Friday, July 10, 2015

How To Raise A Criminal: A Mother's Story

For those of who you were  there and those who read my post about what I read as my is finally the Show for you to watch. I hope that this reaches other mothers having difficulty raising their children. Know that you Mother a child but ultimately  THE CHILD has a mind of their own and will act or act out.  Doing the show was scary but posting it out here is REALLY scary because people can be mean and cruel and judgemental. Thank you all for your friendship and support through all of this

Thursday, July 09, 2015

The unexpected

I remember posing for this picture like it was yesterday....and THEN someone hit the blind and it came falling down on us....THE BEST pic of all that day!  July is a month I sorta now's my mother's birthday and I loved searching for my mother birthday cards...I had a knack for finding Just the Right One for the right time. Three years DOES NOT seem like that mother was diagnosed with colon cancer the week of her birthday. 7 weeks later...she was gone. I didn't realize how much I would miss her. Miss her early morning waking me up phone calls. Her constant nagging of when was I gonna find me a good man. Her calling on my birthday and singing to me. Her slipping me a twenty dollar bill or two when I'd come home on visits. Her just giving me hugs and praying for me.  Mom, I hope you are up there still proud of me...looking out for me and my job.

My mother got her one wish finally...ALL of her children are here in Orange and I have to say that I thought HELL would freeze over before that would ever happen. 

July 24th is my mother's's also the day ARod ate a baseball glove that Tek gave him. I remember this date because it is her birthday so it makes me smile.  I'll be spending the week before my mom's birthday watching the Sox play the Stros...then head to New Orleans...maybe Ill need to take the long way and ride the ferry and stop by the ocean on the say Hi Mama!!!! 
I love and miss you
Donna Gail