Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'd rather freeze my ass off than sweat like a pig

Well it seems like Winter is finally approaching Texas. Bout Damn TIME!!! I know you New Englanders loathe dealing with the winter snow but oh how I wish I could deal with it one winter. To smell the fresh clean air and not feel like I'm being smothered by heat. To feel the coolness on my skin and not sweat dripping down my back. To see the leaves turn their colors on a slow basis would be nice. I mean you can put on more clothes but you can get arrested if you try to take off too much.

Give me cold
it keeps me warm

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lemony said...

Not all of us hate Winter. It's a whole 4 degrees out there and everything is frozen solid including my car, which is firmly planted to the ice in the driveway. I'm loving life...and thanking all the lucky stars for central heat.