Monday, November 10, 2008

Change...Yes We Can

I've been debating and deciphering my post to honor our new President-Elect.....I knew what I wanted to say...but hadn't seen a picture that quite grasped the meaning. I have posted before my poem of change....and feel it necessary to repeat. I'm borrowing this from Beck's blog and I'm sure she got it from somewhere too...'s a coming....


They happen

We can accept them

Or ignore them.

It isn’t relevant if

You’re ready,

They happen.

You can recognize

Them, embrace them,

Make them yours,

Own them

Or you can discount them

Then be tossed aside.

You can be prepared

Ready to take

A stance,

Or you can defy them.

Changes will come

They will happen

You can choose

To disregard them,

Stick your head in the


Pretend they’re not here.

But she’ll rise up

And make herself known

She’ll kick the chair

Our from under you.

She’ll pluck the cherry

From your sundae

Then drink your last beer

Then wake you up

From a deep laden sleep.

But make no mistake,

Change will come

Change will happen

To you or with you.