Friday, January 04, 2008

Dear Mr. President

With the presidential races on their way this year....and hopefully positive changes to come with it....I just bought singer Pink's cd and had not heard this song of hers. It reminded me of one of my dear friends off of SG, Becks. Now I am not one who discusses my political and religious beliefs with many. I really think that people of different backgrounds and beliefs can be friends, close friends even if they don't share the same beliefs in politics. I've grown up in Texas with a pretty conservative blue-collar union based family whose political views were Democratic which surprises many people. You see there are gray areas of politics...there aren't just Democrats and Republicans hence all the Independents popping up. I really don't associate myself with either one of the political parties. I have my personal beliefs...and then when it comes down to vote, I vote for the person whose beliefs matches closest to mine. Sometimes, that's hard....because sometimes my beliefs may cross over many topics and I have to decide which area is more important. All that to say....this song really sums up alot of the emotions many of us feel without the anger. This video I found on youtube really is unique. I hope you enjoy it and it makes you think.


Anonymous said...

My husband shared with me Pink's video of the President. Everytime I view it I end up in tears and crying. She says alot. I have not seen this video posted in the U.S.A. and makes you wonder why.


Tree Newt said...

Good post Tex. I was shocked at the total deviation from all things Red Sox!

My only problem with the song/video: it makes Bush (or the president of your choosing) the central reason for all that is wrong in our country, deflecting the blame from the rest of us. Yeah, he's the most powerful man in the country, but his hands only reach so far. Ours reach much further, and can actually touch people.

I don't know Pink. I don't know what she does to help people. Nor do I really know Bush and what he has done for people. But I know myself. And I know I haven't done enough.

My glass house doesn't need me throwing stones.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

Ted D said...

Nice job, Tex. If I told you how loud it was right now, you'd never believe me. But the little bit I actually heard was very touching. Promise I'll listen again later tonight.

I don't think ANY of us do as much as we can. Speaking for me, I get so wrapped up in raising a family that you neglect to take a look at the world around you. I haven't made any New Years Resolutions until right now.

Tex said...

Mattie. I understand what you're saying. I just think that there are decisions that are made at the Presidential level that we as everyday citizens have NO say in....even if we totally disagree with it.

again...I don't always post about the Red Sox. I do have a life other than them ya know :)

beckperson said...


My God, but this was ONE powerful video and song. I also don't know Pink's music, but this may just prompt me to buy one.

I agree with Mattie that we shouldn't JUST blame Bush, but look at ourselves and what we have done to make the world a better place. I know you didn't post this to start a heated political discussion. All I'll say, is it was clear that Mr. Bush had a CHOICE about the war, and a CHOICE about how to help Katrina survivors and, in my opinion, made the wrong ones.

How does he sleep at night? I keep my fingers crossed that the next president will be much better because, frankly, it couldn't get much worse.

Now I must go do some thinking about how I can contribute. Mattie is 100% correct about that.

beckperson said...

Tex, as for your parents voting's not a surprise to me. Most southern blue collar voters of their age group voted that way. I betcha it has something to do with another rich, blueblood president: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


Tex said...

I will have to say I feel somewhat different about the Katrina victims. Being from the area and knowing Louisiana government...there were decisions or should I say lack of decisions by louisiana that did many of them a disservice...yes Bush's choice of FEMA dir was horrible. Im not even sure what prompted me to post this...but I drive through Crawford every time I travel to my other facility...I've been doing alot of thinking lately.

beckperson said...

//there were decisions or should I say lack of decisions by louisiana that did many of them a disservice.//

Too true, but the fact that it took 5 days to get the military in there (whoever's fault it was) was unforgivable IMHO.

Tex said...

oh definitely. my cousin lost everything except the clothes they packed in their car. Instead of each, the state and federal, doing something...they just blamed the other. I could go on and on about stories i have with Katrina and Rita both affecting my family.

but you are right about the earlier comment about the presidency. it cant get any worse than what we have.

Redbeard76 said...

Hey Tex,

Thanks for posting this. Usually I'm not one to follow celebrities' endorsement on politics - celebrities being who they are and all that - but I think the video carries the majority of the nation's sentiment toward the lame duck. I know we're going to hear it all year long. Heck, I even stayed up last night to see most of the debates.

But something also makes me wish to fast forward time and politics to a year from now when we inaugurate a new president, hopefully one better than the one we got for the last 7 years, no matter what side of the aisle he or she comes from.

Also in agreement with Tree Newt, we all should be making this country a better place. Step one is having people care more about the issues.

Ted D said...

Meant to tell you I went back and watched it again last night and it's a powerful song. Is that the video Pink did or just one somebody put on YouTube to the song?

It gets you thinking outside of your comfort zone for sure. Nice job, Tex.

Tex said...

someone else put the video together with Pink's song

Ted D said...

I figured as much. They did a great job. How'd the birthday party go?

You didn't punch out the clown, did you? ;)

Tex said...

i left early. She did a bbq and it was still going on and no presents had been eaten...I took Paige aside and had her open up my gift: barbie cheerleading costume with pompoms and tiara set :)

Ted D said...

Sounds like a nice gift.

And I noticed you avoided my clown question. :)

Anonymous said...

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