Monday, January 18, 2010


Births and Deaths...intertwine not on purpose but with purpose sometimes...and then it hits you.

Tomorrow is the 8 year anniversary of my nephew's death while today (I just realized) is the 34th year anniversary of my maternal grandfather's death. 

My grandfather passed in the winter of my Senior year in high was quite devastating to me as I was especially close to him.  Alwin LeDoux could be abrasive but deep down he was a sweet soul.  I got to spend parts of the summer with him when he lived on Lake Livingston and lived with him for a short period of time during elementary school so I really wanted him there for my graduation.  But Granddaddy smoked incessantly and although he quit, it was too late as cancer ate his lungs up and he passed today 34 years ago.  I remember this really well as I had been struggling hard with his illness and went out with friends one night....not really doing what I should have been as I was underage.  I came home sick when my mother came into the bathroom and told me he had passed....I sobered up quickly.  I still remember that day like it was yesterday.

My nephew passed at age 11 while skiing in Colorado doing  what he did best.....loved life and smiling. He was the most unique kid in that he was bold in his life of Christ at the mere age of 11.  Not afraid to speak out to his friends to 'do right'.  He was still a boy...a goofy boy....and an only son. I know my sister, brother-in-law and two nieces are hurting...will hurt for the remaining time of their life because a piece of their life is gone. I've thought and looked for things that would show my compassion and love for them...but I fail.  I just want them to know that even though I may not live as they would want...I am living life happy and think of Dustin often. 

Tomorrow is the birthday of a musician who has passed and the birthday of a friend who is very much alive.

Janis Joplin was born in Port Arthur, around the corner from my hometown of Orange. Although Janis' lifestyle is not one I approve of, I find similarities between she and I.  I never felt I fit with the norm in high school although I tried to conform to what people expected but I wasn't happy. My passion often misunderstood for rebellion and overbearing personality.  I'm finding living my passion while still maintaining a life that doesn't cross over the lines of my morals is possible.

Tomorrow is (JET) Janine Carpenter's birthday.  JET is the sweetest and kindness person a gal could meet.  She sees life in such a positive light and has such a generous heart with her time.  Her love of animals is endearing to me and it hurt when her kitty passed.  I hope tomorrow she lives it well and only thinks of the good things to come.  The fact I met this gal over the internet in a Red Sox fan forum is one thing I would like to thank Al Gore for. :-D

I have a piece of art hanging in my house now of a painting of Janis with a photo of my nephew near by as well.  I'm working on a family collage of black and white photos to put into place, specifically one of my granddaddy.  I met a guy this weekend with a tattoo on his forearm...I wish now that I had taken a photo of it as when you looked at it one way it read DEATH and then turning his forearm over it read LIFE. 

How the artist was able to capture both words so perfectly and artistically was surreal to me as in the back of my mind I've been mulling over my post I was going to do to honor Dustin. 

Dustin I miss you and love you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Favre's not a Saint but he's My Cowboy

captured from Wordpress file of Embracing Life
So while I'm out enjoying music at The Continental Club this afternoon, I look over and see the play off game between the Cardinals and Saints at the bar...and the Saints are winning. Turns out they won this afternoon and on to the next Level!! 
Now I've got this dilemma pending...I've never really been a football fan to begin with so I don't want to hear loyalty and crap about rooting for the Cowboys. Yes, while I grew up a staunch Cowboy fan and my entire family is Cowboy fans....after Charlie Water and Roger Staubach lost it's fizzle with me.  Meanwhile, I find an affection with Louisiana due to my cajun heritage and an ex-boyfriend who rooted passionately for LSU and the Saints. Which is sorta cool as Drew is from Austin where I live now...and nice that hometown boy is doing well. 

But to throw the wrench into the mix....I've developed this crush on Favre. Maybe it's cos everyone else hates him. Maybe cos opponents are pissed he left his "loyalty" at the table. Maybe cos he's 40 and still playing FOOTBALL??!!!  Maybe cos he just looks damn HOT in those Wrangler jeans. Beats me but I just know Brett Favre needs to be in The tomorrow is doing to be alittle odd for me.  Cos I think I'll find myself rooting for 'The Boys' then rooting for Favre. Jerry Jones can go get another plastic surgery to wipe that frown off his face. 

Meanwhile, I'm showing My Austin off to my Canadian friend, Leslie, who is going to get doused with Cowboy-Style living tonight.