Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

LSU Victory March

So we had just finished listening to a nice Q & A by Coach Miles and his wife. My friends call me an avid crazed Red Sox fan. I call myself a baseball die hard....either way I got a dose of my own medicine watching these whacked LSU football fans who were women at this clinic. I got in the spirit of it all and thought I should video this thing they're calling a Victory March to the LSU Stadium. I'll just let you watch, listen and judge. Oh yah...I couldn't do this and not have a cameo of watch and wait.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tiger Camp

Everyone who knows me KNOWS I am NOT a football gal....but this past weekend cos of my good friend Kim who loves the LSU Tigers...I agreed to attend the Women's Football Clinic held by the Tiger's football coaches. Now I've been to this stadium to a few games already since an ex boyfriend was a I mean avid fan. I soon learned that there are crazed women fans in Football as well! My good friends think I'm abit whacked when it comes to the Red Sox but I learned this weekend what my friends and I must look like to strangers to baseball or any non-sports fan. Above is the Tiger Stadium, Death Valley as some call it. Apparently back about 20 years or so ago.....a young boy named Tommy Hodson threw a winning pass to win the game against Auburn and the stadium rocked to the point it registered on the seismograph scale and now it's called "The Earthquake Game". And so here is my get the full effect, I think I'm going to do it in increments to put in as much of the story and pics/videos as I can do.

Friday morning Kim picks me up from home and we head out to Baton Rouge....leaving one capital of a state to go to another...ALL for the love of Football. (I was going for the beer).
We laugh and giggle all the way there and barely made it in time to register and get our bags, do a little shopping at their set up gift shops...then we climbed the the way it was held in the Pete Marovich Stadium. Apparently Pistol Pete went to LSU...who knew? a basketball fan I have not gotten sold on yet.

We listen to a few coaches ramble on about football and I will have to say that I was abit disappointed that the classes were NOT really Football 101 as described. I think they were more on the Jr. level of college. HELL...I need definitions of what a cornerback does....and a fullback?? I mean why do they even use "back" at the end of their names? I mean in baseball, at least they USE bases for 1st Baseman....and pitchers "pitch", catchers "catch" what does a fullback do?? back the full?? are they the ones with the fullest backs?? Anyway...I digress....they had some attendees participation IF you're ticket number got pulled....I was crossing my fingers I got to stay seated. Before the rest of was time to Tailgate and TAILGATE they did. We had jambalaya, pizza, shrimp and pasta, cookies, wrapped chicken in bacon...and samples of beer...but I drank water. I figured the beer could wait till later.

Back inside we got to have the Q&A with Les Miles and his wife. My camera sucked inside cos of the lighting. This year Coach Miles had to kick a member off the team due to inappropriate behavior in his personal had really made the news and was quite the news around this member was a louisiana boy too. But Coach Miles wanted to make a statement...this was after their winning the 2008 BCS National he kicked him off the team and made a statement to all those players and fans. Les Miles was not going to cater to ANY player no matter WHO you were. No matter if you were a STAR player.
But you didn't come to this blog to read about football did you? NAWWWWWWWW You came to hear about how Tex fared in the whole football clinic...well let me tell you...I think Les Miles just got a new fan of LSU football...not that I didn't already like them...but he impressed me with his ethics.

Next post I will begin with the video of what they call the Victory Walk...some pics and the video of running onto the field through the chute. I know my ex boyfriend will cream in his pants when he finds out. He'd dress in drag if coulda went to the camp himself.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Story

All Star and Home Run Derby is the mid-season of baseball. Typically I do not watch either. I just could care less of the impact of league's home team's advantage of the World Series. That's just me. But my good friend, Ted, has been talking about this player from North Carolina, Josh Hamilton, who plays for the Texas Rangers. Now all you who know me KNOW how I am about my loyalty to my state and Texas players. SO I started reading and learning about this Hamilton kid. I won't recap it all cos you can read about it in the news. Morneau might have won the Home Run Derby but Josh Hamilton was THE STORY of the Derby, hands down. Morneau even said it, himself.
Speaking of Morneau, JD brought him to tie up the game at one point...the game which has just went into the 11th inning. An ALL STAR Game going into Extra Innings?? Get OVER Already.

Above see our boys pose. WooooooooT.

And of course we have to include Tito and his adopted son, I mean Dustin. I swear Yahoo Sports Sucks in identifying players. In almost all the pics with Dustin, they called him Justin. FreakWADS.
All I know is I'm tired but glad I got to see Josh hit 28 homeruns in round 1. That I will not forget. As I'm sure he won't either. He didn't need to win the Derby.....his prize is just being a part of it. And living the Recovery.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Dirty Water" Book Review

This post is different than all my others as I am going to do a book review for Jere Smith and his mom, Mary-Ann Tirone Smith on the recent book collaboration they had published, Dirty Water. I've been blogging for about 1 1/2 yrs and found Jere's blog, Red Sox Fan in Pinstripe Territory while scoping Red Sox Chick's blog. I've not yet had the chance to meet Jere but I know Red Sox Chick has. I post on his blog on occasion and last year when he was putting together a blog of all the games asking posters to send in photos, I sent ones of the games in Texas. These on-line friendships I've found are becoming more often than not these days. People from all over the country and world for that matter meet on-line on boards they have a common interest with and become friends. Some of us actually get to meet in person and become "real friends". I hope to meet Jere one day but until then....he's still a friend to me.

Back to the purpose of the blog today.

Jere's mom writes and has published several other books but this is the first venture of Jere's and with his mom, co-writing "Dirty Water".

It's got all my favorite elements in it: Crime, Police, Mystery, Baseball, Boston, Fenway & The Red Sox. One surprise element that I found to be a grand slam was that an anonymous blogger and his connections to be a key factor in the entire storyline. "Dirty Water" allows fans to feel a part of the inner circle of the clubhouse and the players lives, while reliving the championship of 2007, throughout the twists and turns of this riddle-laden murder mystery. Of course, I smiled a smile big as Texas when I saw that Jere had used my email name as a blogger post. I'd call this a ALC Pennant Winner. It's a definite read for those who love baseball and mystery.

Back On Top!!!


Boston 57 40 .588 -
Tampa Bay 55 39 .585 0.5
New York 50 45 .526 6.0
Toronto 47 48 .495 9.0
Baltimore 45 48 .484 10.0

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Three for Three

Well Today the boys played well. Beckett was on the mound and did fair and was getting into a little trouble right off the bat but around the 3rd inning the bats got us on top....another 2 runs in the 5th...and 7 more in the 7th and 4 in the 8th...yep 18 RUNS!! I was at work and trying to keep up with the game on line but when it got close in the top of the 6th at 6-5, I closed the screen when I felt perhaps I was really "watching" the game. I promised I would not watch as long as they would I went about my business working all day long....but I couldn't stand it and clicked on the game to see the score. It was the bottom of the 8th and when I saw the last two innings runs, I bout fainted. I figured it was safe for me to watch the top of the 9th. It clearly reminded me of the game in 2007 where Beckett was doing awful and in a post presser when quizzed about why the boys didn't score some runs for him...He dissed the media and said he didn't worry while he was pitching that his boys were gonna score fifteen fucking runs for him. Well Josh...they scored 18....How bout DEM APPLES???
So I found these two photos amusing from the Globe. Beckett finds a beach ball and debates on whether to hit the fan in the stands who has been ragging on him all season...IM JOKING!!!!!! I find it funny that Beckett would be the one who would grab the beach ball that landed in front of the dug out and throw it back in the stands. That's such a Manny thing to do....speaking of Manny....Manny, you CANNOT catch the ball from inside the Monster!!!!!!!!!!! Manny Being Manny!!!

I would post a broom but I figured I'd just soak the Wins and Runs up with my mop.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Keep Em Coming Boys!!!

So two games I've not watched....two games we've won. Is it me? or is it Fenway? We'll see once the boys hit the road again. I usually don't root for the Yankees but they were playing the Rays and so the debate was who you gonna root for? The team(Rays) who are above us in the standings? or the hated rival Yankees who are playing the Rays? I'll be happy with a split cos heaven knows we don't want the Yankees gaining ground on us either. We're still 3 games behind the Rays but the Yanks are 7 1/2 games behind the Rays. The Rays are really Hopping this year. But back to the Sox.... Manny came alive with one over the Monster bringing in Pede for a two run homer. Youk got 3 hits. Lester didn't fare too well but Aardsma (Texas boy from Rice University) got the Win while Paps got the Save. Moss brought in a single rbi to give the go ahead run to win the game. The thing I love about Tito is how he "manages" his team...he truly cares about these guys and he shows them he appreciates their contributions. You always see him going to the younger guys making sure he recognizes they made a difference.

And to let you know I'm still not watching as long as the Red Sox keep winning. You KNOW Beckett is pitching tomorrow....and since it is a day game it makes it easier for me to not accidently be at a sport bar to eat

Monday, July 07, 2008

I Got Nothing

I really don't have much tonight. Except I grounded myself from watching games since the boys won the first 2 of the 4 games series with the Yankees ... those i did not watch. I watch the last two games and they lose.....SO I deduce that I must not watch tonight

and they WIN. SO I'm forced to watch baseball through the SG board and GameDay. As long as they win...I'm game...but so help me first time they lose....I'm back.

oh who am I KIDDING?? I don't even have Xtra Innings. Oh and those Thighs? In honor of Tek making the All Star team....whether I think he deserves to be on it or not......He's Got THIGHS! and that itself is worth watching the All Star game to me.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


I direct to those things that make me smile on days like today: Thighs, Massive Thighs, Tek's Thighs, El Capitan's Thighs, Captain AmeriTEK Thighs....thighs.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apple Pie
And RibEyes!!!!!!!!! That's What I'm Talking ABOUT!!
HEY NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!! How you like THEM apples????

New York Strip Steaks

Howdy from Texas. I thought we'd start off with some recipes of how to make steaks while in New York. The first recipe seems to be a little of the sorts of something they would have on the West Coast ala Lester...a beer and molasses steak sauce on top of grilled strip steaks. Sort of like we're gonna have our share of steaks and you're not....and here's some sauce to rub in your face about it.....If you ever had any doubt about Jon....file them away....a no-hitter and a shut out BEFORE the All Star game already. Yah...he's a keeper.

Next recipe is for today. Now some of you may not appreciate deer hunting...but in honor of who is on the mound today: Venison Steak. There should be plenty to go around for dinner but just in case

Here's some Snacks for the game while in the dugout and bullpen: Venison Jerkey

So now that we made the Yankee's shut up and shut out.....let's do it again.

Let's Go RED SOX
clap clap clapclapclap

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm protesting Orange Juice of any Flavor

I don't have words for tonight's game....but at least my boy Pede is on Fiyah. He almost hit the cycle tonight....only one he didn't hit was a Single...the one easiest to hit. funny game baseball is. Two doubles, a triple and a homer. Another one of him digging it in for the triple. It's about the only thing that made me smile tonight knowing my Fantasy Team of Beckett's Belly's will be getting some stats in the morning. I just wish my Sox would get some wood soon.