Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Get By with alittle Help from My Friends

This picture I took of Pitching Match Up in Arlington a few years back makes me tear up alittle bit. 

I went with a friend of mine to Opening Day in 2006 but didn't know many Sox fans at that time here in Texas.....this year will be different.

This Friday, April 1st, I will be attending Opening Day in Arlington again.  Only this time, I'll be with my friend Hayes who I met on the SG site as well as meeting up with a ton of Sox friends I've come to know and love!   Now early on, Hayes and I debated about getting some decent tickets for Opening Day...then ended up able to snag SRO ones for face value of $20 a piece SO we figured why spend more money....just enjoy being there so we were set.  We got tickets with our RSN-Texas group of over 100 folks in one area for Saturday game.  Fast forward Today...I get phone call from Sheila Matthews of the RSN-Houston group.  Sheila's husband is the RSN-Texas Governor.  It seems that Jared needs 2 tickets for Opening Day....and he was not wanting to spend alot of money and Sheila and Johnny had 2 spare bleacher tickets which they decided to GIVE me....and I'd sell the tickets to Jared.  SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!  Quite frankly I was beginning to worry about not being able to sit down at all during the  game as I'm still having some trouble with my neck and back so I was VERY excited about this.  Plus the fact I'm still unemployed so I'm low on cash...I'm minus low on cash :) 

And with everything going on in my life right now....I NEED a fun weekend to forget about everything, just fun and laugh with friends and enjoy baseball.  Now all I need is the Red Sox to cooperate and WIN These Games!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Soon....very Soon

Although this is from Game 5 of the 2010 World Series....I will be seeing this scene very soon on Opening Day (without the sunset) for the Sox vs Rangers series April 1st with my good SG friend Hayes!!   I'm SO needing this little vacation and thanks to free hotel points and cheap tickets, we're going as cheaply as can a girl can go!! 

Of course, we will be excited to see the boys again....the sea of Sox caps and shirts...and just seeing wood connecting with leather.  I have lots of friends down in Florida watching batting practice or what is better known as Spring Training.  It's become a full all out tourist vacation for baseball teams whereas it used to be so low key.   I'll be joining my RSN group here in Texas at the games thanks to our state's Governor, Johnny Matthews who is as far as I'm concerned is an Adopted Texan.  His wife, Sheila, is DA BOMB!!! 


Monday, March 07, 2011

He was already a Man at age 11

21 years ago, this silly boy was born to my little sister and brother-in-law.   Age 21 sometimes signifies manhood or growing up.  Even  though he's not physically with us any longer, his legacy remains within our family.  He stood up for what was right.   He loved sports, music, and God.  I found this picture of him at one of his birthday parties holding up a gift, a super soaker water gun.

You're thought of often, Dustin.  We all love you and miss you.  

Happy Birthday Dustin!!