Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'd rather freeze my ass off than sweat like a pig

Well it seems like Winter is finally approaching Texas. Bout Damn TIME!!! I know you New Englanders loathe dealing with the winter snow but oh how I wish I could deal with it one winter. To smell the fresh clean air and not feel like I'm being smothered by heat. To feel the coolness on my skin and not sweat dripping down my back. To see the leaves turn their colors on a slow basis would be nice. I mean you can put on more clothes but you can get arrested if you try to take off too much.

Give me cold
it keeps me warm

Monday, November 27, 2006

Santa's making his list.......

Ok so Christmas is on it's way and Santa is making his list of who's naughty and nice. Which one are you? Will Santa bring you gifts a plenty or a bag of coal? Well for starters, Tek is first on my list. I mean I could just sit and drool I mean look at him all day long. He could be my own personal Santa with those thighs of his. He looks like he's getting ready to take off in flight with those thighs...mmmmm

So what's on your list of Christmas wishes? Perhaps you'd like to see this again?

I just can't wait till Spring...that's what I want for Christmas....Springtime so I can watch baseball again. Until then, I'll just post and publish

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


So it's Thanksgiving AGAIN already. I know we should giving thanks instead of complaining...but think about it for a bit. What are you unthankful for?

I am unthankful for:

1. rude people

2. war

3. violence

4. poverty

5. racist attitudes STILL

6. discrimination

7. it's still about WHO you know not what you know

8. lazy people

9. condescending attitudes

10. holidays without your loved ones

What I AM Thankful for:

1. Vodka

2. my long distance booty call

3. my only son

4. Sweet Potato Pie w/ whip cream

5. mmmm Whip Cream

6. Ice Cream

7. Coffee

8. Living in Austin on townlake

9. Weekends

10. Men

Saturday, November 11, 2006

162 Games
April seems so long ago with October
Bringing on the fall. So many games
That brought us joy, frustration, tears and smiles.
Seeing the light fading against the green wall
While players knock fists, doing their handshakes
Smiles amid man hugs.
It ends as it should, with the rain washing away
The pain.
Rain hiding tears that you don’t bother forcing back.
Standing waiting for someone to tell them
“it’s over, Go home.”
But wait Neil didn’t get to sing his song,
no one got to stretch,
no ‘Take me out to the Ballgame’,
no cracker jack,
no One, Two, Three Strikes you’reout?
Just rain pouring over the seats,
the pen, the tarp,
Dripping over Ted’s seat
and the Monster.
Fans sit, stand, smile and cry.
Not wanting to
Leave their team,
their love.
But one by one,
they file out of Fenway,
their second home.
Spilling out into the streets
singing ‘Sweet Caroline
Bah bah bah good times never
seemed so good, so
Good, so good, so good’
heading to the T.
Baseball may be over for our boys,
So we sit and wait for spring.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

After becoming a Red Sox fan during Roger's era at Boston, I finally made my trek to "the church of baseball": Fenway about 3 years ago. I put together a baseball trip for 3 friends and myself. We attended games at "The Vet" in Philly, Yankee Stadium in New York and Fenway Park in Boston. Although I was not looking forward to going to The Toilet, I was please to find out that MY Roger was pitching! But words could not describe my feelings and how my heart jumped when I walked down the ramp for the first time to see The Green Monster. Below is a short poem I wrote for my trio of girls on the day we flew to the east coast. It epitomizes my love for baseball.

They say diamonds are a girls’ best friend
perfect in shape, form,
brilliant color reflecting in the admirers’ eyes.
Each one different than the next;
Yet all bring the same feelings,
the same joy, the same smile
When a man steps up to the plate and
Finally says, “Play Ball!”