Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cash is MONEY!

That is all.


Ted D said...

I'm sure I'll alternate the title of your post with "Straight Cash, Homey" throughout the year, Tex.

Even though I think I would have a shot at hitting one out there, it was still fun to watch.

2 more days.

Tex said...

im just drained on blogging. and i was just glad to see he hit that and thats all i wanted to say.

Ted D said...

Nothing wrong with that, Tex.

Anonymous said...

Well Said Tex!

Cake said...

So to sum up...oh, wait, you summed up already.

My job here is done!

(I have nothing more to say, either...must be something in the air today.)

beckperson said...

Hi Tex!

I still feel like crap, but I hope to be better soon. I have set the world record for MUCUS. (Sorry, TMI???)

But, we are still staying excited about the trip and I want to talk on the phone with you soon (when I'm well)...mostly I want to be sure you're not killing yourself figuring out how to entertain us. We're going to be just fine. We want to relax, have some laughs, drink some beers (well, I do), hear some good music and see the great sites of Austin. It isn't going to be nearly enough time, but it means we'll just have to come again, right???? I'll talk to you next week!!! ::hygs::

Tex said...

::smiles ear to ear::