Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome to Texas

**stolen off the web without permission but giving credit to one bad ass movie** 

Welcome to Texas Giants!!  I hope you will understand when we kick your ass and take names later.  That dyed beard you got boy????  GONE. That long ass haircut Timmy??  GONE.  Ross boy? GONE.
We're taking 'em all out back to our shed with our Special Teams Man.  You remember him right???  (see above photo)

Ya may have the Halloween colors....but WE got Texas remedies for handling folks like you!  Chainsaws is just the tip of the it or we'll fire up "Old Sparky" and send you to the Walls Unit.

Or better yet, how bout we call up Beckett from his Ranch south of San Antonio and he'll bring up his 30-06 and hunting crew and have target practice on ya. 
Naw....I'm just 'joshing''s Halloween and I'm certain the Rangers have some Tricks up their sleeves and the only treats you Giants will be getting is a ride back to the hotel.  I'm sure they'll have some booze you can suck up and cry in. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Noogie Fever

Yah I know who it is.....but I have to mention that the man on the left was the 1st manager of the Texas Rangers...I continue to find it interesting in the Texas-Massachusetts connection story.

For the first time in the franchise history, the Rangers are going to be playing in the World Series!!!!  WoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooT!
With Nolan at the helm, my bets on them all the way.  

**both pictures used without permission off Sports DFW site**

        The Freak is set against Mr. Lee tomorrow and I'd say that today the Rangers were given lessons in the Noogie Ya realize this was only in 1993????  A mere 17 years ago.  IF the Ranger pitchers need any help I'm willing to put my job on the line that Nolan could get on the bump and show them how it's done.

Picture used without permission Stephen Dunn/Getty images
And just in case you  don't know what the Texas flag looks like?  Expect to see alot of these during this World Series 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rangers.....they don't just carry Guns

Old fans....young fans....crazy fans...bandwagoner Texas today, there's alot of fans who are happy...even Red Sox Fans who live in Texas are Happy.   Rain wasn't going to get in the way of Destiny Friday night....nope. (pictures taken off of Dallas newspaper and Fort Worth Star and used without permission but hey I'm giving credit! )

And neither was ARod and the rest of the AHoles who followed him from New York.  Anyone who is watching Ranger ball has seen this shirt in both above pictures...Speed is the Antler sign the boys use(hence the deer with hands above the head like antlers) And Claw is for strength...using again their hand as 'the claw'.  Is it corny?? Hell yah....but I LOVE shows the camaraderie of the boys!!   One cute poster in Boston(see Globe) even took it a step further to diss ARod (cos that's what we do as Red Sox fans)    If you're a Sox fan, you GET it and I don't need to explain it....if you need me.

October 27th, The Rangers will take on XXX Team to the World Series....and my bets are on them....I know I'll be smiling that day anyway cos it brings back such good memories

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Potayto...Potahto You know the Rest

The Rangers are in the Play Offs....they're in a battle against the Evil Empire as we speak (or as I type).  Cliff Lee was brought on to help out the pitching staff and to win it.  They got their division and now they're on a quest for the bigger hardware. Nolan Ryan is at the helm and I personally hope The Rangers give the Yankees a noogie just like Ryan gave Ventura years ago.

Two players are detrimental in this quest: Josh Hamilton and CJ Wilson.  Two very different men who've reached a place where they've dreamed of but took different routes to get here.

CJ Wilson born in 1980 in Newport, California - land of free thinkers.
Josh Hamilton born in 1981 in Raleigh, North Carolina - land of Old School thinkers

CJ drafted in 2001 in  the 5th round by The Rangers but 141st overall and begin playing in their Minor League working his way up.
Josh drafted 1st in 1999 by Tampa Bay, signing a contract and playing in their Minor League soon thereafter, making his mark.

As CJ was just beginning to make his mark in baseball in 2001....Josh and his parents were involved in a car accident. Although his parents recovered, Josh had injuries that (by choice) took him down a road of abusing drugs and alcohol and his first stint in Rehab.  His drug/alcohol abuse continued through to 2004 till he was suspended for failed drug tests.  Josh did not play baseball from 2004 - 2006. In the summer of 2006, the Rays allowed him to play in the minor league but later was drafted in the Rule 5 Draft and ended up with the Reds. The Reds had to retain him all season to keep rights on him and in December 2007, Josh was traded to The Rangers.  Josh married the daughter of one of the men who helped him in his quest to 'get clean'.
Once in the Rangers, Josh flourished...making it to the All Star Game and in the Home Run Derby, recording the most home runs total in the derby...not winning the title but his first at bat recorded 28 home runs!!
But just as soon as his life was connecting and back on track, headlines ripped showing him to lapsed in his drug/alcohol addiction.  The incident occurred in January of 2009 and although Josh informed MLB. the Rangers, his wife and hit in August of the same year splatting him all over the news.  Josh is now clean and has chosen to not join in any of the alcoholic post-season celebrations.But there was another player who chose not to participate in alcoholic post-season celebrations but because he didn't have the Sensationalistic Story....he wasn't thrust into the limelight. Well...until he put 'his opinion' out there.

Flip over to CJ...he begin playing in the minor league with the Rangers in Frisco till around 2003 when the season was cut short and he had to have the Tommy John surgery. He missed all of 2004 recuperating ( a very different sort of rehab than Josh's) and returned in 2005 but progressed slowly up to being closer 2008 but back down to Relief Set Up Man in 2009....but in 2010, CJ was named in the Starting Rotating Pitchers line up.  CJ, a professed Taoist, lives a 'Straight Edge' life, a life that one abstains from alcohol and drugs and promiscuous sex in order to maintain a healthy and poison-free body. He even has a tattoo inscribed on his torso "Straight Edge" to make a statement. He  CJ put his opinion out there regarding baseball players regarding politics in a Pearlman interview:  Although the term 'thinking man's game' is associated with's very that many of the players don't always think alot about politics or other worries of the world...according to CJ.

"It's frustrating," says C.J. Wilson, the 27-year-old Texas relief pitcher. "I'd say there are two reasons. One, there's a general lack of education among us. But two -- and most important -- you're talking about a population that makes a ton of money, so the ups and downs of the economy don't impact whether we're getting paid. Therefore, we often don't care."

You can best believe he got alot of grief over that comment from inside his own clubhouse....but I think CJ has learned his lesson.  Although his opinion may be somewhat correct....ya gotta watch how you talk about 'your team'.   Wilson is definitely an eccentric individual in the world of baseball....he's not your normal jock. He's even working on a novel. Of course, baseball is the backdrop but it's more or less a book about life.  CJ races race cars and plans on turning to that occupation once his baseball career is over. CJ has a twitter and blog he keeps up with.  He loves photography but why shouldn't he?  His parents were as well...CJ also entered the screenwriting program while he pitched at Loyola.   He is also a I dont mean he pitches with his left hand....I'm talking politics. 

So the Rangers and Yankees have each won one....and now we proceed to Game 3....I love watching baseball but the stories behind the players can be quite as  interesting as the game itself. 

I have been wondering what a conversation/debate would be like to listen to between CJ and Schilling. :)

Monday, October 04, 2010

"The Bridge Year"

What the HELL did you think Theo Meant when he said this was the Bridge Year?????????????????