Saturday, November 11, 2006

162 Games
April seems so long ago with October
Bringing on the fall. So many games
That brought us joy, frustration, tears and smiles.
Seeing the light fading against the green wall
While players knock fists, doing their handshakes
Smiles amid man hugs.
It ends as it should, with the rain washing away
The pain.
Rain hiding tears that you don’t bother forcing back.
Standing waiting for someone to tell them
“it’s over, Go home.”
But wait Neil didn’t get to sing his song,
no one got to stretch,
no ‘Take me out to the Ballgame’,
no cracker jack,
no One, Two, Three Strikes you’reout?
Just rain pouring over the seats,
the pen, the tarp,
Dripping over Ted’s seat
and the Monster.
Fans sit, stand, smile and cry.
Not wanting to
Leave their team,
their love.
But one by one,
they file out of Fenway,
their second home.
Spilling out into the streets
singing ‘Sweet Caroline
Bah bah bah good times never
seemed so good, so
Good, so good, so good’
heading to the T.
Baseball may be over for our boys,
So we sit and wait for spring.

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