Sunday, November 13, 2011

2010 & 2011 can Kiss My Grits

I took this picture with my dumb phone while at the beach with a high school group of friends this summer...a few days before finding out my Mom had cancer. It was a relaxing weekend and being at the beach I constantly thought of my Mom as it was something she loved.  The beach can be so calming listening to the waves roll in one after the other...the clean salt smell reminds me of learning how to float in the ocean with her.   I've saved the photo as the background on my phone and laptop and think of her words when we would seem sad about her disease..."We're going to take it One Day At a Time".  Lately, that's what I've been having to do.  So many other things going on in my private life that not everyone is aware of and I'd like to keep it that way for now but taking it one day at a time is all I can do.  I miss my Mama very much and dreading the upcoming holidays. For the last year (and that includes the end of 2010), it's been a wash. I usually try and can find the good things in bad....but this time, I just can't.  Yes, I'm alive. I have some people in my life who are supportive of me.  I enjoy helping the inmates I work with. I enjoy volunteering with GENAustin.  But for the record, I'd like to just go on to New Years Day 2012 so I can tell 2011 and this past year goodbye and good riddance. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lone Star State of Mine

Lone Star Beer
Lone Star Boys
Lone Star Baseball
Lone Star Beckett
Lone Star in Boston
I love my state. I love Boston. I love baseball.

I'm happy for Wake and his 200 but today....this made me smile more.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Not Just Any Woman

A woman passed on today but she won't be forgotten because she's not just any woman. Every time I hear a loud whistle, see a ocean wave, hear someone sing to the top of their lungs, see a purple outfit, eat a bowl of Bluebell, watch a baby laugh, and smell a good pot of gumbo I will think of her. Of course those aren't the only times...she blessed me with so much love and compassion for others that it's not a surprise what career I chose. And as much time and energy as she spent on trying to keep me in's funny to know she still did her last ditch effort at bringing me back. You see, I had left for Austin to return to work...only to receive a phone call on the other side of Houston that I needed to return as she had gotten much worse....few minutes later another phone call and she was here I am back in Orange, Mom. Missing you.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Love in Action

My dear sweet mother is dying right before our eyes.  Since getting the news, it's been a roller coaster of emotions.  You go through denial and anger then denial again then anger once again then frustration...but with her health going downhill rapidly this past week while I was in Austin, I wasn't able to talk more to her.  In a matter of weeks, she's declined in her health but since last words can describe how hard this is to see.  A woman who loves so hard with her heart to be stricken with something so heartless.  I'm trying to make sense of this all as it was not caught in the early stages so we're losing her quickly and I'm not quite ready for her to go.  She has taught me more about loving than anyone I know.  Her heart is as big as Texas...maybe even bigger.  Alot of people talk about being a Christian and living godly but I've always said "Actions speak louder than words"  as well as "Talk is cheap".   My mother didn't have to preach it....she acted on it.  She taught me to reach out and help others, to give everyone the benefit of doubt, and that everyone deserved a second or third or fourth chance.  I believe I chose my career path because of the values that my mother instilled in me.  I know she's proud of me....she told me many times especially this past year.  Before I left for Austin last Sunday as I was telling her goodbye, she reached out for my hand and said "I want to pray for you"  My mom prayed for things to go well on my new job and that it would be good for me.  I'm going to miss her

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moving ON UP....on the East Side

***all pictures taken off of Boston Globe used without permission***

On Monday, we were in Last Place.  Today we're in 3rd....the boys are on a west coast swang thang and hitting it hard.  We've won 8 out of the last 9 games.....DiceK has went all GodZILLA on the teams and Jed Sox is leading us to freedom.  Muy Grande Winner Joshua Patrick is back...Joshy is gone.  Lester's getting closer to May and feeling good.  Heck even Carl's starting to hit.  Today Lackey is on the mound....facing whoever that team in Anaheim is.  Happy Easter to my fellow friends who Believe.  And Happy Sunday to those who don't.  Either way...I love all of you the same.  Now

Let's Play BALL                                                              AND WIN

***EDIT   Lackey stood strong today....SHUT OUT on the Angels 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear

Dear American League East,

Tell 'em we're coming.....and Hell's coming with us. 


Jed Lowrie and his Homies

Friday, April 15, 2011

We have an old saying in Delta House: Don't get Mad, Get Even

Last Year at SXSW, I attended this's a movie about fraternity hazing gone wrong.  I know you're thinking Oh GREAT....some dorky Animal House wannabe but it is FAR from Animal House and I'd suggest if you get the chance to ever see it, DO.  But this poster for the film just really speaks to me about our boys...hazing is all about seeing how bad boys want into a what lengths will they go??  So maybe this whole losing streak is a hazing of test test us....just how BAD do the Sox want it?  Do they want to win?  Do they WANT a pennant? or another World Series?   On paper they appear to the The Team to beat....but on the field they've been The team that GETS beat...senseless sometimes.  Yeah I know we took the Yankee series but there are about 5 more of those I think and if we continue like this, I'm not sure we'll take the rest of them.  We are 2-9.  TWO WON and NINE LOST!!!

But I'm going to remain faithful and keep watching and rooting for them. WHY?? Because they are MY Team.  They are YOUR Team.  The Red Sox are Boston's TEAM and we should be Behind them rooting for them.  You want to yell at someone???  Yell at your neighbors when they're slamming doors or playing their music too loud.  Yell at the idiots who cut you off or the cashier who shorts you your change.  Yell at Mother Nature for not bringing Spring early.  Yell at the dang jurors who didn't find Bonds guilty of ALL charges.  But do NOT YELL at the Red Sox or Boo Them.....Just ask them....HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Someone PLEASE Light The Fire

It all begins with a strike of a match's a simple act.  Very deliberate. With Purpose and all the elements just follow the lead. One after the other ignites. Each feeding off of the one before.  Fiery and blazing. Burning with desire and anything that gets in it's way is annihilated. 

Lighting the fire seems easy......keeping the flames going is tougher.  If you're good at stoking the fire you ends up walking away from the embers you left behind.

Now if we can just get the Red Sox on board with this Philosophy and Way of Thinking

Monday, April 11, 2011

From The Executer to Can we Execute Him?

Beckett set us up.  He drew us in with that fabulous magnificant performance Sunday night....just so we could be sucked down the proverbial drain with Dice-K.  All the talk about if anyone would be booing or cheering for Johnny as he returned to Fenway with the Rays....but when in reality the Boos would be reserved for the implosion coming from the pitchers mound when the Sox took it. Johnny started it off with a Dinger into the bullpen in the 1st inning....and if that wasn't enough by the end of the 2nd inning the Sox were trailing 7-0 with the help of some Elmer Fuld (Sam Fuld to be exact) rookie playing for his first MLB game.  Thank GOD Tito didn't wait around past the 3rd and brought in Wake. (never thought I'd say that).  Tomorrow is Lester and I'm just praying Lester thinks its May or June or September...and the bats from Friday or Sunday show up cos quite frankly I NEED a Winning team in my life right now. 

Execution Texas-Style

There are many faces of Beckett.  There's the tall Texan cowboy who loves to hunt deer and does a pretty good job of it.  There's the boy who loves his loyal new puppy.

Then there's the man who loves a good party and hanging out with his friends.  Maybe even listening to some tunes of a country singer.

But when we think of Beckett, typically this is the one we like to think of  (I think they're missing one of the K's) and tonight we had a time machine moment where Vintage '07 Beckett stepped out onto the mound and gave us a performance that rattled ole George's bones.  The Opening Day Win was awesome and very much appreciated by the fans.....but tonight's Win.  Tonight's Win was Magic. It was like Beckett took on this western persona of good versus evil...strapping on his gun for hire and lacing it down his thigh tightly while fingering the trigger waiting for a reason to finish off anyone who got in his way.  Joshua Patrick came to town looking to end this silly rumor that the Sox weren't in it to play.  That the team on paper was just an illusion. a fantasy.  We've been looking for a hero in one of the pitchers to step up and show us how it's done.  Make the Yankees shut up and go home.  8 innings. Shut-out. 10 K's later.  All we needed was Wild Thing to come in and mop up  the floor. 

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Get By with alittle Help from My Friends

This picture I took of Pitching Match Up in Arlington a few years back makes me tear up alittle bit. 

I went with a friend of mine to Opening Day in 2006 but didn't know many Sox fans at that time here in Texas.....this year will be different.

This Friday, April 1st, I will be attending Opening Day in Arlington again.  Only this time, I'll be with my friend Hayes who I met on the SG site as well as meeting up with a ton of Sox friends I've come to know and love!   Now early on, Hayes and I debated about getting some decent tickets for Opening Day...then ended up able to snag SRO ones for face value of $20 a piece SO we figured why spend more money....just enjoy being there so we were set.  We got tickets with our RSN-Texas group of over 100 folks in one area for Saturday game.  Fast forward Today...I get phone call from Sheila Matthews of the RSN-Houston group.  Sheila's husband is the RSN-Texas Governor.  It seems that Jared needs 2 tickets for Opening Day....and he was not wanting to spend alot of money and Sheila and Johnny had 2 spare bleacher tickets which they decided to GIVE me....and I'd sell the tickets to Jared.  SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!  Quite frankly I was beginning to worry about not being able to sit down at all during the  game as I'm still having some trouble with my neck and back so I was VERY excited about this.  Plus the fact I'm still unemployed so I'm low on cash...I'm minus low on cash :) 

And with everything going on in my life right now....I NEED a fun weekend to forget about everything, just fun and laugh with friends and enjoy baseball.  Now all I need is the Red Sox to cooperate and WIN These Games!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Soon....very Soon

Although this is from Game 5 of the 2010 World Series....I will be seeing this scene very soon on Opening Day (without the sunset) for the Sox vs Rangers series April 1st with my good SG friend Hayes!!   I'm SO needing this little vacation and thanks to free hotel points and cheap tickets, we're going as cheaply as can a girl can go!! 

Of course, we will be excited to see the boys again....the sea of Sox caps and shirts...and just seeing wood connecting with leather.  I have lots of friends down in Florida watching batting practice or what is better known as Spring Training.  It's become a full all out tourist vacation for baseball teams whereas it used to be so low key.   I'll be joining my RSN group here in Texas at the games thanks to our state's Governor, Johnny Matthews who is as far as I'm concerned is an Adopted Texan.  His wife, Sheila, is DA BOMB!!! 


Monday, March 07, 2011

He was already a Man at age 11

21 years ago, this silly boy was born to my little sister and brother-in-law.   Age 21 sometimes signifies manhood or growing up.  Even  though he's not physically with us any longer, his legacy remains within our family.  He stood up for what was right.   He loved sports, music, and God.  I found this picture of him at one of his birthday parties holding up a gift, a super soaker water gun.

You're thought of often, Dustin.  We all love you and miss you.  

Happy Birthday Dustin!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart and Soul

*jacked off website of:*

Nothing says I Love You like leather and seams. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm: P & C

People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball.  I'll tell you what I do.  I stare out the window and wait for spring.  ~Rogers Hornsby

 *absolutely clueless where the photo came from originally but SGer ESF added the caption*
I think if you talk to most die-hard baseball fans, they'll tell you the same.  But the key to the above quote is "When does Spring Begin?"  I can tell you what the calendar says (Some time in April? Pfffffffffft is what I say) or if you're a true fan of the game on the diamond, you know Spring begins today.  The day when men turn into boys and take the field to throw the ball and catch the ball.  Cleats are put on. Practice uni's on. Reacquainting and Introductions are made.  There won't be games for at least 2 weeks but fans will be lining the field watching our pitching: Lester(our new Top Gun), Beckett (will he or won't he step up this year? and might I add newly married to a Rocket Scientist), Buchholz (Our Other Top Gun & a new father), Lackey(let's hope he doesn't lack luster), DiceK (show me the ERA since you got the money now), Papelbon(shut up and pitch), Bard(your next closer *I hope),  Jenks and Wheeler (newly signed and I'm sorta psyched about both!), and there's Wakefield, Doubront, Tazawa, Atchison, Bowden and Okajima ...anyone else??  But wait, there's more the Catchers show up too: Tek returns along with a newly signed Jarrod Saltalamaccchia.  Then Exposito and Wagner rounds it out Kids are lined up hoping for an autograph of their favorite player.   The media asking every obvious and stupid question they can think of.   The sun is shining while snow lingers on the ground in New England while they wait for Spring to come.  But in Florida Spring is here....the groundhog has come out of his hole....Pitchers and Catchers take the field in Fort Myers preparing for Spring Training which has become a vacation spot for many baseball fans.   And although there are many questions wafting around in the back of everyone's minds and souls about our team and season this year, my burning question is "When will Beckett let out his first curse word and when will the first F-Bomb be dropped on unsuspecting ears?"  

Monday, February 07, 2011

The Pedal to the Metal

*picture taken off Boston Globe Truck Day 2010*

Once every year staff at Fenway gather up all the equipment necessary (and some unnecessary-anything players or managers request) to practicing at Spring Training and load it all up into a huge 18 wheeler truck to make the drive to Ft. Myers, Florida.   The crowd who decide to come to watch this event is special.  They are die-hard Red Sox fans who not only love the team, they love Wally, they love Fenway, they love the entire process and embrace the Sox as being the fabric of Boston.   They've waited through a long hard cold wet snowy frozen winter this year for this.   Sure some of them followed the Pats...but since the Pats were out of the play-offs...they've longed for this day.  It's the first of the Countdowns for Baseball.   For once that truck leaves Boston, baseball is on it's way.  I've never been able to attend but have a few friends who have and I'm quite sure some of them will be there once again in the morning.  Wally will be there riding in the back of a low boy throwing baseballs out to the crowd along with the staff.   This event is like a parade now....I mean the entire staff is back there throwing stuff to the crowd...Wally is waving....some bring signs wishing them luck or a good are taken....then the Truck pulls away for the long drive to Ft. Myers to join the boys who are on their way.  (Hmmmmm, maybe that'd be a job I could apply for?) Some of the boys have already showed up this year....but soon the whack of leather against wood will be heard for miles.  

This ritual that will be performed in the early hours of tomorrow morning in Boston is lovingly known as "Truck Day". 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beckett & The Rocket (Scientist, that is)

*both photos from*
It seems one of my favorite Texan Red Sox players has roped himself a wife.  To avoid the papparazzi and media circus, Beckett bumped up the wedding date from February 1st to mid-January.  All the crazy talk from last year of why and how and who is this Holly girl he got engaged to....well I don't have any secret information of my own, but what I did figure was knowing what little I know about Beckett and him being a Texan, it makes sense he chose a girl from his hometown. Beckett seems to continue to surround himself with locals from his hometown area.  Josh did not go for the pretty girl who was waiting back in Spring for her man. Josh Cowboy'd Up and found himself a Rocket Scientist.  A Purty Rocket Scientist at that! 
A cowboy wedding with Zona Jones(local Beaumont boy) singing
his new single "Two Hearts One Love" while the group dances.  You'll catch a quick glance of Holly and Josh dancing as well. If I were a betting gal, I'd say the wedding and reception took place at Josh's ranch south of San Antonio, The Herradura Ranch. How else to pull off the early wedding and getting a venue with no glitches?   So back to that Rocket Scientist gig. Holly actually is employed with Boeing as a space-engineering consultant on the west coast but time will tell if she'll keep that gig and trade it in for a much higher cause....Red Sox Wives Club donating their time to charity. Oh another little tidbit which is sort of funny...the Beckett's have asked for gifts to be in the form of Gift Cards to places such as Macy's, Bloomingdale's, JC Penney's,, etc. I'm still mulling that over in my head trying to figure this out. But to each his own.

I know some may think I'm hot for Beckett...but actually I just love his persona on the field...he's a Texan through and through. He doesn't apologize for who he is (he does apologize and takes responsibility for losses).  So long Holly doesn't suck anymore ERA out of Beckett...I'm good with this.  Maybe Holly has been teaching Josh some means of firing up that 'rocket' with-in  and Joshua Patrick will Bring It all the way to October. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family Matters

I've lived in Austin almost 9 years.  I moved here indirectly because of 9-11 but that's another story for another post.   I was in Austin area for the weekend after a job interview when I saw I had a voicemail on my cell.  Now I was way out in the country visiting a dear friend so my phone would intermittently receive calls or texts.  It was Sunday morning and I had had a nice visit with friends and was enjoying my coffee.  As I listened to the voicemail from another friends' mom(who also worked at a local police department) to call as there was an emergency. Still just thinking it was something to do with Probation...I called.  My mind went numb after hearing. I hurriedly through clothes into my suitcase, got dressed, barely brushed my hair and I don't think I bothered to put one ounce of makeup on.  Running into the other room to tell Kim I had to leave right then because Dustin, my little sister's son, had been killed.

Dustin was the middle child between two sisters. The older sister who knew everything (and still does I LOVE YOU LINDSAY!!)  The little sister barely even being in this world yet but she was loved dearly by both her siblings...and she looked like me :)   Dustin was his father's right hand man on Sunday's at church, helping his dad out during Children's Church.  Dustin was a character AND he had character.  Dustin had more sense of what was right than most of us do in a lifetime. He loved to write. He loved to play the drums(like his mom did).  He is missed terribly.  My heart aches for my little sister. still.  Even though we're a family of five siblings, it was just she and I after the last sibling moved out and we were 10 and 6.  We were and are so different but she loves me like my mother does, unconditionally.  She's always been there for me while I was a single parent raising my son.  I wish there was something I could do to turn back the clock.  Memories of Dustin are everywhere in their house. Dustin's life should be celebrated. I still question why....

Everyone has been praying for my older sister's daughter, Crystal and her health and I thank you. 

This time of year is always very hard. But we move forward. Tell those who you care about that you love them. Life is short. Shorter than we may think.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Where is the Luck You Said You'd Bring to Me?

As the new year of 2011 is beginning, I'm hoping and praying that it brings better luck than 2010 did.  As far as I'm concerned 2010 can bite Beck's tweeter and I won't speak of it fondly in years to come.  Due to legal constraints I won't discuss my feelings of my layoff from work here but due to this incident, I am quite guarded at any future loyalty to employers. I've always been one who gets back up after being kicked down...but it's getting harder as my bones are feeling it. I have hopes and dreams I've yet to see and hope to though....I refuse to believe that luck only comes in the form of 'bad' and I'm thinking this karma thing is a buncha marlarky cos I've been in the helping business my entire career so not sure who's karma I got instead of mine.

I don't think you make your own destiny necessarily either.  Sometimes SHIT happens. And sometimes Shit happens to Good People and I'm still trying to figure out why.  I've eaten cabbage and black eye peas today for my good luck to come.  I'm ready for Change and a Challenge.
The Tat pic?  Oh I'm thinking maybe I should get it to bring me good luck :)