Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beckett & The Rocket (Scientist, that is)

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It seems one of my favorite Texan Red Sox players has roped himself a wife.  To avoid the papparazzi and media circus, Beckett bumped up the wedding date from February 1st to mid-January.  All the crazy talk from last year of why and how and who is this Holly girl he got engaged to....well I don't have any secret information of my own, but what I did figure was knowing what little I know about Beckett and him being a Texan, it makes sense he chose a girl from his hometown. Beckett seems to continue to surround himself with locals from his hometown area.  Josh did not go for the pretty girl who was waiting back in Spring for her man. Josh Cowboy'd Up and found himself a Rocket Scientist.  A Purty Rocket Scientist at that! 
A cowboy wedding with Zona Jones(local Beaumont boy) singing
his new single "Two Hearts One Love" while the group dances.  You'll catch a quick glance of Holly and Josh dancing as well. If I were a betting gal, I'd say the wedding and reception took place at Josh's ranch south of San Antonio, The Herradura Ranch. How else to pull off the early wedding and getting a venue with no glitches?   So back to that Rocket Scientist gig. Holly actually is employed with Boeing as a space-engineering consultant on the west coast but time will tell if she'll keep that gig and trade it in for a much higher cause....Red Sox Wives Club donating their time to charity. Oh another little tidbit which is sort of funny...the Beckett's have asked for gifts to be in the form of Gift Cards to places such as Macy's, Bloomingdale's, JC Penney's,, etc. I'm still mulling that over in my head trying to figure this out. But to each his own.

I know some may think I'm hot for Beckett...but actually I just love his persona on the field...he's a Texan through and through. He doesn't apologize for who he is (he does apologize and takes responsibility for losses).  So long Holly doesn't suck anymore ERA out of Beckett...I'm good with this.  Maybe Holly has been teaching Josh some means of firing up that 'rocket' with-in  and Joshua Patrick will Bring It all the way to October. 

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A rocket scientist. Imagine that.