brought their bats with the runs and the Sox lost yet again. 

Tomorrow JiggleButt climbs on the mound to see what he can do to squash our pain...although I know he'll try our patience, I'm hoping he'll pull through and give us a W.  Thanks to Sharpy from SG for making these flags for me. 

Now I love myself a good State Fair with an awesome rollercoaster...but if someone could find the safety bar and lock it tight before the game, I'd appreciate it.  Last but not least...last year this seemed to work.  Maybe it will again