Sunday, January 02, 2011

Where is the Luck You Said You'd Bring to Me?

As the new year of 2011 is beginning, I'm hoping and praying that it brings better luck than 2010 did.  As far as I'm concerned 2010 can bite Beck's tweeter and I won't speak of it fondly in years to come.  Due to legal constraints I won't discuss my feelings of my layoff from work here but due to this incident, I am quite guarded at any future loyalty to employers. I've always been one who gets back up after being kicked down...but it's getting harder as my bones are feeling it. I have hopes and dreams I've yet to see and hope to though....I refuse to believe that luck only comes in the form of 'bad' and I'm thinking this karma thing is a buncha marlarky cos I've been in the helping business my entire career so not sure who's karma I got instead of mine.

I don't think you make your own destiny necessarily either.  Sometimes SHIT happens. And sometimes Shit happens to Good People and I'm still trying to figure out why.  I've eaten cabbage and black eye peas today for my good luck to come.  I'm ready for Change and a Challenge.
The Tat pic?  Oh I'm thinking maybe I should get it to bring me good luck :)


Ted D said...

Tex, here's to 2011 blowing 2010 out of the water with one of Beckett's guns. Much love and good wishes to you, sis.

alexis_RSN_South said...

You can do it, Tex. You're a very strong woman who.. not to get all mushy.. who's spirit and chutzpah I admire!

If all else fails, maybe we should just open up a bar.