Monday, November 27, 2006

Santa's making his list.......

Ok so Christmas is on it's way and Santa is making his list of who's naughty and nice. Which one are you? Will Santa bring you gifts a plenty or a bag of coal? Well for starters, Tek is first on my list. I mean I could just sit and drool I mean look at him all day long. He could be my own personal Santa with those thighs of his. He looks like he's getting ready to take off in flight with those thighs...mmmmm

So what's on your list of Christmas wishes? Perhaps you'd like to see this again?

I just can't wait till Spring...that's what I want for Christmas....Springtime so I can watch baseball again. Until then, I'll just post and publish


I Ain't No Oprah said...

I want Manny to still be with the Red Sox come April.

And cookies.

Tex said...

Cookies hmmmmmmm what kind of cookies? I like peanut butter especially when they're warm. But my fav is peanut butter with a small reeses cup pushed down in the middle...melted chocolate with peanut butter mmmmmmmmmmm
oh and milk

Manny will be there next to the Monstah...he has to be.