Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happi Easter!!

Isn't this where we left off from with J.D.???? For all those naysayers who said it wasn't gonna happen last year when J.D. came up to bat. For those fans who groaned at Lil Woodrow's across from me...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!....and I yelled back "BELIEVE!!!!!" You shook your head up and down forcing a smile....yelling with me..."Come ON J.D.!!" And BAMMMMM .... Magic Stick took that little ball out of the park bringing Home Salami to the boys for a feast!!!

Imagine being at this game....J.D. comes to bat....are you thinking the same Thing??? you BETTAH NOT!! I'd say those Happi Coats rubbed off some good fortune to our boys and to J.D. .... or could be This is our NEW J.D. for 2008. I'm shooting for the latter.

We won ton 9-2!!! What a way to wake up on a Sunday morning!!

Happi Easter Ya'll!!


Ted D said...

Happy Easter, Sis.

And I'm with you. THIS will be JD Drew in 2008.

~**Dawn**~ said...

This is JD's year. Just not Lugo's. =P

Happy Easter, Tex!

beckperson said...

If JD has a big year, and Manny comes back to form and Papi actually has knees that work, this could be one helluva year.

So good, so good, so good!!!!


Ted D said...

Becks, we won the WS with an off year from JD, Manny hurt, and Papi having one blown tire.

Think about the damage those three could cause.

So good is exactly right.

Tex said...

2007 was good.

2008 is gonna be MY YEAR!

maybe i can become as famous as Ted and his blog :p

Ted D said...


I'm just making it day by day, Tex.

YOU are the one with people coming to have a Palooza with YOU!

Tex said...


Yeeeeeeeeee HAAAAAWWWW

Tex said...
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Ted D said...

I wonder.

Will Tex EVER come to NC to have a palooza withy her adopted family?

Trot's Hat said...

The year of the Palooza will be a year to be long remembered!

Ted D said...

TH, you are planning a Elmerpalooza visit, right?

Tex said...

i hope TH is coming in May!! I cant wait to meet her too! And Ted...Im trying to figure it all out. its hard with my new job and cant take vacations yet. I would have to do a weekend thing. Im working on it...not forgotten

Bickley said...

Tex is having a Palooza??

Say, Tex...where are your seats for our Sox games in Arlington? I'm in section 16 for Friday and Saturday, and I think I'm in 218 on Sunday afternoon (I say "I think" because I'm at work, and my tickets are at home). Either way, they're all on the third base side and the Sunday game is in the Lexus club section.

Ted D said...

Bickley, actually Becks is having a Palooza with Tex.

YAY Trot's Hat is coming to Elmerpalooza!

beckperson said...

It would be impossible to visit Austin and NOT experience CS Sunday. We're very psyched.

I love a Palooooooza!

Ted D said...

Becks, you have GOT to take video of the three of you at CS Sunday.