Friday, August 31, 2007

It Stops Now

Yah I know that's a Devil Ray but
that's not jus any Devil Ray, it's
Carlos Pena of Haverhill, Mass...
an Ex Red Sox Player. The Devil
Rays played the Evil Empire
tonight and beat them with the help of
Pena and his 2 homeruns. So even though we lost again tonight....the Yankees lost with the help of a Mass boy who used to play for in a way Pena did it for us. I tried to think of something to say about the game here but I needed a a diversion so I went looking...and what you see is what you get. Tomorrow Buchholz is back on the mound. You remember him? Another Texas boy from near my hometown. Tomorrow is August 1st....and the bleeding stops now.

I'm counting on my Texas boy to do it.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

We're still in 1st place

I can just hear Tito: "I tell yew whut...ya'll bums er bout un mah last nerve!" Naw...Tito ain't from the south or even Texas. But I GARahhnTEE ya he was ALL up in their Bizness. Freaking Umps checking his baseball attire??!!! Umps can't call an out they're the Fashion PO-leece??

Jeeeeeeeezzzzz.....we are STILL in 1st place! I just HATE losing to the Damn Yankees :(

Up by 5....and we're back home tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bringing Down a Hero

If you know anything about Joshua Patrick, you know that Roger Clemens has been someone he's role modeled after. After all, Roger played for the University of Texas and helped them win a College World Series. Josh used to play as a kid pretending to be Roger...well trying to pitch like him. Josh is cocky like Roger. Josh has 'the stuff' like Roger. But Josh ain't Roger.

It will be an interesting match in more ways than the obvious ones. A Texan against a Texan. Ex-Red Sox pitcher vs. a current one. But make no mistake...tomorrow night when the game starts, there's only one true Texan who'll take the mound in Yankee Stadium: Joshua Patrick Beckett. He was born and raised in Southeast Texas. Attended school all his life around Spring and played little league throughout high school there. Roger was born and raised in Ohio and didn't move to Texas till his high school years. So although he attended UT (or tu as Texas A&M fans call it), he ain't no Texan.

The MOST interesting reason this will be a match for me is Roger is THE reason I am a Red Sox fan....and until this past year I had defended him. But when he decided to unretire AGAIN and go to the turned my stomach and I turned my soul away. Josh Beckett is the TEX-Man of the Hour as far as I'm concerned. I don't need a player to keep me a Red Sox fan...I'm here and staying. I'm a loyal Texan and I'll root for the Texas boys who come and go....but I'll live and die a Red Sox fan.

So at 7:05p.m., when the game starts....don't be fooled by the razzle dazzle the Yanks try to pull over your eyes....Roger ain't no Texan and he ain't no friend of mine.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Its Moose Season

Ever wonder what a Down and Defeated looks like?? WELL you're looking at it. Detroit DESTROYED the Spankees. And the Red Sox are just chomping at the bit waiting for their turn.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Just one more reason

Instead of rain pouring in Chicago....runs were pouring in for the Sox...but NOT for the White Sox...for the RED SOX! Manny needed some time stepped Kielty. He doesn't talk smack...just acts...I like a Man who Acts. I don't like listening to alot of mumble Kielty hit his 1st homerun as a Red Sox bringing in 2 ribbies. Vasquez was tearing us up till the 5th till Kielty got a single bunt off of him....Coco hit a single, then Lugo Fielder's Choice...Munchkin came to bat and the rest was history. The Boston media, fans and the team are all quite happy with Bobby's fit into this team's persona. It seems that Kielty was born to be a Red Sox.

46 Runs in 4 Games, 4 Wins...7.5 games ahead of the Yankees....AND the Yankees are 2.5 games back on the Wild Card. Is It Christmas???

Saturday, August 25, 2007

There's a New Kid in Town

Kielty - sounds Irish. Bobby is fitting right into this group of guys in Boston. Today he drove in 4 ribbies out of the 14 runs we scored. He just comes in and gets the job done. Three wins with 2 of the pitchers getting their 16th Win this season, 35 runs, 6.5 ahead. I like the sound of those numbers. Tomorrow BatShit takes the mound...anything Goes. The White Sox bullpen should be exhausted...hell I'm exhausted reading through the boxscore on how many pitched.

But back to Bobby....I've taken a liking to him. Baltimore beware :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sweet 16

My boy Beckett got er dun today with his Sweet 16. He didn't bring his sweetest stuff and was having difficulty in where he was supposed to throw the ball....across the plate JOSH! Anyhoo....kept up with the game on Sucky GameDay...and the SG board. I had to leave work before the game was over and while we were winning...I asked one of the SG members (who shall remain nameless for the silly move they did) to text me with any updates. I get home in time for the last 2 outs with Timlin on the least it's a Texan :)
I get on line and find this following statement from "the nameless SG member":

So a co-worker who lives in Austin just called me to find out why I keep texting her (five times) with what looks like scores. Oops. :D Tex, email me your cell # again, OK?


I wish I could say she was a ditz and she normally does this but she isn't. I'm just wishing I could know this other Texan coughJETcough knows here in Austin who is wondering what the hell turnip truck she fell off of. :)

Oh and 2 more weeks Ted...are ya ready for some TEX??? :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sense of Humor

As a joke, the Devil Rays mascot put up the sign in honor of the Mariners Moose running over Coco in Seattle.

I figured the picture said enough.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's OK....we're in this together

I can just imagine what this conversation involves between Julio and Jules. Probably apologizing for not giving him Run Support...YET AGAIN. Jules didn't do too bad today since he hadn't pitched since June 20th. In 6 innings, he had 2 K's, 2 BB's, and he only allowed 2 Hits and 2 Runs. Snyder pitched 2 innings with 2 K's but allowed one more run. But the surprise was Gagne...we all cringed seeing him come out to the mound but he surprised us all by not allowing a run and Striking OUT 3 batters to get all 3 outs in the 9th. It wasn't enough to save the day though because of course like I say, pitching DOES NOT win a game alone.
Kielty didn't have a huge day at the plate but he definitely showed his stuff in the field right off the bat by robbing a homerun with an over-the-wall catch.
Our gap has been shortened to only 4 games now with the Yankees. Ted, the deal I said would happen if our boys would widen the gapI had is OFF.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

PV's & Rally Hoots

IF you're a SGer, you'll understand this post and it'll need no interpretation. If you're not...I don't have the time to explain...but it involves Winning.


((((( O Y O )))))

((((( O Y O )))))

((((( O Y O )))))

((((( O Y O )))))

((((( O Y O )))))

clapclap clapclapclap

Friday, August 17, 2007

What's Important

Hero's come in all shapes and sizes. Dreams are things we go after with all our heart despite our mistakes. I give you two individuals from different worlds but on the field at Fenway they both made smiles come to your faces. Clay Buchholz, brought up to pitch today's day game, knowing he'd be sent back immediately after the game. A Lumberton, Texas boy who has dreamed of this day all his life...and so has his father. Then there's Jordan Leandre of South Dennis, Massachusetts who is a cancer survivor. He sang the National Anthem in 2005 when he was 4 yrs old and near immobile while stricken with the disease. Today while on the field during pre-game festivities, he did something spontaneous....he turned away from the '67 players...and ran around the bases...something like most kids in the New England area dream about doing....but this dream was far more. Jordan ran without help from a walker or anyone. He has beaten cancer and watching him run around the bases made me smile....and tear up. Clay has had his own demons.....the same year Jordan was fighting cancer, Clay was fighting his own battle of deception. For some unknown reason to us, Clay became involved in an incident of stealing laptops from his high school while he was attending junior college. He had been drafted by the Red Sox and apparently they were satisfied with their own investigations. Clay didn't deny his involvement...owned up to it and is moving on. Mistakes we make them but we can correct them. Clay is fortunate to have parents who emotionally supported him through this troubled time...and more fortunate to have them as helping him throughout his life practicing baseball to be where he is today. Mistakes we can correct them but we can't fix cancer as easy. Jordan was treated at the Dana-Farber Cancer Center in Boston...and today the Jimmy Fund raised millions of dollars to help in the treatment of those who have cancer.

Clay won his first MLB game today...6 innings, 5 K's, walked 3, allowed 3 runs. He won and his parents and siblings from Texas were there to watch. Jordan won today too...he beat cancer and his parents were there as well....watching him run around bases at Fenway. I don't know about you but I'd wager that Mr and Mrs Leadre were smiling wider.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hump Day

After reading my friend Ted's blog, I wasn't sure what I was going to write about....but going to see the other pics of the game, I saw the rest of them and got a kick out of the funny faces...I think the boys were trying to see who could make the best "AWWW Man!!!" face today. It seemed like a really good game to watch....except we lost. I don't even want to recap it....the Yankees lost again so at least we break even. After last night's game come back really didn't bother me that much. Is it Friday yet?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I do NOT like Seafood anymore

You may be perplexed at the two pics I chose today. But if you're a die-hard Red Sox'll understand. But for those who can't solve the ya go. The guy underneath the pile getting pounded is Kevin Millar, 1st baseman for the Orioles....and an ex-Red Sox player. Millar hit a Walk-Off today for his team today...and it doesn't matter how many runs it scored except for his stats....the O's beat us again. Many keep blaming Gagne for our losses....but it's not Gagne who doesn't get the runs before he comes in. Gagne is taking full blame for his performance but it appears that the players are backing him up...not blaming him at all.
Now about those may be wondering if I chose it because the games were in Baltimore...near the coast...NOPE. Guess again....Men Left On Base...LOBsters as we like to call them. That is one of the reasons we keep losing...we aren't scoring enough runs....and now the Spankees are only 4 games back. FOUR! It's August 12th....COME ON what is going on??? I am not giving up on my boys so soon....I'm with them to the end...but they have GOT to step it up and I think they know it.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Did I mention Beckett is from Texas?

Well it's been abit since I've blogged...i think Beckett was the topic. :) Eight K's, 15th Win, and a cocky attitude to boot. He pitched 8.2 innings...almost got the entire game but after Tejada scored....Tito took him out...tell me why wouldn't Tito take out Gagne last night? The only thing I'm sad about is I didn't get to see it....fucking FOX and their contracts.
Josh Beckett: Commander of the Fuck You Brigade, Killer of the O's, Whup-Ass Kicker and a Starting Pitcher for the Red Sox who happens to hail from my home state of TEXAS.
The worrying and craziness is beginning as we see the Yankees inch upon our rears...but we shouldn't.
Keep the Fair. PV's!! Rally Hoots! ::lets go red sox:: and all those SG quirks we have....put them into place.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

14 - 9 - A Pick Off

Joshua Patrick Beckett: Pitcher for Boston Red Sox, Texas boy, Muy Grande Hunter, brash and cocky, pottymouth when pushed, blisters, fastball, mature...yes I said mature.

I'll be glad to get home to Austin so I can start watching the boys play again. I hated missing the game today....mainly cos Josh was starting. I hate missing any of the games, but particularly when the Texas boy takes the mound. I missed his 14th Win of the season. Apparently it was a doozy and the he didn't have to worry about the boys hitting in fucking runs for him tonight...they did. Beckett fanned 9 Mariners in 6 2/3 innings. And apparently Beckett surprised Ibanez tonight...picking him off 2nd base ending the 3rd inning. But it's not all about Beckett....someone had to score those runs that won the game 9-2. Ortiz even stole his 2nd base due to the Mariners forgetting someone needed to cover the base. Manny hit his 19th homerun bringing in 2. Drew got a triple scoring Tiz. Oh yeah, Coco got run over by the Mariners mascot's all terrain vehicle while he was coming out of the dugout...Coco acted as if he was gonna fight him....but it's all in a day's work on the ballfield.

Austin bound tomorrow morning....and it can't get here fast enough.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gagnẻ: our newest Texan

Hi I’m from Texas but most on the SG board say I’m from Canada. It all began one night innocently (well naïve may be more accurate) on the board explaining where both of my parents were from. My mother’s family all hailed from deep Louisiana…which has heritage from Nova Scotia when the French were exiled. My father is from South Carolina whose family traces back to Nova Scotia roots. I believe it was Nancy (do you hear a common thread yet in instigations of rumors on the board yet?) that said something about me being from Canada. And then the saga began… I said, I am from Texan, born and raised but with French heritage. I love to root on the Texan players on the Red Sox team and bring my Texas flag to fly at games. So of course I was disappointed but understood sending Murphy with his bags packing back to Texas in exchange for Eric Gagne, our newest Bartender (i.e. Set-Up Man) or better known on the SG comment section as The Hoser. SO of course, I find it ironic that a Texan goes a packing and here comes a French Canadian….and my first question posed to the board was “So can I fly my flag for him?” HEY….ya can’t blame a Texas gal for trying ya know.

Although I didn’t get to watch the game today….I love looking at these pics of him…and can’t wait to hear his accent during a presser. I am sure between his Canadian accent and Josh’s dropping f-bombs….I’ll be right at home.