Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stowing away the Flag (Edited)


I was so devastated by the sweep in Texas...I just couldn't write anymore...till tonight.
Beckett is back on top and we are just 1/2 game back. Whoever said baseball was boring...has their head in an armadillo hole.

Alas...I won't have this view on Tuesday when Beckett is pitching as I'll be sitting in the outfield....but I am SO ready to see this in person again. I took these pictures in San Diego a few years ago. Not realizing the importance of the two together...a combo from the Marlins...thinking we were just getting a power stud pitcher...we got a WS MVP as well. I just picked up Mikey's book Deep Drive yesterday and began reading it this afternoon as I was getting a pedicure....I decided it's a book I need to read at home alone...tears welled up in my eyes reading about the history in his family with Cuba's dictator Fidel. I'll refrain from discussion about it here...but so far my suggestion is if you haven't read it...go borrow or buy it and read it. We fans look to baseball for fun...and some of us it turns into more than just fun...we LIVE FOR IT. Not that our personal lives come second...but our love of the game makes us who we are alittle.

The Red Sox come to Texas this week with the following pitching order: Monday - Smoltz; Tuesday - Beckett and last but not least, Wednesday - Wakefield. I'm totally stoked about the series....this year I get to watch and enjoy the games with fellow Sox fans around me that I know. Recently, I became friends with the Red Sox Nation Governor of Texas(yes..the Red Sox have governors for each state). Another fellow Sox fan from England, Annah, and I are co-leading an Austin Meet Up group and it has been fun.

It's been triple digits the past few weeks here in Texas...and NOW...thunderstorms loom in the distance. NOW it decides to RAIN. I seem to remember that every time the Sox come to town it perhaps the Rangers should have the Sox over more often since we are lacking it so much.

I'll be heading down or up I should say, tomorrow.

And it can't come soon enough. and NO you won't be seeing me do this.....cos people will think I'm a Ranger fan.....only makes sense (well in my mind it does) in Fenway.