Monday, November 10, 2008

Change...Yes We Can

I've been debating and deciphering my post to honor our new President-Elect.....I knew what I wanted to say...but hadn't seen a picture that quite grasped the meaning. I have posted before my poem of change....and feel it necessary to repeat. I'm borrowing this from Beck's blog and I'm sure she got it from somewhere too...'s a coming....


They happen

We can accept them

Or ignore them.

It isn’t relevant if

You’re ready,

They happen.

You can recognize

Them, embrace them,

Make them yours,

Own them

Or you can discount them

Then be tossed aside.

You can be prepared

Ready to take

A stance,

Or you can defy them.

Changes will come

They will happen

You can choose

To disregard them,

Stick your head in the


Pretend they’re not here.

But she’ll rise up

And make herself known

She’ll kick the chair

Our from under you.

She’ll pluck the cherry

From your sundae

Then drink your last beer

Then wake you up

From a deep laden sleep.

But make no mistake,

Change will come

Change will happen

To you or with you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are we there YET???

I'm going to go all serious on ya now. This year is my 50th birthday and I wanted to do something really special. Originally I had planned on going to Salem as my birthday is on Halloween. I thought it would be fun.....I had invited several women off the SG board. But then Hayes emails me one day and asks...."how set are you on going to Salem for your birthday?" I pondered a bit....cos I figured she had something good up her sleeve.

SO this year, thanks to Hayes' mom, I am spending my birthday at The Cape in a condo with about 6 other women! In addition, one of the girls from SG who lives on the Cape is gonna get to come. We are going to cook, giggle, eat, grin, drink, laugh, beach walk(weather permitting), fall over from laughter, and did I mention FUN?? I am totally Psyched!!!! So to you girls: Hayes, Becks, Nancy, Jojo, Crystal, Cindy and Lena(CapeCodder)....thank YOU ahead of time for setting aside the time to enjoy this time with me.

I'm going to meet up with some of another gang on Thursday at Beerworks : Neena, Chrissy, Peg, KellyJ, KellyO, Cyn, JoshBlue and Hayes(Hayes is my chauffeur so she has to go).

Last year my mother sent me a beautiful card for my was the best sweetest one I'v ever received from anyone....I kept it and want to post it here. It could be used for any situation or person....

Love Yourself.
Make Peace with who you are
and where you are
at this moment in time.

Listen to your heart.
If you can't hear what it's saying
in this noisy world,
Make time for yourself.
Enjoy your own company.
Let your mind wander among the stars.

Take Chances.
Make Mistakes.
Life can be messy
and confusing at times,
but it's also full of surprises.
The next rock in your path
might be a stepping-stone.

Be happy.
When you don't have what you want,
want what you have.
Make Do.
That's a well-kept secret of contentment.

There aren't any shortcuts to tomorrow.
You have to make your own way.
To know where you're going
is only part of it.
You need to know where you've been, too.
And if you ever get lost, don't worry.
The people who love you will find you.
Count on it.

Life isn't days and years.
It's what you do with time
and with all the goodness and grace
that's inside you.
Make a Beautiful Life.....
The kind of life you deserve.

For the longest, my mother tried to understand why my goal in life wasn't to be married...wondered why I aspired to have a career. Recently she has been telling me how proud she is of my career and how far I've come....this card last year meant alot to me. She knows when I buy cards....I search high and low for the right I know my mom really looked for the 'perfect' card. And as far as I'm concerned....I'll read this card every year on my birthday like it's the first time.

I hope you have friends and family like I do. It's what makes you rich. :wave: to my son, Josh!
and a Shout-Out to my adopted lil Bro, Ted. It's like you really are.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Post Post

So I've been posting my last year's posts...but a year ago...i didnt post cos there wasn't a game or my dilemma has been: Post or not to Post. and what to post? I'm gonna go with Ben's suggestion

This space was intentionally left blank

in hopes of bringing the same last year's mojo.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Game 6, Epic Proportions Begin

In hopes of bringing some more 2007 mojo....continuing the posting of last years posts from my blog. I'm hoping this is predictions of what's to come for tonight. I'd like to see this

and a whole lot of this

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shipping Back to Boston

109 pitches, 8 innings, 11 K's, 1.93 ERA. It was just a night of Beckett being Beckett. Stellar, stupendous, brilliance, outstanding, standing O, dropASSkicking beautiful. There was this little incident between Josh and Lofton. It appears that Josh wasn't happy with something that Kenny did at the he yells something out to Kenny on his way to 1st...they exchanged ##%$@@^&** and then once Kenny arrived at 1st base...and flew out...he turned to the mound and headed towards Beckett. Benches cleared....Lowell stepped in. It's all punches thrown or any actual fight...well there was this fight about who was going to win the game.
Pre-game antics: Apparently one of Josh's many ex-girlfriend was scheduled to sing the National Anthem...but the Indians swear they didn't know her she is just a good ole Ohio girl. ok whatever....if they were thinking it was gonna rattle Josh's cage, WRONG. Josh collects ex's like he collects deerheads he mounts on his wall.
Pre game commercial had Kevin Millar rooting on the was absolutely CuteNESS!!! Just made me smile and remember 2004. Was that a moment of clarity? I know some have been repeating that Millar phrase when we were down 3 games with the Yankees that year..."Don't let us win" he said....well, to have Kevin there rooting us was destiny, fate
or like I think Beckett Kicked ASS.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Ok Early morning Post if only to answer the undying neverending question of WHY do the Rays clang those cowbells???

According to sources, the Cowbell Ringing begin back in 2006 after the team's new owner, Stuart Sternberg, watched a SNL clip called "More Cowbell" starring Christopher Walken. Stuart was so overtaken by this hilarious scenario, he thought it might be 'the thing' that could rally the fans like the Rally Monkey does the Angel fans. They pass out cowbells and even have Cowbell Etiquette of when to ring your cowbell (there's a video clip to watch) I guess in the scheme of things....alot of fans wonder what Neil Diamond has to do with the Red Sox, much less baseball....and the song "Sweet Caroline"?? knowing now the background of the song's lyrics....I see why we get questioned.

SO...the Rays can have their cowbells...they ARE annoying. The Angels can have their monkey's...they ARE annoying....all the teams that use the white flags are annoying too. I have to say this though....the teams can pick whatever silly marketing scheme they want to get fans to cheer...even put it on the JumboTrons of these new stadiums and parks to TELL the fans to cheer.....but at least in Fenway....I have NEVAH seen once a sign on that JumboTron that tells fans WHEN to cheer....we KNOW when to cheer for the boys......and that would be ALL THE TIME!!!

But for this chick...My Bell Tolls for Thee, my beloved Red Sox.

Friday, October 17, 2008

2007 Post Mojo

Last night I posted on SG, my October 16, 2007 post....and then we started winning. Today I'm posting last years...and I couldn't have come up with a better new post....and it's sweet that Beckett is pitching next.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's just that Simple....

I searched through all the pictures of the players practicing today....deciding which road to take, which focus I would use tonight....when I saw this. It said everything I felt in just two words. Two Simple Words. I've attended many management and leadership classes in my lesson stands out among them all: The K.I.S.S. rule. Keep It Simple Stupid rule...which is why I love this sign. All the emotion, grit, determination, faith, power, persistence, all the love all rolled into TWO WORDS: BOSTON BELIEVES.

Well, not to be outdone.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monday cant get here fast enough

Yesterday did not happen.

That is all.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

JPB is Back on the Mound

Game 3 Today in Boston at Fenway with 1st Pitch at 7:27p.m.. Joshua Patrick Beckett is on the mound ready to make the Angels sing HIS Praises! Live it....Love it.....Be IT......

Saturday, October 04, 2008

New Hero's are Born

1st Inning: 4-1 Red Sox up due to BombBAY or BoomBoomBay, aka Jason Bay, whichever is your preference. 3 Run Homerun! (By the way, JD Drew brings in run on a double in the 1st inning as well)

4th inning 5-2....then chip chip chip away the Angels came at us....scoring a run each in the 5th, 7th and 8th to TIE us 5-5.

Papelbon having to come in to put out the fire in the 8th was HUGE....scary HUGE...I'm sure it was not the plan....but he came in held us together for the remainder of the inning....then with a man on base, Yay D. Drew, otherwise known to the world as J.D. Drew, stepped up to bat. And the place groaned....I swear I heard deep breaths taken while watching the telly. But I drew(pun intended) back to my last year memories when Drew came up to bat at a very crucial moment(Game 7 of ALC Grand Slam)...and came through HUGE for I the ball went sailing...sailing...sailing....into the OutField where the Angels stood watching the ball go sailing over their head....HOMERUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just like that.....we were back on Top 7-5...with the Angels still having their last at-bats to come. Fitting that Yay D DREW brings our first run in and our last for the game!

Paps came through and we had taken Game 2!!!!! 7-5.

Matsuzaka lasted five hair-pulling innings (eight hits, three runs, three walks, five strikeouts, 108 pitches) and left with a 5-3 lead. Bob Ryan of the Globe called it "Surviving Dice-K"

So we move back to Boston where Game 3 will be played with JPB on the mound....bring in the TALL KICK ASS TEXAN to finish the job.

I have a dear friend who will be there for the first time ever to attend a play off game....I expect nothing less but GREAT AWESOME Pictures.

Oh yeah, there was this awesome SuperHero like catch made by the Bearded One in the 9th inning.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Game 1 - CHECK

I posted about this picture I took some time ago. I drive past it every time on my way to one of my company's locations. Everytime I see it, I think of the possibilities of this year....and the symbolism. Yes 2004 and 2007 were different years and they are in the past....but Today is 2008....and we are going a different direction with this team EVEN from last year....some of the players are the same...but with a new year brings new heros. Lester looked like he was just on the same roll he was on last October. Ellsbury continues to prove why Theo brought him to the show. And BAY....well Bay is just damn happy to be here. Going from the Pirates to the PlayOffs with the Bullpen Band led by a band of Pirates....he has shown us why he's here and why that person who I won't name isn't. One person doesn't win games. No matter what some may say....yes you have walk-offs. Yes pitchers can totally shut down the other team....but one person doesn't win all the games. And unlike in 2004 when we Had Characters on the team....and still had some of them in 2007. It appears to me that the team of 2008 Has Character.

Game 1 Greats

Lester brings It: 7 innings, 7 SO, ERA 0.00 (no that aint no mistake)

Jason Bay hitting a 2 run homer when we were at 1-0 Angels winning...bringing it to 2-1. WooooT. (and you know I had to get some kind of shot in there of Timlin)

And then there's just Awesomeness in the form of Jacoby Ellsbury....our rookie newcomer last year still thinking he's playing the World Series from last year!!!!!!!!!! TWO ... count them TWO Stolen Bases last night!!!!!!!!!

and if all those Angels got is Towels, Monkey's and ThunderSticks....I'd say We Got This.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bout Damn TIME.

Yep...that's OUR away bases to fans. After a grueling game last night with Beckett on the mound and the loss....Wake took the game under control and offense showed up and we took this game. I couldn't watch it but I followed it all through....I only wish I could have watched the Post-Game ParTAY!!! Sounds like the boys were in Charge!!! Paps kept his pants on and I'm sure it's because Tito warned him that this was a family show and no one wanted to see his drawers. Now with a few games to go....crossing fingers and praying the Rays go down hard the rest of the season so we could take the division back...but at least for another month...Baseball is still going strong for us. And for that...I am a happy gal.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Ready for JoshTober!!

Before ANYONE else tabs it....You heard it here first. Soon it will be JoshTober and I'll be waiting for it.....Yeah I know Josh is alittle confused but he's on 2nd base...waiting to be advanced to 3rd. Caught this at a game in San Diego. I have to admit he looks alittle dorky with the batting helmet on. The Josh I know and Love so well is more like this:

Tonight We Should Clinch it for the Play-Offs. Be There or go to bed early. Whatever....Beckett is taking the mound and I'm not talking about his girlfriend's hoots.

**Edit I'm putting out an APB for whoever kidnappend Josh Beckett. cos that was NOT him on the mound tonight.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Cleansing

I've changed my blog photo today. For those few who follow me and know that I've rarely posted this year...know that my life has been turned upside down because of career and personal things. I chose the new photo that was taken while at Walden Pond with one of my good friend's Hayes from the SG blog. She took me for an afternoon and entertained my dream of spending a walk around the pond and woods. I had dreamed of this day for years...since high school. As we walked around and I took photos....we came upon the area where Thoreau's cabin had was roped off and a rock pile stood nearby with many people making their own zen-like rock stacks. I have no clue what they are called but I decided to do my own. As I'm building it...I came across a blue star. Now many would just think "oh how cool or neat is this" if they came across it...but if you know anything about know my obsession with Stars....and my connection with The Lone Star State. I took this as a sign...a Sign for me JUST ME. I would achieve many things soon. I had been working in a great job that I loved but I knew it had no chances for advancement any time soon....

You also know that later that same year I received a phone call for the position I have now....a great advancement with a company that I am learning every single day more and more. I went to search out this picture because I needed it right now. I need to see that there is destiny still and fate cannot stand in my way. I know that I've instilled this same thought process in my son...he showed me today a fortune he found in a fortune cookie...something about how Determination would help him through anything. That is my legacy to him....the stars will shine....but you have to follow them first.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Who comes UP with these names??

Ike may have kicked Tina around alot but he sure is kicking Texas's ass now. Again I wait. This time, it's certain my hometown is getting hit once again. This parents are leaving and heading to Mississippi to my cousins. However, my sisters families are sticking it out. And last but definitely NOT Least...My son is staying behind. I'm a mom and he's a 30 yr old man...but he's still my baby. I don't foresee sleep in the nearby future much till tomorrow. He's a stubborn boy and I know where he gets it from. But I wish this time he would listen to me. PVs to Orange County and those who remain behind. The waiting is not fun. My son is staying with friends who have no place to go and are not sure how to weather the storm (pun intended). I guess he's beating his chest about now yelling "ME MAN...You Woman!" I just pray to God he stays safe.

**Edit 9:50am - I've been talking to my son all through the night and early morning ON his Cell Phone and the land line at the home he's staying at. I find out late last night that he's staying in a mobile home (to which I totally freaked out).'s all good so far but Ike aint done. The winds and rain continue but the storm surge is what we are worried about right now. It looks like south of I-10 is what is more likely to get hit by the surge...which means that where my sister and parents homes are may be affected. I spoke with my little sis this morning and they all are ok, although a house down the street lost their roof. They also have a generator so they have electricity and she was shocked to find that the DirecTV works still this morning! Go Figure...cos her land phone line is out but her cell works.

Her husband and husband's brother went to check out my parents neighborhood in West Orange and it looks like they couldn't get down there cos of it is very possible my parents home is partially flooded. My parents are good as they are in Mississippi at my cousins' home.

Anyone wanting to keep up with the Orange area can log onto as Gary Stelly has been blogging all night long. He'll be getting out to take photos so those who evacuated can at least view their home town.

PVs still needed.

***Edit 5:52pm Sept 13th - Apparently, according to the Governor's Office here in Texas, Orange County is the 2nd worse hit area for Ike...only behind all that media you've been seeing in Houston....they are in the WRONG place. Yes, Houston had a lot of damage too...but the flooding that is in my home county is extensive but isolated to specific areas: Bridge City, West Orange, and downtown Orange area. I am still waiting on Gary Stelly to return with pics on KOGT. He got tied up with my brother in law whose a Captain in the S.O. as they were helping rescue those stranded in Bridge City and all. Hopefuly tomorrow morning I'll be able to link to pics. My son is fine....with the exception of no money to buy cigarettes. I think he'll live....until i get ahold of him :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

If you fall off the horse...Get Back on It.

He's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be watching JPB return to the mound in Texas. Behind Homeplate. I'll be the one glued to her seat screaming and yelling her head off.

Until Security drags me away cos apparently it's illegal to trade sex for a autograph on the Texas flag. (sorry Crystal, I tried...but he I did give him your number)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Waiting..........

The waiting is the tough part for those of us not having to evacuate. Three years ago this month a lady hit New Orleans...devastating not only those in the city and state, but also the nation. The aftermath of it all affected us all. Today I'm sitting here waiting patiently for Gustav to show himself. Since entering into the Gulf, it's decided to turn away from my hometown of Orange, one of the recipients of the other lady, Rita, who hit in 2005, and turn more towards New Orleans. Mandatory evacuations have been set into place in both places and this year they've made arrangements to assist getting those who can't get themselves out. (all of that is another story).

So we wait....and wait....My parents are with my older sister in Houston. My younger sister and her family headed to San Antonio to friends. My older brother and his family headed to north Texas to where his son is living. All is well and good. But I have to say that this all brings up old memories of anxiety and frustration from when Rita hit and I had no clue how or where my parents and rest of family were. It was the longest 5 days of my life....the unknowing. Even though I know I can reach them....I know how the evacuees feel.....

Katrina directly affected my family as did Rita so I have my issues about the process. All I know is help is out there for those evacuees. Prayers and PV's are going out there for all.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Haz a Sad

PV's Josh. Get Well STAT.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Word of the Day: Lagniappe

That's my response to anything you say: BLEH!!!!! with my tongue sticking OUT.

I started this blog two years ago this hopes of writing a somewhat diary of my thoughts and life. However, REAL LIFE took over and I just do not, cannot, will not, don't want to, FIND the Time to post on my blog consistently. Since last September when I was hired to run a juvenile correctional facility company, I honestly am too damned tired or my brain is dead from thinking all day to write. We've been preparing for our annual state audit....and the results are in. We did wonderful with some glitches that most facilities have...we'll fix 'Em. I can finally sorta breathe again now that it's over.

I'm not going to promise I will have daily posts. I can't. My life doesn't allow the time. My job doesn't allow the time. Most of you who even read my dribble know that you "see" me rarely during the day any longer. And now you SG reprobates have forced me to join some other sordid website with vampires who fight and flair to put on my corkboard?? Tex will return with a vengeance in posting...however, by no means expect daily postings. If you get them...just see it as lagniappe and don't ask any questions.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The World Didn't END!!!

::takes head out of sand:: Ladies and Gents...I introduce you to your new Red Sox leftfielder.......................................He Can Hit!!

He Can Catch!!! AND He can Run AND SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like we actually WON a game!!!! Jason Bay shows us just WHY he is NOT Manny and why we should welcome him into our precious field of diamonds. Scoring our first run in the game and then hitting a triple to set his 2nd and the scoring run when Lowrie hit a single in the 12th...YES I said the 12th. So after a Drama Day of Where's Manny Going? And Wondering if Bay Watch would continue in Beantown....YEP...he's a KEEPER.

Don't get me wrong....I will miss Mannyiac....but C'est La Vie'.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

LSU Victory March

So we had just finished listening to a nice Q & A by Coach Miles and his wife. My friends call me an avid crazed Red Sox fan. I call myself a baseball die hard....either way I got a dose of my own medicine watching these whacked LSU football fans who were women at this clinic. I got in the spirit of it all and thought I should video this thing they're calling a Victory March to the LSU Stadium. I'll just let you watch, listen and judge. Oh yah...I couldn't do this and not have a cameo of watch and wait.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tiger Camp

Everyone who knows me KNOWS I am NOT a football gal....but this past weekend cos of my good friend Kim who loves the LSU Tigers...I agreed to attend the Women's Football Clinic held by the Tiger's football coaches. Now I've been to this stadium to a few games already since an ex boyfriend was a I mean avid fan. I soon learned that there are crazed women fans in Football as well! My good friends think I'm abit whacked when it comes to the Red Sox but I learned this weekend what my friends and I must look like to strangers to baseball or any non-sports fan. Above is the Tiger Stadium, Death Valley as some call it. Apparently back about 20 years or so ago.....a young boy named Tommy Hodson threw a winning pass to win the game against Auburn and the stadium rocked to the point it registered on the seismograph scale and now it's called "The Earthquake Game". And so here is my get the full effect, I think I'm going to do it in increments to put in as much of the story and pics/videos as I can do.

Friday morning Kim picks me up from home and we head out to Baton Rouge....leaving one capital of a state to go to another...ALL for the love of Football. (I was going for the beer).
We laugh and giggle all the way there and barely made it in time to register and get our bags, do a little shopping at their set up gift shops...then we climbed the the way it was held in the Pete Marovich Stadium. Apparently Pistol Pete went to LSU...who knew? a basketball fan I have not gotten sold on yet.

We listen to a few coaches ramble on about football and I will have to say that I was abit disappointed that the classes were NOT really Football 101 as described. I think they were more on the Jr. level of college. HELL...I need definitions of what a cornerback does....and a fullback?? I mean why do they even use "back" at the end of their names? I mean in baseball, at least they USE bases for 1st Baseman....and pitchers "pitch", catchers "catch" what does a fullback do?? back the full?? are they the ones with the fullest backs?? Anyway...I digress....they had some attendees participation IF you're ticket number got pulled....I was crossing my fingers I got to stay seated. Before the rest of was time to Tailgate and TAILGATE they did. We had jambalaya, pizza, shrimp and pasta, cookies, wrapped chicken in bacon...and samples of beer...but I drank water. I figured the beer could wait till later.

Back inside we got to have the Q&A with Les Miles and his wife. My camera sucked inside cos of the lighting. This year Coach Miles had to kick a member off the team due to inappropriate behavior in his personal had really made the news and was quite the news around this member was a louisiana boy too. But Coach Miles wanted to make a statement...this was after their winning the 2008 BCS National he kicked him off the team and made a statement to all those players and fans. Les Miles was not going to cater to ANY player no matter WHO you were. No matter if you were a STAR player.
But you didn't come to this blog to read about football did you? NAWWWWWWWW You came to hear about how Tex fared in the whole football clinic...well let me tell you...I think Les Miles just got a new fan of LSU football...not that I didn't already like them...but he impressed me with his ethics.

Next post I will begin with the video of what they call the Victory Walk...some pics and the video of running onto the field through the chute. I know my ex boyfriend will cream in his pants when he finds out. He'd dress in drag if coulda went to the camp himself.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Story

All Star and Home Run Derby is the mid-season of baseball. Typically I do not watch either. I just could care less of the impact of league's home team's advantage of the World Series. That's just me. But my good friend, Ted, has been talking about this player from North Carolina, Josh Hamilton, who plays for the Texas Rangers. Now all you who know me KNOW how I am about my loyalty to my state and Texas players. SO I started reading and learning about this Hamilton kid. I won't recap it all cos you can read about it in the news. Morneau might have won the Home Run Derby but Josh Hamilton was THE STORY of the Derby, hands down. Morneau even said it, himself.
Speaking of Morneau, JD brought him to tie up the game at one point...the game which has just went into the 11th inning. An ALL STAR Game going into Extra Innings?? Get OVER Already.

Above see our boys pose. WooooooooT.

And of course we have to include Tito and his adopted son, I mean Dustin. I swear Yahoo Sports Sucks in identifying players. In almost all the pics with Dustin, they called him Justin. FreakWADS.
All I know is I'm tired but glad I got to see Josh hit 28 homeruns in round 1. That I will not forget. As I'm sure he won't either. He didn't need to win the Derby.....his prize is just being a part of it. And living the Recovery.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Dirty Water" Book Review

This post is different than all my others as I am going to do a book review for Jere Smith and his mom, Mary-Ann Tirone Smith on the recent book collaboration they had published, Dirty Water. I've been blogging for about 1 1/2 yrs and found Jere's blog, Red Sox Fan in Pinstripe Territory while scoping Red Sox Chick's blog. I've not yet had the chance to meet Jere but I know Red Sox Chick has. I post on his blog on occasion and last year when he was putting together a blog of all the games asking posters to send in photos, I sent ones of the games in Texas. These on-line friendships I've found are becoming more often than not these days. People from all over the country and world for that matter meet on-line on boards they have a common interest with and become friends. Some of us actually get to meet in person and become "real friends". I hope to meet Jere one day but until then....he's still a friend to me.

Back to the purpose of the blog today.

Jere's mom writes and has published several other books but this is the first venture of Jere's and with his mom, co-writing "Dirty Water".

It's got all my favorite elements in it: Crime, Police, Mystery, Baseball, Boston, Fenway & The Red Sox. One surprise element that I found to be a grand slam was that an anonymous blogger and his connections to be a key factor in the entire storyline. "Dirty Water" allows fans to feel a part of the inner circle of the clubhouse and the players lives, while reliving the championship of 2007, throughout the twists and turns of this riddle-laden murder mystery. Of course, I smiled a smile big as Texas when I saw that Jere had used my email name as a blogger post. I'd call this a ALC Pennant Winner. It's a definite read for those who love baseball and mystery.

Back On Top!!!


Boston 57 40 .588 -
Tampa Bay 55 39 .585 0.5
New York 50 45 .526 6.0
Toronto 47 48 .495 9.0
Baltimore 45 48 .484 10.0

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Three for Three

Well Today the boys played well. Beckett was on the mound and did fair and was getting into a little trouble right off the bat but around the 3rd inning the bats got us on top....another 2 runs in the 5th...and 7 more in the 7th and 4 in the 8th...yep 18 RUNS!! I was at work and trying to keep up with the game on line but when it got close in the top of the 6th at 6-5, I closed the screen when I felt perhaps I was really "watching" the game. I promised I would not watch as long as they would I went about my business working all day long....but I couldn't stand it and clicked on the game to see the score. It was the bottom of the 8th and when I saw the last two innings runs, I bout fainted. I figured it was safe for me to watch the top of the 9th. It clearly reminded me of the game in 2007 where Beckett was doing awful and in a post presser when quizzed about why the boys didn't score some runs for him...He dissed the media and said he didn't worry while he was pitching that his boys were gonna score fifteen fucking runs for him. Well Josh...they scored 18....How bout DEM APPLES???
So I found these two photos amusing from the Globe. Beckett finds a beach ball and debates on whether to hit the fan in the stands who has been ragging on him all season...IM JOKING!!!!!! I find it funny that Beckett would be the one who would grab the beach ball that landed in front of the dug out and throw it back in the stands. That's such a Manny thing to do....speaking of Manny....Manny, you CANNOT catch the ball from inside the Monster!!!!!!!!!!! Manny Being Manny!!!

I would post a broom but I figured I'd just soak the Wins and Runs up with my mop.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Keep Em Coming Boys!!!

So two games I've not watched....two games we've won. Is it me? or is it Fenway? We'll see once the boys hit the road again. I usually don't root for the Yankees but they were playing the Rays and so the debate was who you gonna root for? The team(Rays) who are above us in the standings? or the hated rival Yankees who are playing the Rays? I'll be happy with a split cos heaven knows we don't want the Yankees gaining ground on us either. We're still 3 games behind the Rays but the Yanks are 7 1/2 games behind the Rays. The Rays are really Hopping this year. But back to the Sox.... Manny came alive with one over the Monster bringing in Pede for a two run homer. Youk got 3 hits. Lester didn't fare too well but Aardsma (Texas boy from Rice University) got the Win while Paps got the Save. Moss brought in a single rbi to give the go ahead run to win the game. The thing I love about Tito is how he "manages" his team...he truly cares about these guys and he shows them he appreciates their contributions. You always see him going to the younger guys making sure he recognizes they made a difference.

And to let you know I'm still not watching as long as the Red Sox keep winning. You KNOW Beckett is pitching tomorrow....and since it is a day game it makes it easier for me to not accidently be at a sport bar to eat

Monday, July 07, 2008

I Got Nothing

I really don't have much tonight. Except I grounded myself from watching games since the boys won the first 2 of the 4 games series with the Yankees ... those i did not watch. I watch the last two games and they lose.....SO I deduce that I must not watch tonight

and they WIN. SO I'm forced to watch baseball through the SG board and GameDay. As long as they win...I'm game...but so help me first time they lose....I'm back.

oh who am I KIDDING?? I don't even have Xtra Innings. Oh and those Thighs? In honor of Tek making the All Star team....whether I think he deserves to be on it or not......He's Got THIGHS! and that itself is worth watching the All Star game to me.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


I direct to those things that make me smile on days like today: Thighs, Massive Thighs, Tek's Thighs, El Capitan's Thighs, Captain AmeriTEK Thighs....thighs.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apple Pie
And RibEyes!!!!!!!!! That's What I'm Talking ABOUT!!
HEY NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!! How you like THEM apples????